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Advance HCG Injections(Rejuvi)

Advanced HCG Diet Center works as a focal contact point between licensed healthcare providers and the customers. It is not an online pharmacy store, and is not involved in selling or shipping pharmacy products directly to consumers.

  • HCG injections from a US licensed Pharmacy
  • Prescription for HCG Injections Included as consulting a doctor is advisable before starting HCG
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  • Personal Coach & Medical Staff available to assist in HCG diet
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Advanced HCG diet center works as a telemedicine network that connects patients to local doctors. It is not a medical provider. Hence, all medications are dispensed and delivered to you directly from a licensed pharmacy, on a condition that it should be approved and prescribed by their physician for you.

They offer various support products to enhance your weight loss process by HCG.

Support Products such as MCT Oil, HungerBLOC +Energy and the HCG Protein Shake

  1. HCG Support Shake – A protein shake rich in vitamin B12 & chromium.
  2. HungerBLOC +Energy – It contain exclusive appetite suppressant formula which decreases hunger and increases energy.
  3. MCT Oil – It is flavorless cooking oil that increases the metabolism and accelerates fat loss.

Advance HCG shots and Advanced HCG diet plan

Advanced hcg diet protocol has 2 main phases

  1. Get started with HCG injections.
  2. Very low calorie diet.
  1. Very low calorie diet prescribed by the Advanced HCG Diet Center

Starting from day 3, the HCG diet allows you to eat only 500 calories of approved food in a day. Keep taking your injections regularly but remember, no injection every 7th day.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner should consist of food as approved for HCG diet. Your meal plan should be:

  • Breakfast – 1 shake
  • Lunch and dinner- meat, vegetables, fruits
  • Lots of water

Ketosis check

Ketones test measures the level of ketones in urine. The strip bottle contains the color markers (tan to purple), to check the level of burning fat from your body. More fat burns, darker the shade.

  1. Get Started with Advanced HCG injections

Advanced HCG injections is advisable to be used every day, preferably in the morning. Use the measurement prescribed and inject the right amount of HCG. Few important points to note:

  • Consult a doctor before taking HCG injection
  • Record weight regularly
  • Refrigerate the liquid HCG
  • Standard dose is 15 units. however, inject as prescribed
  • Every 7th day, no injection

On the first 2 days of starting the program, eat normal food, or may be more to restore surplus fat to be used in latter dieting days. Eat food high in calories like dairy products, nuts, dry fruits, potatoes and juices. Eating excess food is required as in this phase.

Advanced HCG Diet Protocol & Advanced HCG injections in recent years

The original HCG Diet protocol introduced by Dr. Simeons over 50 years ago was restricted to 500 calories per day. In recent times, many healthcare, nutrition and medical professional believe 500 calories per day is very low so 800 calorie diet plan was introduced.

The 800 Calorie Advanced HCG Diet Protocol/Diet Plan Vs Advanced HCG 1000

The HCG Diet Phases for 800 calories are classified into 4 phases:

  • Phase 1: Get started or Loading
  • Phase 2: Low calorie diet plan
  • Phase 3: Diet break
  • Phase 4: Maintenance

Phase 1: Get started or Loading

Take HCG injections every day preferably in the morning and eat lots of food for first 2 days of starting the program. These overeating days with HCG injections will increase the fat loss hormones and will start burning fats during your next few days of the diet. Eat food rich in carbohydrate.

Phase 2: Low calorie diet plan

This phase is a 4-6 weeks program which includes a 2-3 week diet break (Phase 3). The period of the program is determined by the amount of weight loss. On fourth week, it is noticed that weight loss loses pace. A diet break is recommended then. However, if you are losing 3-4 lbs weight per week then continue dieting for 6 weeks.

