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Complete 26 Day STARTER Injection Kit

Buy HCG diet drops, hcg diet kits online while learning all about HCG diet program with Colin F Watson, your own personal fitness coach for healthy weight loss. His book “HCG Body For Life” is one of the best sellers among hcg dieters.

This article is dedicated all about Colin F Watson and the hcg diet program he offers as an aid to get rid of those chubby ankles.

The website offers you HCG diet drops and HCG injection kits along with the necessary accessories required to successfully complete the HCG diet.

Complete 26 Day HCG Starter Kit

Colin Watson HCG injections

  • How will Colin F Watson hcg help you with weight loss?
  • What are the Products available?
  • What is HCG Phase I and Phase II as per Colin F Watson?
  • Will HCG diet program actually work?
  • How many pounds will I lose in one day?
  • Are there any side effects of hcg?
  • What do consumers say?
  • Are there any discount coupon codes?
  • Shipping and Returns
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Conclusion

How will Colin F Watson help you with weight loss?

This online weight loss website is owned by a husband-and-wife duo who have lost weight using HCG. This has encouraged them to help many others who are suffering from overweight and obese health issues.

The couple has actually walked through the effects that come with obesity such as depression, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, diabetes etc. After stumbling across HCG and its diet program, they have never looked back. They were successful in not losing their pounds but also stabilizing his health conditions such as blood sugar, pressure levels, sleep apnea, diabetes etc.

After lot of research and experimentation, they brought in new micro-nutrient-rich recipes including high-intensity training workouts.

They actually guarantee that you will have a 96% chance of achieving success after following the HCG diet plan. With methodical dieting, you will lose 1-2 pounds a day.

What are the HCG diet programs available?

Colin F Watson offers you HCG diet drops and HCG injection kits that you can choose at your convenience. Apart from that, you will find HCG Body Mastery Retreat that guarantees luxury-filled weight loss regime. The holistic HCG book called “HCG Body for Life” From Colin F Watson is also available for free download once you begin your hcg program.

HCG Bootcamp

Take a break from everyday routine and let HCG Bootcamp assist you with weight loss. It doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer or an experienced HCG dieter, the HCG Bootcamp offers you a relaxed mind, body, and soul experience to successfully complete the HCG diet.

The company offers a program of 5 days and 4 nights where you will be receiving HIIT training, yoga classes, spa treatments, meditation, eating tips, fitness instructions and so on. It will help you to de-stress yourself while strengthening your mind.

You will also be attending seminars such as HCG Body Rock, Semper Fit NLP which assists you to get a better perspective of phases 1, 2 and 3 of the HCG diet.

HCG diet drops

Lose 30 pounds in 30 DaysFor those who are uncomfortable of getting shot every day, buy hCG diet drops online at an economical price. It is as efficient as HCG injections and is available at different levels.

  • Complete 30-day starter drops kit – for women who need to lose 25lbs or less and Men who need to lose 30 lbs or less. This starter kit will help you in getting a clear perspective of how the product works.
  • Complete 45-day hcg drops kit – women less than 35 lbs or less AND men who want to lose less than 43 lbs or less.
  • Couples Combo 50/60 day Injection/Drops Kit – recommended for couples where one prefer hcg injections and other wants to go with hcg drops.
  • Complete 60-day hcg drops kit – women who need to lose less than 45 lbs or less AND men who need to get rid of 55-60 lbs or less.
  • Complete Couples 60-day hcg drops kit – best option for women who want to lose 45-50 lbs or less AND Men who want to lose 50-61 lbs or less.

A reputed pharmacy will be shipping you the HCG vials directly. Rest of the ingredients of the HCG kit will be delivered right at your doorstep by the kit supplier. The kit will include –

  • Book 1 – Digital Download of HCG Body For Life – How To Feel Good Naked In 26 Days Book
  • Book 2 – Digital Download – How To Feel Good Naked P2 And P3 Recipes Book
  • Vitamin B complex 2oz
  • Colloidal silver
  • Glass dropper vial with extra poly caps
  • Glass Boston round bottle with poly cap
  • 3mm Oral dosing syringe
  • 20ml Mixing syringe
  • Easy Glide 18g x 1 1/2” needles
  • Tape measure
  • Introduction letter

NOTE that the quantity of the kit will differ based on the HCG program you choose. HCG drops and Injection combo kit will include both syringes, needles along with hcg drops.

