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HCG 5000 iu injections are the dosage for weight loss happening in the body. When the hormone does the job of melting the fat away, the body undergoes some other changes also. These changes are for the good when the HCG 5000 iu works well and the diet is followed properly and with care. The HCG is good for weight loss, getting more energy inside the body, increased metabolism and retains the body muscles during all the while.

HCG 5000 iu Injections For Weight Loss

The primary goal of HCG 5000 iu shots is weight loss. It is achieved by the ability of this HCG hormone in locating the stored fat hidden several layers inside the skin. The HCG diet that allows only 500 calories a day makes the body look for other sources for daily energy requirement. This search ends in the stored fat and they are utilized for energy. By using them, the body slowly loses that extra baggage.

If the weight loss is the main focus, there are other significant but not so visible changes happen inside the body. This article is about those 3 changes happening inside the body brought by HCG injections.

HCG 5000 iu is not a onetime dose. These 5000 units are split into minor doses to take on daily basis. The onetime shot is not for weight loss. Weight loss needs constant presence of this hormone daily in a specific amount. Using injections than other modes will ensure that the dose directly reaches the fat and blood. It also bypasses the digestive system.

The 3 Changes In The Body By HCG

Energetic Body And Mind

Energy filled body is the direct change in the body. With most of the fat being utilized and releasing energy the body is bound to be energetic. Moreover, it is inside these fat cells the toxins are stored. When the fat is burned the toxins are released and later eliminated from the body. This gives a new vigor for the body. It feels happy and contended. The irritability and the feel of unhappiness are also gone. The weight loss brings happiness to the person which reflects in the general mood improvement as well. HCG hormone practically rejuvenates the body and mind.


The next major change is in the body metabolism. The repeated attempts at weight loss with dieting will cause a set back on the metabolism. Instead of an increase, it would only slow down the metabolism due to lack of resources for energy.

HCG resets the hypothalamus and improves the metabolism. It is this gland that controls the appetite and energy release. When the body lacks enough calories from diet it forces the body to store and not utilize the resources. The HCG works in the opposite by forcing the body to find the hidden resources when hot by a low-calorie diet.

When the body is getting a regular supply of calories from the fat burning the metabolism automatically reverts back to normalcy. It can even work at resting periods also which burns more amount of fat. It is also the change in the metabolic rate that makes HCG a long-term success to keep the weight off for a longer time. The other programs might show weight gain almost immediately after the sessions, but not with HCG injections.

Muscle retention

The last but most significant change in the body by HCG injections is the muscle retention. Our body has 3 types of fat, muscle fat, reserve fat, and stored fat. When the body is hit by a calorie crisis, it looks for the energy from these fat molecules in this order. This can destruct the structural fat on the muscles. With the HCG this threat is averted and one can preserve these muscles and also build on them. HCG targets only the stored fat for energy keeping the other two types intact. No other weight loss program can achieve this feat without affecting the muscles.

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It’s a loop

These 3 changes in the body is inter-related and one leads to another making it a loop. None of these changes can happen as a single unit. So, basically, the HCG retains the muscles, uses the stored fat, increasing the metabolism and making the body energetic.

Why Use The Dose HCG 5000 iu?

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The usual dosage limit for HCG injections for weight loss is set at 5000 iu. The reason for this limit is that HCG basically is a pregnancy hormone which later has been used for infertility treatment. The use in weight loss program is only a part of its ability. For this purpose, only a lower dose is required to bring the results in burning the fat.

By setting the limit of HCG 5000 iu for the whole program allows a daily dose of 125 iu or 250 iu for a maximum. Any dosage more than this will have other effects, than just fat loss.

There are weight loss programs with HCG 10,000 iu, but they also use only 5000 iu of HCG for a single session. A period of rest is taken thereafter before starting with the next 5000 iu HCG. It is only the kit that has a total of HCG 10,000 iu.

Mixing Instructions For HCG 5000 iu Vial

The HCG 5000 iu injection kits will have the HCG in powdered form. This powder needs to be mixed with sterile water to make it suitable for taking doses for injections. Most of the HCG injection kit includes the vial with powdered HCG 5000 iu, necessary amount of water to make the needed strength of HCG for the allotted period, syringes to take out the water and transfer it into the glass bottle for mixing and the required number of syringes for administration.