Phase 3: Diet break prescribed by the Advanced HCG Diet Center

If your weight loss is slowing down, a controlled diet break is recommended on the 4th week . A controlled Diet break will last up to 3 weeks. This break is allowed for your body to boost metabolism by increasing the calorie intake. Increase an extra serving of protein, anytime in a day and eat 40 grams of starchy carbohydrates at the end of the day. This will keep insulin content high in your body and will prevent you from being hungry all day. Starchy carbohydrates includes following food:

  • Potato- 1 medium
  • Rice- 1 cup cooked
  • Oatmeal- 1 cup cooked
  • Quinoa- 1 cup cooked
  • Whole wheat Bread- 2 slices
  • Pasta- 1 cup

Phase 4: Maintenance phase of the Advanced HCG Diet Center

After you have successfully completed the HCG diet program and achieved the desired amount of weight loss, it is very important to maintain the same. Hence, maintenance phase where each individual body structure differ so we highly recommend you to consult a HCG diet coach.

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The Food for 800 Calorie HCG Diet

Intake of protein, vegetable, fruits and MCT oil only allowed and as per the serving method mentioned below for breakfast, lunch and dinner.







1 Serving

1 Serving

1 Serving



1 Serving

1 Serving



1 Serving

1 Serving


1 tsp.

1 tsp.

1 tsp.

HCG and HCG Diet Side Effects

HCG diet and HCG injections both have a few side effects. HCG is a hormone which is used for fertility treatments and also for weight loss. FDA has not approved the use of HCG for weight loss. But the dosage used for weight loss is very less and hence the side effects also vary. Some of the side effects are very minor and will go away as the body gets adjusted to HCG and also the new diet. They may not need medical intervention. Some of the most common side effects are headache, tiredness, restlessness and pain at the site of the injection. We need to consult doctor only if any of the conditions worsens. Also, these side effects are experienced only by very few people.

When there is a severe restriction in calorie intake, it is said to cause gallstone formation, irregular heartbeat and electrolyte imbalance. The side effects are said to vary for both men and women. Since HCG is commonly used for fertility treatment, there is a chance of having multiple children during pregnancy. So, it is not advisable for women to use HCG if, they are planning to have children or are pregnant. There are also chances tat the baby may have defects after birth. Similarly men too experience some side effects specific to them.

Dangers of HCG Diet – Advanced HCG Reviews

The detractors of HCG diet claim that the weight loss experienced by dieters is because of the very low calorie diet and not due to HCG. They claim that the very low calorie diet will severely affect the health of the individual and there is a tendency to regain the lost weight. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has investigated  a few deaths due to very low calorie diet. There is a tendency to develop constipation, hair loss and gallstones.

But the fact remains that no one has actually died from the HCG diet and it has benefited a number of people in losing a large amount of weight.

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Advanced HCG Diet Center Reviews

Since its establishment in 2008, the Advanced HCG Diet Center has been one of the popular weight loss clinics in the cities where it was established. It is now also a very important telemedicine HCG provider.

The Advanced HCG diet center site has reviews and feedback from a number of actual people who have used the HCG injections and followed the Advanced HCG diet plan and lost weight. There are also images of actual people who have used and benefited after using this product. The Advanced HCG diet center has also held a HCG Diet Testimonial Contest where people are encouraged to send their weight loss stories along with their photographs, before and after the weight loss.

HCG has been used for years by people for accelerated weight loss and a lot of people have benefited from these weight loss programs which is a testimonial by itself. HCG has been found to be beneficial in maintaining lean body mass. HCG is said to be beneficial in increasing fat metabolism and reducing hunger in individuals thus aiding weight loss.

Dr. OZ too has given his approval for this product. He has asked for more research to find out why the product works and how people are able to maintain lean body mass, rather than disapproving the product.

Advanced HCG Diet Center Coupons

Advanced HCG coupon codes, promotional codes, deals and discount codes are available in a number of sites. The discounts offered vary from 3% to 85%. Whether these coupon codes are genuine has not been completely validated. Though some of these discount deals are genuine, the authenticity of these promo codes have not been completely established.


Please note that Advanced HCG Diet Center is not into direct selling or shipping the products to customer. They are not an online pharmacy. They work as a hub for many licensed healthcare providers in US. Also, all medications will be delivered to you only after prescribed by their physicians.

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