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in a hurry to buy hcg injections? Want to know where to Buy HCG injections online fast? Lose those extra pounds without any exercise with HCG. Buy HCG injections online for reducing weight in a faster and effective manner.

Where to Buy HCG injections online fast

Online stores are one of the fastest means of placing an order for a product and receiving it within no time. But the shipping date varies from one to other making it either very fast, fast or slow delivery according to your delivery location. Worldwide Online marketing company like Amazon is one reported online store that delivers HCG injections faster.

Though HCG is naturally present in both males and females, these are modified and developed for various purposes like weight loss, PCT, for fertility purposes and even as a tumor marker. However a doctor concern with the brand that you are choosing to buy will reveal if it’s safe for your body.

Why buy online?

HCG injections are popular for fertility issues and are available in such clinics. It is also available for weight loss purposes in many clinics and hospitals as well. But getting the hormone in person is quite expensive. You will have to pay for the consultation and the product, whereas the online stores offer no consultation fee.

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The HCG injections online is cheaper than you will get from the stores and clinics. There would also be additional discounts of many of the HCG products to save more.

Moreover, there are online HCG injections store that offer free doctor’s consultation to let you buy the authentic, pharmaceutical grade HCG hormone for the weight loss purpose. Depending on the program that you choose, the number of consultations would also vary. This luxury is not available with the physical stores. You can get the same clinic like facilities, simply by sitting at home.

What to look for when you Buy HCG injections online fast?

HCG injections online is safe but that calls for some caution. You need to be aware of certain points that helps you choose well and get the most effective HCG injections products. There are 3 major factors that really stand out as decisive factors; they are purity, price, and customers.

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Pure HCG

The major factor is to find the pure HCG hormone for the weight loss. The hormone should be pure with no adulteration or additional ingredients in it. Such HCG would be called pharmaceutical grade HCG that requires a doctor’s prescription. If you come across an HCG injection product that needs you to get a prescription, do not hesitate, that is one pure form of HCG that can assure some positive effect on the weight loss efforts.

Price Comes Next

Price comes as the next factor. Since authentic HCG is pure grade and can be costly, you need to compare it with other similar products. Choose the one that has better additional facilities or longer customer services. Many companies like the Nu Image Medical offer tele-services for the customers and help them clear any doubt regarding the usage and diet regime.

What HCG kit to buy?

Next is the doubt regarding, which kit to buy. Many online stores offer the HCG as a complete user kit where you will have the HCG required for the stipulated period and the necessary needles and other necessities to survive that period.

In other stores, the HCG is offered separate and the mixing kit and the syringes are sold as separate product. It is quite natural to doubt what to buy.

Nuimage Medical HCG - A Healthy Weight Loss Program

What you should be looking for is the right number of syringes to last for the period that you have in mind. If you plan to lose a weight of around 20 pounds, look for an HCG injection kit that has 15-20 syringes to last you enough. The mixing kit is standard size 30 ml bottle and necessary syringes.

It is better to opt for the complete HCG injection kit while purchasing online. When you are looking for the faster option of purchase, this complete kit saves you time and effort and you can have everything you need in a single go.

HCG injections aid a person in healthy way of losing weight. HCG injections can be bought online and are available in 4 different kits ranging from 1 month kit to 4 months and two kits for 20 month and 40 month extra supplies, if need be. Some kits include extra vials to keep you going for the designated months. All products include free shipping anywhere in USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia with 7-15 business days. If you choose Express option, you may need to pay $35 extra and can be delivered at your home within 3-4 business days.

HCG Injections & Diet For Weight Loss

Customer Reviews

Never under estimate the customer reviews of any products. It is the closest you can get to know about the HCG injections online. You are unlikely to get to interact with users who have had some experience with the HCG shots for weight loss. Go through as many reviews as possible.

The reviews help you be aware of what to expect and how far it can go. They may also include some kep points that the company or the HCG hormone information generally do not inform you about.

By now, everyone would know what HCG is and what are the benefits of including HCG in your diet? HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin which is a hormone developed in women during pregnancy.

HCG came into fame when Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons researched that the hormone is capable of weight loss in obese people. Patients who were put on HCG did not feel hunger, lethargy, headaches or any type of irritability as HCG absorbed much of the extra fat in the patient’s body and converted them into energy by increasing the metabolic rate.

HCG Injections

For Weight Loss

NuImage Medical HCG Injections

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HCG diet consists of VLCD (very low calorie diet) of only 500 calories per day. HCG injections are an easy alternative to cure unwanted cravings. When you are hungry, HCG breaks the existing fat reserved in your body to provide the required nutrition.

Doctor Vs Online

Taking HCG shots from doctors may cost up to $1,000 or more for a month. The benefit of buying HCG injections online is to avoid unnecessary visit to the doctors and ensure safety at home by taking the shots yourself. Unlike HCG drops, HCG injections are much more effective as they pass the bloodstream easily from the oral mucosa when injected in your body.

HCG Injections Kit Additional

Along with HCG injection kits, you will also get Vitamin B12 which is important for producing red blood cells. Vitamin B12 breaks the proteins and fats in your food and utilizes them as energy which makes you more energetic all day. But Vitamin B12 proves much effective when combined with HCG injections.

HCG Injections Side Effects

For many, HCG injections have worked wonders. People who were obese and were suffering from poor health described it as “a miracle cure”. Though the side effects are mentioned in the website, many people also reveal that HCG injections also results in abdominal pain, mood swings, loss of sex drive apart from other common side effects such as vomiting, nausea, headaches or dizziness.

One of the major issues that still remain pending is HCG injections or drops are NOT APPROVED by the FDA. In a recent study, it has been proved that HCG injections do nothing to aid weight loss in people. The simple technique of limiting your food up to 500 calories a day and few gentle exercises is what worked with your body.

Buy HCG Injections 2013

2013 is one of the marked years where HCG injections marketing have been reported high. HCG which is expanded as Human Chorionic gonadotropin Injections is one of the opted methods by many people for weight loss. If you are planning to put a step forward to buy HCG injections online, then make sure that your product you choose either from online or from local drug pharmacies is tested, verified and approved by higher authorities of health field. Controversies still continues on the usage of the HCG injections if it actually reduces the weight or of it is the HCG diet that is followed along that helps in reducing the weight.

The Conclusion

But again, if you deem fit that buying HCG injections will work wonders for you, you are welcome to give it a try, though it is recommended to consult your physician before injecting or consuming any medications.

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