Apart from all this, you will have a great backup support of Colin F Watson who will give you unconditional FREE COACHING anytime during the hcg diet.

HCG injection kits

Buy HCG injection kits online if you feel that hcg shots will work better than hcg drops. Though of the same genre, many hcg dieters feel that hcg injections are a much better option since they need not have to endure the taste of HCG drops.

Here are the current HCG injection diet programs available.

  • Complete 26 day STARTER Injection kit – men or women who want to lose 20lbs or less.
  • Complete 50 day HCG Injection kit – women who want to get rid of 40lbs or less AND men who want to lose 47 lbs or less.
  • 30 day TRAVEL Injection pack – a mini travel kit for those who want to keep up with the HCG diet while traveling. It is NOT recommended for first-time users.
  • Complete 75 days HCG Injection Kit – woman who need to release 60lbs or less & Men who want to cut down 72 lbs or less.
  • Complete 100 day HCG Inj. Kit – women who want to lose 65, 75 or less & Men who need to cut down 85, 95 lbs or less.
  • Couples Combo 50-60 day INJ/DROPS Kit – ideal for couples where one prefers injections and other prefers drops.
  • Complete COUPLES 50 Day HCG Inj Kit – woman who needs to cut 42lbs or less & man who wants to release 48 lbs or less.
  • Complete 75 day Couples HCG Injection Kit – people who are experienced and already have Colin F Watson book, nutrition plan and workout series. This IS NOT recommended for first-time users.
  • Complete 100 day Couples HCG Inj. Kit – recommended for 2 people – women (60lbs < less) & men (70lbs < less).

You will also find 50 days, 75 days and 75 day Couples HCG injection refill kit that are meant for experts who have already completed the Colin F Watson HCG diet program. This is NOT for first-time hcg users.

How To Lose 10lbs in 10 Days

What is HCG Phase I and Phase II as per Colin F Watson?

HCG Phase 1

The first phase is the loading phase. This is essential during the hcg diet since you will be relying only upon 500 and 750 calories in the VLCD diet. Things can get difficult, hence you need to indulge in this diet during the initial phase that acts as a reserve for the following weeks.

It is vital that you indulge in 3000-5000 calories each loading day. You will notice 2-4 pounds increase in these following days.

Foods you can load include

  • Breakfast – A bacon, sausage and ham omelet with a bagel and cream cheese.
  • Midmorning snack – Donuts, strawberries with whipped cream
  • Lunch – chicken or pork with one baked potato and sour cream
  • Afternoon snack – milkshake from your favorite food restaurant
  • Dinner – Alfredo pasta with bread, a Ceasar salad with avocado and cheesecake for dessert
  • Late night snack – Ice cream and potato chips for those who are hungry

HCG Phase 2

The HCG second phase is important where weight loss actually occurs. You need to adhere a strict diet of 550-750 calories a day and lose 1 pound a day. This phase will last 3-6 weeks or more.

I understand the phase 2 is very much rigid but you need to stay motivated for effective results. The results will be so positively drastic and immediate that you will want to stick to the diet. There are great recipes that can be found online as well in the free downloadable e-book of Colin Watson. These recipes maintain a limit of the protocol calories. This means you can not only lose weight but satisfy your craving as well, that too without feeling hungry.

A typical Sample menu will include

  • Breakfast – Coffee or tea
  • Mid morning snack – 1/2 grapefruit
  • Lunch – customized protein portion for rapid weight loss. Include multiple vegetables
  • Snack – one apple
  • Dinner – Choose recommended protein and vegetable
  • Late evening snack – Strawberries

I understand it will look quite measly when you take a look at the plate, but trust me the reward are so enormous. In fact, you will notice incredible results within a week of phase 2.

You will see that the tendency of emotional binge or overeating has reduced. You will start respecting the body and indulge only in better foods that will keep you fit as a fiddle.

Remember, you must adhere to the 550 calorie limit for proper weight loss so make sure not to cross the limit for beneficial results.

