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Now you can purchase injectable hcg online without any prescription or doctors consultation. HCG injections have become a raging fire all over USA. If you are planning to buy HCG injections online in US then you have come to the right place. You can purchase these US HCG shots / injections online and the added attraction is these HCG injections are made in the USA. The testimonials and reviews from customers who have used this product also speaks in their favor.

US HCG Injections

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HCG injections Kits online – USA

When you buy HCG injections online, the kit you will get will have a vial or HCG 5000iu strength, bottle of bacteriostatic water, injection needles, alcohol wipes, syringes for mixing (with needle) and 1 FREE bottle of Vitamin B12 supplements.

The has a 28 day HCG injection kit and a double 28 day HCG combo program kit. The 28 day kit is for a normal 28 day HCG diet program. The double 28 day combo program is for those who want to continue the HCG diet even after a month. If that is the case, they can go for a maintenance program for 34 days and then continue the diet program for another 28 days.

The Lipo injections are added MIC injections are add ons that are used in weight loss clinics. They can be ordered online along with the USHCG shots. They are used to provide more energy and boost metabolism in the body. They also help burn the stored fat faster and use it as energy. All these injections are made in the USA.

Though the product says you need not require prescription from your medical practitioners, it is always recommended to consult your physician if you are under any medication or suffering from ovarian cyst, heart diseases, thyroid disorder or asthma.

USHCG Shots – Pure USA HCG Injections

USHCG shots is known for its purity and the Pure US HCG injections come in 5000IU Vials and is one of the best quality Pure HCG injections in the market. Today Pure HCG injections are rare to acquire and the US HCG Shots makes this possible with just a short form to be filled.

You can buy HCG injections online now from various sites. We would recommend as one of the best and purest HCG injections that you can buy online. The company even provides you with the best support. The team at online is excellent in customer service, have the best product and has a bee line of customers who are satisfied with their product. Check out the website for more information especially if you are planning to buy HCG injections online and HCG injections made in the USA.

What other products does US HCG shots have?

Apart from selling the HCG injections for weight loss, there also are other products available fro US HG shots online store. The other products include the

  • Vitamin B12 shots in the forms of cyanocobalamine and methylcobalamin. The latter is the purest form of vitamin B12 than the former. There is also the hydroxocobalamin injection that is alter converted into methylcobalamine.
  • Lipo 30 ml injections that helps in using fat molecules for faster energy production.
  • Glutathione injections that are antioxidants to repair the cell damage done during the weight loss process, if any. It is also useful during workouts as well.
  • Athletic pro is a lipotropic injection that speed up the transportation of fat cells to the mitochondria for faster fat break down.

Everyone knows by now how HCG works against obesity. Although over the counter facility is prohibited, many online sellers work to promote HCG injections and drops among people.

To purchase HCG injections online is not prohibited by law. The law for to buy pure HCG injections online may come up in the future but there is no news yet on how it would affect HCG industry on the whole.

How does Pure US HCG injections work in my favor?

First of all, you can save thousands of bucks by putting a stop to the unnecessary visit to your doctor to get HCG shots. Many online sites offer to deliver Pure HCG injections at your home and motivate you to take the shots yourself. These Made in  US / USA injections are very safe to use and also effective.

Pure HCG injections can give you the much needed benefit only if taken with a very low calorie diet (VLCD) of 500 calories per day. HCG breaks up the excess fat and utilizes them to provide energy for your body to make you feel less lethargic. HCG injections should be taken under the skin and in any fat area. Most people go for belly area as it is easily visible and needs only self-help.

Buy HCG B12 injections online for weight loss

Top 3 pure HCG injections in USA

The top 3 pure HCG injections online in USA are the Nu Image Medical, US HCG shots and Advanced HCG. All three are known for their quality HCG injections,availability of the HCG complete kits as well as the customer support regarding the use of the purchased HVCG injections. All the three manufacturers have the HCG injections made within USA.

Of these top 3 pure HCG injections in USA, Nu Image and Advanced HCG offers the HCG injections with a medical prescription that increases their quality, purity and reliability a notch higher. The demand for a prescription is proof enough that the HCG injections is pure.

All the top 3 pure HCG injections demand the customer to fill in the medical questionnaire to see whether or not the user is medically fit to use the pharmaceutical grade HCG hormone in the pure state.

Is it legal to buy HCG injections online on sale in USA?

Yes, it is legal to buy HCG injections online on sale in USA. Most of the HCG injections that comes with a medical prescription is assured to be pure and legal. The pure HCG that has pharmaceutical grade is what works better and to make the purchase legal one has to have the prescription by a licensed medical practitioner.

Because of this reason one has to rely on the manufacturer who puts the HCG injections up for online sale with a prescription, to make it legal. The prescription grade HCG injections fulfill the FDA and manufacturing standards.

