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HCG Complex HCG Triumph Nuimage Medical
100% pure hcg Homeopathic Yes Yes
Manufactured in a FDA approved facility Yes Yes Yes
Free Shipping Yes Yes Shipping fee is incurred
Money back guarantee 30 day returns No returns No returns
Customer service Five star ratings Four star ratings Three star ratings
Weight loss result Excellent Good Average
Success rate High Average Average
HCG Complex Website Triumph Website Nuimage Website

While hcg is an extremely effective weight loss method, there are two things, you need to consider-

Real hcg drops – How to choose?

Here are the three things that you should look out for while buying real hcg drops online.

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US based companies

Astounding number of obesity in America have provoked many to try on variety of dietary measures and hcg is one of them. While hcg injections are always considered an effective remedy, there are many who prefer hcg drops. Though hcg drops do deliver weight loss, choosing a genuine one can be a pickle. We will help you finding the best genuine real hcg drops in the market that will assist in proper weight loss.

With the FDA authority banning homeopathic hcg products over-the-counter, there are many products available online. Since FDA has not evaluated the products, they are easily claimed ‘natural’ and sold online. Though there are many fake products available, surprisingly, there are genuine products too.

If you are buying hcg drops online, then, at least, make sure you are buying from an US company (even if it is homeopathic). This way you can be sure that the hcg drops is manufactured in a FDA registered facility and meets high quality standards.

We are not saying all overseas products are bad, but then there are cheaper hcg drops that are probably made in a garage. Also, the shipping charges, delay in delivery etc. can make the investment all the more troublesome. Another downside of ordering overseas hcg drops is, there are no real ways to detect the potency and efficiency in delivering weight loss.

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Note the company you are purchasing must have proper customer support such as online chat, telephone number etc. where experienced staff or pharmacists can help you out at any phase of your hcg diet program.


You can choose between homeopathic and pharmaceutical grade brands. It is best recommended to go with pharmaceutical grade hcg drops since they carry high concentration of pure grade hormone. This, when combined with low calorie diet will give you great results without any adverse reactions.

Homeopathic drops are all natural and hence not approved by FDA. The ban of selling homeopathic hcg drops over-the-counter by FDA has made many dieters look up online. But with many brands available, it becomes a gamble. Check for products that has unbiased consumer reviews and other essential ingredients such as amino acids.

Though homeopathic hcg drops has a decent amount of fan following, the combination of ingredients (hcg + amino acids + vitamin b12 etc.) makes it hard to determine the intensity of hcg in the product. The whole idea of hcg diet program is based on the ingredient “hcg” and intervention of other ingredients, dilution process etc. might play with the effect of hcg. This is one of the main reasons why some users find it difficult to go with homeopathic hcg and choose pharmaceutical grade.

Real HCG Drops Customer Reviews

Note that any review you are reading should not outright promote a particular hcg brand. In fact, it should be honest and absolutely unbiased information. This is the best way to make sure that the information you are getting is factual.

Straight from the heart consumer reviews of hcg dieters say a lot about how the product works. It is their experience that can either make or break a brand. Majority of the official hcg brand websites show only the positive testimonials from users.

One method is to check forums. You will find unswayed opinions from users. There are blogs and other websites as well that will give you clear cut reviews put forth by users all over USA. Make sure to get all the facts straight before you choose a product.

Other things to look out for

  • Price is a factor that we all think first. Look for hcg brands that offer price tag on their product. Cheap price speaks for itself. You are basically getting bottled water. HCG drop reviews generally do not come with price comparisons. Ideal comparison of price, size of the bottle, ingredients etc. needs to be considered while purchasing. It is because dosage can actually help you determine how long the product is going to last.
  • Not all hcg drops manufacturing companies are reputed. You should actually hunt for companies that offer genuine products with some promising product guarantees and return policies. A reputable company should offer solid guarantees. Such guarantees are healthy because it implies that they truly believe in their products making you confident enough to invest in that product.

Top 3 Hcg Drops Brands

To ease out your search worries, we give top three hcg drops brands from where you can buy the products.

  • HCG Complex – is a homeopathic product that contains all natural ingredients. This is the perfect product for beginners who want to lose weight naturally. Being of natural characteristic, there are virtually no side effects to worry about. HCG Complex offers you excellent deals when you purchase hcg drops. The company is so sure of its product that they are offering 30 day return policy along with FREE shipping anywhere in USA.
  • HCG Triumph HCG Triumph contains pure grade hcg hormone along with other crucial ingredients such as amino acids, vitamin b12, cell salts etc. The product has received excellent reviews from users due to its high quality standards which is maintained till it is delivered to the consumers.
  • Nu image Medical – is a company that offers 100% pure grade human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) hormone to its consumers for effective weight loss. The company is diligent in checking the health condition of the customers before sending the hcg drops. Each and every customer needs to fill up a medical form that will be approved by a panel of doctors. Only after proper scrutiny, will you be approved of the hcg product. This is quite a rare see.

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Purchasing a weight loss product needs good amount of scrutiny. Research before blindly buying a product. A job half done is better than no job at all. When it comes to weight loss, follow the instructions and finish it successfully. Bottomline, all these information are to help you achieve optimum weight loss, be confident and healthy in the years to come.
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