HCG Diet -HCG Diet Injections

Will HCG diet program actually work?

There are many factors that support the fact Colin F Watson hcg diet program will work. Here are few benefits of choosing Colin F Watson hcg program.

  • Prescription based HCG – Eutrig, Sifasi-HP, Proficient and other well-known pharmaceutical hcg are directly shipped to you from reliable and legitimate pharmacies. Even the kits are shipped directly from quality control infused medical suppliers.
  • Versatile hcg diet programs – Choose the one that suits you the best. It doesn’t matter if you are doing it alone or with your partner, Colin F Watson offers you promising diet programs that meet your requirements.
  • Ready-to-use kits – The company ensures that you need not run to the nearby medical store till you complete the HCG diet program. That’s why Colin F. Watson has joined hands with medical suppliers that offer you kits such as vials, needles, bacteriostatic water, alcohol prep pads and so on for effective hcg diet.
  • Free Coaching – The best motivator and life coach, Colin F Watson delivers you with impeccable guidance at every step of your hcg phase to help you successfully finish the diet program.
  • Effective results – Since the hcg hormone is available in the purest form, you can be sure that weight loss is a definite feature here. Plus, the flexible nutrition program not only satisfies your craving but also assists in proper weight loss.
  • Nutritional foods – No more bland foods. With Colin F Watson nutrition program, you can enjoy your cherished food without increasing your pounds.
  • No prescription required – Unlike many hcg products in the market that call for a lot of formalities and prescription, you can order your hcg drops/shots hassle-free. You don’t need any prescription when you are ordering from Colin F Watson.

How many pounds will I lose in one day?

Many women have noticed a weight loss of half a pound to one pound (at times, more) in a day when implementing the advanced hcg protocol. Usually, people lose 2 pounds, while at some days they lose one pound only. Sometimes, their weight does not change at all.

Since men are built differently, they lose weight much more rapidly than women. That’s why it is common for men to lose 1-2 pounds a day as seen online or in Youtube videos.

Are there any side effects of hcg?

Common side effects are part of hcg diet program. However, as per Colin F Watson hcg diet program, the 500 calorie limit is raised to 550-750 calories a day. He has also modified the diet plan while abiding by the original hcg protocol. This will eliminate many chances of side effects.

Nevertheless, this does not eliminate the chances of getting side effects. Newbies or first time dieters tend to feel bit uncomfortable during the hcg diet. Possible side effects include –

  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • irritative behavior
  • headache
  • depression
  • a sudden outburst of anger
  • constipation
  • loss of appetite

Note these are only possible side effects that might happen. There are many hcg dieters who have successfully completed the diet without feeling any side effects.

If you are pregnant, nursing or under any medical condition, it is always wise to consult the medical practitioner before initiating this hcg diet.

What do consumer reviews say?

There are lot of testimonials, blogs, videos and forums where Colin F Watson reviews can be seen. HCG dieters love the nutrition program. Since the product is directly shipped from the legal pharmacy of US (and other countries as well), you can be sure that the product is 100% genuine and does contain Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG).

Many people get overwhelmed during various stages of HCG program. With the help of a motivational coach at every step of your HCG diet, you will lose weight efficiently.

Apart from knowledgeable books, there are how-to-use injections and other guides from Colin F Watson that will constantly support you throughout the diet. HCG Body For Life reviews are amazing. Many users dig his guide and claim that it actually encourages them to move towards a healthy diet regime throughout their life.

The book is available at amazon and there are pretty decent reviews about his book. Here are few Colin F Watson Hcg Reviews straight from the user’s heart.


The books of Colin F Watson are followed in sync with the hcg diet program. Apart from tips and tricks for effective weight loss, you will also find scrumptious recipes that keep in tone with the hcg protocol. The language is simple to read and easy to grasp.

Colin F Watson and his wife have published few more books that have been cherished by customers.

Users followed the hcg diet honestly and found rapid weight loss that too without any side effects.


Just like any other product, this too has certain downsides. For instance, the books has many grammatical errors that needs to be proof-read before you move it to publishing. This is a very critical point that the author needs to take care of.