Where to buy HCG injections and vitamin B12?

iHCGinjections is the best site where you can buy the HCG injections and vitamin B12. Here, every purchase of iHCG injection kit includes a bootle of vitamin B12 drops free of cost. The reason why the HCG injections and vitamin B12 are sold together is that this vitamin can help in the aft metabolism and speed up the weight loss process. Moreover, the natural sources for this vitamin B12- meat, dairy products and fishes are mostly avoided during the HCG diet the best way to incorporate it in the diet is their supplementation externally.

In addition to this, vitamin B12 can help avoid some common discomforts felt during the HCG diet like headaches, vomiting, swellings etc.


Why Not Pure HCG drops made in usa – purchase hcg injections online made in usa

HCG drops are great. But then hcg injections work better. If you notice that the HCG injections are much more pure while HCG drops are always homeopathic and mixed with some extra ingredients. The efficacy of the HCG drops are also considerably lower than that of HCG injections. Most of the people who have tried HCG drops and injections will tell you that hcg injections work better. Now this does not mean that HCG drops don’t work. Its just that hcg injections are technically better. There are 1000’s of people who have found great success with hcg drops.

HCG injections online Reviews / Testimonials

Various testimonials are available online from hundreds of customers who have used the product and benefited from it. Most of the reviews suggest that the users are satisfied with the product and services and have lost weight. Do check the sites to get the complete reviews of people who have used HCG injections online.

Where to buy HCG injections in USA?

Can you purchase hcg injections online – buy HCG hormone injections

Yes, you can purchase hcg injections online. As a matter of fact, it is the most convenient way to purchase HCG injections or drops for weight loss. Since HCG drops are banned in the USA, many people are moving to injections and now any form of HCG for weight loss is banned from over the counter sale in the USA. That leaves most people with only one option. OrderHCG injections online!

Buy hcg injections b12

Buy hcg b12 injections that are manufactured in USA units without queuing up at doctor’s clinic. The best part of buying hcg b12 injections is you can choose the one as per your weight loss. For instance, if you are trying to lose say 10-15 pounds you can go with starter kits or 20+ day programs that will slim down your body without making you look pale.

However, note when you buy hcg b12 injections that it will work only if you continue them with the very low calorie diet (500 calories). This is because an average person needs only 1500 calories of daily requirement of food but inadvertently ends up gobbling much more than needed. With the 500 calorie diet plus the excess fat that is converted to energy, you are getting more than 1000 calories in your body. This will keep your mood level up without wearing you down. But the 500 calorie diet is a must without any compromise.

When you buy hcg b12 injections, you will realize that there are much added benefits such as respecting the body, knowing what is good to eat and chucking off bad junk foods that can only prove detrimental to your body in the long run. You will slowly but surely realize how much the foods (fried/sugar foods) you have been consuming till now had caused such health issues in the body. A life altering factor for you, hcg b12 injections can be injected in any chubby parts of the body such as thighs, butt or other fat area.

Buy HCG injection kits online – purchase injectable hcg online now

It is an easy task to buy HCG injection kits online, at the same time difficult as well. The problem is in deciding from where should it be purchased. The best place would be where you can have the complete set of necessary items. One thing to note when you buy HCG injection kits online is to make sue that it has the necessary numbers of needles, syringes, properly sealed vial of HCG powder, the mixing bacteriostatic water, mixing syringe and the user manual that instructs when to get the shots and also how and where.

It is better to buy HCG injection kits online directly from the manufacturer’s site so that the products are genuine and authentic. It also enables one to buy the additional HCG injection kits for an extended period of weight loss.

Why purchase hcg injections online made in usa?

The best quality products require some degree of monitoring. while most companies will work for profit, there are companies which will abide the law. HCG products can be manufactured in any other country and not go under any quality guidelines. Purchase hcg injections made in usa and now be assured that there are some degree of quality control. The place they manufacture hcg should be a pharmaceuitical grade. If its manufactured in an FDA approved area, you can be sure that you wouldnt be dealing with 3rd rated products.

Buy HCG injection needles

Looking for best options to buy HCG injection needles online? To buy HCG injection needles online you just have to be a bit careful. You have to verify whether these HCG injection needles are from top brands, sealed and sterile.

FormaGenix provides the best bulk HCG supplies kits. The HCG kits, ‘Bulk supply kits for your diet’, from FormaGenix contain 3, 4, 20 or 40 month bulk kits with top name brand syringes and needles. The HCG kits and components come sealed and sterile. Hence to buy HCG injection needles online, you can visit the URL

MedExSupply is another online supplier from where you can buy HCG injection needles. Medex Supply sells high quality medical supplies at very competitive prices and it also provides fast shipping with friendly, knowledgeable service.

Buy Hcg Injections Online USA

You can buy hcg injections online available right in USA. In recent times, hcg shots have become famous all over the country. Without a doubt, hcg injections are probably the best for weight loss. There are many hcg shots for sale online
. Prominent feature is you can use them without any prescription. Heck, you need not even sit for hours in clinic waiting for your number to come. Pure hcg injections can be self-administered. Plus they are available online at an economical rate. If you are waiting to lose weight using hcg, then this article is for you.