HCG needs utmost sterility to keep up the potency. Carefully transfer the contents in the vial to the given glass bottle.

Take out the sterile water from the bottle with the help of a syringe and transfer it into the mixing bottle slowly, without making bubbles. Add a little water at a time.

Once the water is transferred completely, close the lid and mix the contents by swirling it. Make sure that the powder is completely dissolved without any lumps. Now this bottle contains the potent HCG 5000 iu in it.

For each dose, take about 125 iu in a syringe and inject it on to the fat in the body, preferably in the tummy, thighs or arms.

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How To Administer The HCG Injections

Now comes the difficult part, to measure correctly and inject in the right area. The recommended single dose is 125 iu which can be calculated like this. The HCG 5000 iu should be mixed with 20 ml of sterile water or diluents for this dose.

While taking the liquid in the syringe, do note that you need 0.5ml of the liquid for each injection dose. A single vial of HCG 5000 iu would be enough for a 23 day weight loss program.

You will need some alcohol swabs to clean the nozzle of the bottle each time. Clean the nozzle with the alcohol and wait for it to dry completely. Insert the needle and take out the liquid, without air bubbles.

For injection, you need to find the fattiest area of your body. This would most probably be the waistline or the thighs and in some cases arms as well. Take out the required amount of HCG in the syringe, hold out some fatty skin, and slowly inject the syringe in this area. Inject directly and straight into the muscle. Keep the syringe in a straight line and not slanted. If you have more fat, you will not feel the pain.

As you go along with the program and you are losing farther every time, it might be difficult to find the fat for injection. In that case, hold out the skin in the part where you feel more fats and inject the HCG there.

The Side Effects Of HCG 5000 Injections & HCG Diet

HCG 5000 iu contains the real HCG hormone and there can be side effects. Although the daily dose is far lower to cause any side effects some people are vulnerable and shows symptoms like a headache, dizziness, bloating, water retention, irritability etc. These are only the minor side effects that are temporary and would disappear in a few days until the body gets used to the changes.

There can also be some major side effects that are troubling or embarrassing such as menstrual irregularities in women, pain the pelvic region, and stomach, tenderness in the breasts etc. If these are beyond tolerance do not hesitate to consult the doctor.

Rare and serious side effects of HCG injections are allergic reaction. Yes, people can be allergic to HCG hormone. The difficulty in breathing, swelling of the facial area is signs of HCG allergy. It can also cause blood clot in hands and legs. The other risky side effect is ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome.

Since the HCG injections use the real hormone, these are the major reasons why you need a doctor’s prescription to use it. A doctor’s prescription is a certificate that you are fit to use this hormone.

HCG injections for weight loss use very less amount per dose so these side effects are most unlikely to happen. But in the rare cases should this happen, immediately stop the HCG doses and seek medical advice.

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The Risks Or Dangers Of Long-Term HCG 5000 iu Injections?

Gallstones are the main long-term risk of using HCG injections. The repeated and prolonged use of HCG and HCG diet can lead to such situations. With any HCG program, it is not healthy to continue the hormone and the diet for more than 6 weeks at a time. After 6-7 weeks, you need to take a break to allow the body to settle down a bit and then restart the next cycle.

During the prolonged HCG program, the body might lose a large amount of fat and lose about 3 pounds or more in a week would have more than 24 percent of the body weight. This is the real risk as the body is suddenly pushed into a new territory within a short time. When the body loses fat at a faster pace, the liver produces more amount of cholesterol. This cholesterol in a large amount causes gallstone formation in the gallbladder.

Putting Off The Weight Gain After HCG Shots Cycle

It might be easy to lose weight with HCG but the maintenance is the major part. In most cases, the food preferences that you have had might change after the program. This helps to some extend to maintain the weight. But in all likely manners, you will end up gaining a pound or 2 extra sooner.

The calorie restrictions are taken off and you can now eat normal food. But care must be taken so as not to eat too much which sure will gain weight. Exercises are restricted with the HCG but you need to keep doing minor workouts hereafter, at least 30 minutes a day. There need not be diet restrictions but keep the calories 2000 calories only. Anything more than 200 is not needed for the body. It would only go for storage.