Another point people claim is that the books contain no new info and is similar to what can be found online for FREE.

Here are few of the Colin F Watson reviews FYI.

Great book – Lisa Antcliff

“If you want to burn fat while retaining your lean muscle, then this is the best product for you. The original protocol is void as of now because you will definitely lose muscle. But that’s not the case with the advanced plan. I got very sick doing original protocol such as dizziness, weakness, headaches etc. But the improved version is simply amazing when compared to Simeons’ diet. I did not feel any side effects and was sleeping like a baby. Definitely recommended for those who want to lose weight the hcg way.”

Love all their books – Amazon customer

“I love the Watsons. They are the weight loss gurus!!! This book will guide you towards your goal of owning the body of your dreams.”

Too many typos – Beachey

“This book seriously needs an editor. I would volunteer to do it in exchange if the Watsons pay my next hcg round for FREE.”

Same old info – Joann Spirito

“Have read better hcg books. I was expecting something new and advanced as they claim.”

Are there any discount coupon codes?

There are many websites that provide excellent discount coupon codes. You can even subscribe to the newsletters that will keep you updated on the latest promotional deals and offers.

Shipping and Returns

The company currently does not offer any free shipping. However, with the right discount codes, I am sure you can grab a good deal. The shipping rate differs as per the pharmacy that ships HCG located in the US and outside the US.

Colin F Watson does not accept returns on used or open products. The company does offer a 90-day money back guarantee on unused and unopened products. All you have to do is return the product within 7 business days and you will be refunded appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hcg 123 a product of colin watson?

HCG 123 is an entirely different brand. Colin F Watson only offers pharmaceutical based HCG hormone for weight loss.

Where will I find Colin F Watson podcast?

Check this link to get podcast from Colin F Watson –

How to contact Colin F Watson?

You can fill up the form at and ask any question. You will be responded almost promptly.

What is facebook page of Colin F Watson?

This is official facebook page of Colin F Watson –

Can I get the blog page of Colin F Watson?

Follow the blog page of Colin F Watson at

Where can I read more reviews of Colin F Watson?

Check this website to know more about how Colin F Watson works –


To sum it up, Colin F Watson books too are quite interesting that will act as Bible of HCG diet throughout your weight loss journey. So stop thinking and ORDER NOW!!!

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Does HCG Suppress and Curb Your Appetite

Biosource Labs HCG Complex

Does hcg suppress appetite ? Appetite suppressant drugs are on a roll today. HCG is a hormone injection or drop that is said to have the same effects. Ever heard of salt water injections? These have appetite suppressing properties as well. But, what the HCG diet products claim is that when injected with HCG, you do not feel the fatigue you would feel from normal appetite suppressants.

Does hcg suppress appetite?

The Question is common with people who are on a HCG diet. The answer is that hcg does not really work as an appetite suppressant. It works as a fat burner.  There are other Appetite suppressants which does specifically that, while hcg burns your fat.

Triumph HCG Diet Appetite Suppressants

Triumph HCG diets demand a very low fat diet. This can be as low as 500 calories per day. The thing is, it doesn’t take the rocket scientist in you to realize that such a low calorie intake would naturally lead to weight loss. What HCG is supposed to do is suppress your appetite so that you don’t go about your day feeling starved to death. Now comes the question, will the Hcg diet make you starve to death?

Complete 26 Day HCG Starter Kit

Colin Watson HCG injections

There is enough proof that HCG can break down excess fat to supply for your energy. If that is not the case, people on HCG diets are in serious trouble. Near starvation can seriously affect metabolism even to the cellular level and may lead to the formation of gall stones. Suppressing appetites would be of no help if this were the case.

There is a speculation that the firm conviction to lose weight has more to do with the feeling of suppressed appetite. Numerous people on the HCG diets say that they actually feel less hungry and this makes the skeptics think of will power rather than actual appetite suppression.

There are HCG organizations which offer special products for just the purpose of suppressing appetites. Is it true that these hormones actually affect a portion of our brain knocking it clean of any thoughts of food ? Well, lets hope that if that does happen, we do not turn into cyborgs. They say that we would stop feeling the need for food as we used to.