Buy Hcg Injections & Kits For Sale Online – US HCG Shots

Hcg is taken from the urine of pregnant women. They are made into injectable hcg that are available for sale online
. Usually when you purchase hcg injections online, they arrive in two programs. For instance,  the top brand USHCGSHOTS provides you 28 day hcg injections kit and 56 days (double 28 day) hcg injections combo kit.

The 28 day kit is basically a 28 day hcg diet package. The 56 day combo hcg diet plan is designed for those who want to carry on with the hcg diet even after a month. In such case, make sure you go for a maintenance program of 34 days. Only then continue with the hcg diet plan for another 28 days.

When you buy us hcg shots, you will find a kit that comes with a vial, hcg 5000iu bottle, bacteriostatic water, needles, alcohol wipes, syringes for mixing and 1 FREE bottle of vitamin B12 supplements.

The role of vitamin B12 should not be underestimated. When you are on a very low calorie diet, you tend to loss vital vitamins and nutrition required by the body. At such cases, you might feel weared down and irritated (lack of normal food) is also part of irritative behavior and lethargic. Vitamin B12, at such instances, will work with US hcg shots and give you best results. It will boost the metabolism level keeping you fit and positive for the day.

LIPO/MIC injections are available online with USHCGSHOTS. They help in burning the stored fat at a rapid speed. It helps in converting the fat as energy. Made in USA, US hcg shots can be ordered online only. They are NOT available over the counter due to the FDA ban.

Like always said, if you are suffering from any health conditions such as –

  • heart diseases
  • respiratory disorders such as asthma
  • thyroid disorder
  • ovarian cyst

and so on, make sure to consult your medical practitioner before implementing the hcg diet.

Order ihcginjections Online – Where To Buy Injectable Hcg

If you are planning to purchase hcg shots, then is second of the most prominent brands that sell quality hcg injections online. Order the real hcg hormone than fake homeopathic products that come with only less amount of the real hormone.

Buy hcg kits from Ihcginjections online that provides authentic hormone. With ihcginjections, you are provided with “real hcg hormone” that works on the chubby areas. It will move the rigid fat from the body and metabolize it so that you won’t feel hungry. It will trick the hypothalamus to thinking “you are full” and push towards proper weight loss. Ihcginjections also helps in raising the metabolism that will keep you running for the day.

When you buy hcg kits for sale online, make sure that they come with rare to less side effects as well. Low calorie diet can put your health on a great risk. Though side effects of ihcginjections do not exist, hcg as a whole has its own range of side effects. So make sure you think it through before inducing this diet.

Ihcginjections gives away FREE vitamin b12 with HCG injection kits. This soluble ingredient is available in drops formula. You can simply draw using the syringe, put it on spoon and swallow it. Use 1cc of B12 solution with your ihcginjection daily alternative days to add a healthy supplement to your hcg diet program.

Nu Image Medical HCG – Real USA Injections

Among the top three hcg brands in USA, Nu image medical is also a star. The company ensures that you a medical program before running out to order the product. Answer out the medical questionnaire. This is only for your benefit. Nu image medical puts forthe the form before a panel of doctors. They will scrutinize your medical form and confirm whether you are fit for the hcg diet or not.

If not, this means that you might be suffering from a health condition or situation that can hinder your hcg diet. This is only for safety purposes and genuine concern for your health.

Nu image medical hcg is available in three forms – pellets, drops and injections. You can purchase Nu image hcg injections kit
are available for sale online once approved.

A complete USA based hcg, Nu image medical injections can be easily self-administered. The process is absolutely painless. The recommended place is the area below the belly button/abdominal area. It is clearly visible and you can inject it with absolute ease since you are the one holding the shot.

Note that you need to exercise less, get good sleep and cut out stress levels that will help you to lose weight easily with hcg.

A 100% Tele-medicine company, Nu image medical provides you real prescription HCG that is sent by licensed US pharmacies.

Where Can You Buy Hcg Weight Loss And B12 Injections Online?

Since OTC purchase of hcg is banned by FDA, the best place to purchase hcg diet injections
for weight loss is obviously online. The official websites of USHCGSHOTS and Ihcginjections are excellent choice to buy pure high quality hcg hormone. You can choose from their official retailers as well who deliver the real brand. Usually many brands come with B12 included in the hcg kit. If not, you can purchase it from the above companies – Nu image medical, US hcg shots or ihcg injections.

Make sure to use coupon codes, discount codes etc. Companies give you promotional offers that will work for them. You will get a good cut-off on the original price which means extra shillings on the pocket.

Few people if hcg injections are made in USA. NOTE that not all companies manufacture hcg in USA. This means you have to be vigilant while choosing hcg kits online. However, the mentioned top 3 brands manufacture hcg hormone for weight loss right here in USA.

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