The truth is that the HCG diets do suppress our appetites but not directly as we believe, that doesn’t always have to be a good thing. It is always best to consult a doctor before we do a serious diet like this, especially one which threatens starvation and brain control (what is this, sci-fi?).

How does HCG suppress the appetite?

HCG being an appetite suppressant is only relative. It does happen but not directly as we are made to believe. The appetite suppression by HCG is only a byproduct. HCG is a hormone that can bring the reserved fat to the site of action. To trigger this action the body must be near starvation with fewer calories from the diet.

The HCG diet is low calorie diet where you eat only 500 calories which is seriously low by any means and you must take HCG drops daily. The HCG in the drops acts to bring the reserved fat for energy production. With the energy produced from the fat, there are plenty of calories available for the body.

When the body gets all the calories that it needs it naturally does not feel the usual appetite or feel starved. Since the HCG is acting upon the transportation of the energy resources, it would not be right to call it as an appetite suppressant, although effectively it turned out to be just that.

HCG Vs appetite suppressants

HCG when taken in sufficient amount should be enough to keep the appetite under control during the HCG diet course. The appetite is a marker to know whether you are taking enough HCG for the system or not. Even if you have only limited or sufficient appetite to continue with the low calorie diet, it would be beneficial to add some extra appetite suppressants in the diet.

The appetite suppressants ensure that the body is not left starved. The appetite suppressants would regulate the sugar release to the blood, and maintain the metabolic rate to keep the normal rate.

Most natural burners like raspberry ketones, Garcinia cambogia capsules, vitamin B12 etc are food appetite suppressants. They can act on its own and keep the fat burning rate up and ensures that the one pound reduction in the body.

Do know that for every pound of fat lost in the body, by being used for energy, you are using approximately 3000-4000 calories that comes within the body. This is much higher than you normally burn.
HCG in HCG drops

There is also the problem that some of the HCG drops out there do not actually contain the specified amount of HCG. Let’s say we have resigned our fates to the claim that the HCG we bought off the Internet would suppress our appetites, we need to be then sure that those do have the necessary quantity of HCG to burn enough fat to substitute for carbohydrate rich food. If it doesn’t then heaven save us because not getting enough food, our bodies would of course turn to the fat reserves but then it would also start rejecting normal food once we start eating normally after the diet. Believe me, you do not want that kind of appetite suppressants.

For weight loss, HCG seems like a good product. If all you want to do to yourself is suppress your appetite, then believe it would work and go ahead.

The truth about HCG drops

Many people are skeptical about using HCG drops and with the HCG diet. There are many who believe that HCG drops are useless and that the weight loss happens due to the near starvation by the diet. In a way it is the truth.
But what enables the body to reach the stored fat and not the normal structural fat for weight loss is the real truth of HCG drops. The HCG drops is responsible for getting these stored fat from their hide especially that is in the belly area. The belly fat is the most stubborn fat of all and the usual last ones to get burnt. HCG helps to have them mobilize and use in the early stages itself.


How To Lose 10lbs in 10 Days

HCG-Triumph-26-Kit-(Origina advancehcg


hcgdirect officialhcg
The benefit of HCG is that it preserves the structural fat, keeps the appetite down by providing the needed energy by making use of the unwanted fat.

The conclusion

The bottom line is that the HCG drops effectively result in appetite suppressing but does not really act on that aspect. It just happens. If you are looking for an appetite suppressant, HCG drops does not work. It needs this strict low calorie to make it happen. So the answer to the question is, Yes, HCG suppresses and curb the appetite, ONLY if the body is forced to find alternatives to sugar and starch for energy production.

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Top Rated & Best selling HCG Diet drops in the Market

A review of the top rated hcg drops

Triumph HCG by HCG Diet

The most challenging part about the HCG weight loss program is to choose the appropriate method of administration. The HCG drops are the most convenient way. But there also are some hurdles, like what to choose and why. It is not easy to go through each and every website looking for the suitable option. That’s why we created the article on top rated hcg drops!

Below are some of the Best HCG Companies which have got our attention and the attention of the HCG world in general. Some of them are also the best selling HCG drops. They are rated based on their success with the customers and what all facilities they can offer along with the HCG drops.

Complex HCG Drops, The top rated hcg drops

Very Few people actually know Biosource Labs, The creators of HCG complex Drops. The program is not only very effective, but comes up with the best deals and discounts in the market. Great return policy, Great product, Excellent Support and a great list of people (real people) actually recommending this product. HCG complex by biosource has a 1 on 1 deal. Buy one and get the other free.

Complete 26 Day HCG Starter Kit

Colin Watson HCG injections

Biosource labs has other products apart from HCG and are into everything about weight loss. May it be African mango or the Raspberry Ketones, Biosource labs has done its research. With the best quality product and the Greatest support, We think that HCG complex is a clear winner. HCG complex is the Best selling hcg drops and also the top rated hcg drops in the list

Best Sellers Ranking : 5/5
Rating : 5/5

Triumph HCG Drops – One of the top rated hcg drops

top rated hcg drops

It is one of my personal favorites, a great website, excellent product and most of all, great service. Now this is so systematically set that you know what to eat, when to eat, what not to do and clearly stated step by step instruction on how to administer your HCG Drops. Now has HCG drops and no injections. The program is set to 3 different levels each with different stages of difficulty and requirement. The mini is for people who are trying the diet to see if it makes any difference or if they can actually go ahead and do it.

The 26 day program and the 40 day programs are more rigorous. There is a Great deal of Effort put into the quality of the Product and Triumph HCG is one of the best selling HCG Drops in the industry. You can find more reviews on HCG triumph here.

Ratings 4.5 / 5

Best seller Ranking : 4/5

HCG 1234 Diet Drops

HCG 1234 Diet Drops is made by Creative Bioscience. The HCG made is completely within the USA and it has no gluten or GMOs in it. On purchase of this HCG drops you are eligible for the liver diet chat anytime and you will also have access to all the PDF downloads regarding the HCG diet and charts. The products are shipped for free and reach you faster with 100% money back guarantee in case of a disappointment.

There are mainly 2 types of programs here, 3 weeks program and a 6-week program. The former lasts for 23 days and the latter is of 44 days. Both the programs follow the same pattern except that the HCG is taken for the said period. Everything that you need to know are explained in the downloadable items.

There also are money saving options with the HCG 1234 diet drops, discounts and other benefits are offered when more than 1 bottle of the product is bought. It is an economical as well as an effective way to achieve the weight loss goal.

Easy HCG Homeopathic Drops

Easy HCG has been popular for a long time. It is 100% homeopathic that can bring rapid weight loss with effective appetite reduction. The diet instruction manual is included with the packages. It is one of the most trusted HCG drops because of its money back guarantee and positive effects.

The HCG programs offered by Easy HCG homeopathic drops are 15 days, 30, days and 60 days programs. The 15 days program enables you to lose up to 20 lbs and is also the starter or base program. The most popular among these programs is the 30 days program that helps to shed up to 40 lbs in a month’s time. The 60 days program is for obese people who want to lose more than 40 pounds of body weight.

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The HCG Diet Maintenance Phase Explained

Biosource Labs HCG Complex with HCG Diet Formula

After you finish the phase 2 of the HCG diet with a strict 500 calorie per day intake, you will step into the 3rd phase called as maintenance phase. This phase is also called as stabilization phase where you have to maintain the weight loss intact. In this phase, your caloric intake will be around 1200-1500/day but it is still a big NO for starch and sugars.

  • Beginning The Hcg Diet Maintenance
  • Things To Do During Phase 3 Maintenance Phase
  • Foods To Eat And Foods To Avoid – Hcg Diet Maintenance Phase Food List
  • Hcg Diet Maintenance Phase Menu – Recipes and Desserts
  • Tips For Successful Stabilization And Maintenance Phase On Hcg Diet

Whoa!!! That 500 calorie diet was a tough one and cheers to you for reaching so far. Acknowledge yourself for getting here that is a great accomplishment. Now you might have lost 10-15 or 20 pounds within a short time which is pretty amazing. Maybe you need take another round of hcg diet program, but you need not worry about that now. Compliment yourself on reaching this level and focus on each and every round you are currently in. It is time to jump in full throttle with phase 3 – maintenance phase.

Now that the low calorie diet is over, you can get support by starting that workout or any fitness program. This will help you to maintain the new lifestyle. Without a doubt, your perspective towards food and your body has changed a lot. You are now having much in control of binge eating. But the challenge is maintaining the body for a lifetime.

Complete 26 Day HCG Starter Kit

Colin Watson HCG injections

Note that during the next 3-6 weeks is going to be really strict because it will really stabilize your weight. This is what makes the HCG diet unique. The maintenance phase can be a real game changer because it is easy for you to gain weight easily if you splurge on foods incessantly.

While the maintenance phase (3 phase of the hcg diet) is much more flexible, one can get easily swayed from the diet. It is necessary to be vigilant in what you eat and pay strict control of your dietary style. Hence, before you start the phase 3 maintenance of the hcg diet,

  • You need to remain within 2 pounds of your last hcg drops/injection weight (over or under)
  • Utilize Google, the biggest search engine which has humungous resource. There are many websites, blogs from hcg dieters that have shared their ideas on how they have completed their phase 3 hcg diet.
  • Ready yourself completely.
  • Use a tracking sheet that will keep a record of your everyday weight, calories etc.
  • Prepare the list of all the foods that you will be eating. While Column 1 fills up the allowed foods daily, column 2 includes cautionary foods and column 3 is dedicated to foods that must be completely avoided.
  • When you are eating in a restaurant or at your friends’ home, make sure to keep the above list in handy for quick reference.
  • Do not eat sugars or starchy foods that are rich in carbs minus the fiber.

NOTE – Unlike what people think, the maintenance phase does not start in 3 days after the last hcg shot/drops intake. It is 72 hours. For instance, if you have take the last hcg drops on Monday at 8am, begin the maintenance phase at Thursday, 8am.

Make sure to raise the calories by 1500 now. Since you are out of the hcg drops/shots now, DO NOT follow the VLCD (very low calorie diet of 500 calories). As the hcg is out of the system, you will feel weak and tired. The body will begin to shutdown mode as it is not burning any calories. This can disrupt the entire phase 2/3 and you will have to start all over again.

Voluntarily check your calories and keep your weight under constant check. Again I say, AVOID STARCH OR SUGAR FOODS. Read label to know more about ingredients when you are in maintenance phase. Many people eat like they are still on the hcg diet. Don’t do it and intake lot of healthy fats and dairy products to maintain the 1500 calorie intake. Drink water to keep yourself and skin breathing. Get good sleep.

Things To Do During Phase 3 Maintenance Phase – Healthy Tips

  • Skip starchy and sugar products of any kind when you are on the maintenance phase.
  • Since you are easily susceptible to gain weight be careful of what you are eating.
  • Check the label to know the ingredients and do not eat without knowing what are the contents.
  • Keep “to be avoided” foods handy while you are shopping or out partying.
  • Begin intake of food gradually. Don’t clog your mouth with heavy calories. At starters, eat the same foods you have been consuming but then eat more of it. Then, add the phase 3 approved meats and veggies, fruits while keeping one eye on the weight.
  • Drink more water than you did in phase 2.
  • Include minimum of 2 apples and 1 whole grapefruit daily to raise the energy levels high.
  • Break down your foods to 6 times a day that will increase your metabolic rate. 3 meals, 3 small phase 3 approved food snacks are the best option to maintain proportionate weight.

Foods To Eat And Foods To Avoid – HCG Diet Maintenance Phase Food List

Here is the hcg maintenance phase food list – the ones to eat and ones to avoid. A whole new dietary list awaits you on the hcg diet maintenance phase.

Fruits Apricots, figs (one large but be careful for its sugar content), guava, kiwi, blackberries, cantaloupe, olives, peaches, papaya, pears, watermelon, limes, nectarines Banana (medium size), cherries, grapes, mangoes, pomegranate, prune,s tangerines, date (one), raisins
Vegetables Bok choy, eggplant, bean sprouts, kohlrabi, okra, pickles, pumpkin, red chilli pepper, scallions, brussels sprouts, bean sprouts, snow peas (pods), sphaghetti squash, turnips, zucchini, watercress Carrots, corn, parsnips, potato (one small), yams, water chestnuts, artichoke (medium), beets, avocado, celeriac, peas, plantains, sweet potatoes
Meat Elk, ground beef, lamp, liver, pork chops, beef jerky, beef roast, prosciutto, ham, hot dogs, lamb
Fish Anchovy, catfish, eel, mackerel, oyster, salmon, sardines, clams, bass, tuna squid or calamari, trout
Dairy and Sugar Butter, cheese (mozzarella, parmesan, string cheese, swiss, cheddar etc.), milk, omelette, eggs Yogurt, ice cream, foods that contain sugar such as brown sugar, dextrose, corn syrup, fructose, galactose, honey, invert sugar, malt, lactose, maltose, maltodextrin, panocha, muscovado or barbados sugar, rice syrup. Granulated sugar, sucrose, turbinado sugar, treacle, free flowing brown sugar, demerara sugar etc.
Others Moderate amounts of alcoholic beverages, mayonnaise (check label for sugar content), sugar-free dressings and mustards, taco salad, veggie dip, dried soy beans, fruit juices (with no sugar), oils for cooking, grilling or baking, pure peanut butter or any other nut butter (sugar-free), poultry foods such as turkey, duck, goose etc., tofu, soy, nuts of all type, Hummus (check the label) Bread, pasta, macaroni, starch types – white flour, wheat flour, corn starch, any flour, breadsticks, hamburger, pita bread, pretzels. Basically any processed foods or baked goods such as cookies, brownies, muffin and so on.

HCG Diet Maintenance Phase Menu – Recipes and Desserts

The transition from losing weight to maintaining the new weight in the hcg diet maintenance phase is quite crucial. Of course, there are many recipes that include pizza, desserts, salads and more that are not only nutritious but also keep in one with the weight. Note that it is a two step process.

  • The first step – is for the first three weeks – no sugars except sugar content naturally available in fruits. No starchy foods.
  • Second step – is for the concluding 3 weeks – gradually introduce starch and sugar products in the body.

Phase 3 Maintenance Recipes – For The First 3 Weeks

Greek Yogurt with Berries

  • 3/4c. 0% fat plain Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 c. Berries of your like (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or blackberries)
  • 1 packet of powdered stevia
  • 1 tsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice

To make this recipe, keep berries, stevia, lemon juice in a small bowl. Refrigerate for an hour. This is to allow the berries to get more soft and juicy. Now mix the Greek yogurt to the berry mix. Stir it well and enjoy.

Light Feta Salad

  • 2c Spring mix lettuce
  • 1/2c. Sliced cucumber
  • 1/4c. Diced red bell pepper
  • 1/4c. Grape tomatoes
  • 1/4c. Baby carrots
  • 1/4c. Crumbles feta cheese

Place all the ingredients on the plate and top it with your favorite low sugar low carb dressing.

Turkey meatballs with green beans

  • 16oz. Of Ground turkey
  • 1/2c. Chopped onion
  • 2 tbsp of chopped parsley
  • 1/2c. Of grated parmesan
  • 1/2 tsp. Minced garlic
  • 1/2c. Chopped green bell pepper
  • 1/4 tsp. Sea salt
  • 1.4 tsp. Black pepper
  • Raw green beans

Preheat oven to 275 degrees. For preparing this recipe mix all the ingredients together except for the green beans to a bowl. Mix all of them thoroughly. Roll the meat mix to balls around 1 inch thickness. Now place the meatballs on on a cookie sheet in a wire cooking rack. Keep in oven and let it cook for 20-25 minutes as per the meatballs thickness. Always cut them in half to see if they are done.

Now the green beans. Begin by removing the ends. Put them in a shallow pan with 1/2 inch of water on the bottom of the pan. Cover it with a lid and steam at medium high heat for 3-4 minutes or may be longer as per your taste. Serve it with meatballs and enjoy the luscious taste.

Phase 3 Maintenance Recipes – For The Next (Second) 3 Weeks

Spinach Mozzarella Pizza

  • 1 large flat out flatbread wrap
  • 2 tsp Olive oil
  • 1c. tomato sauce
  • 2 tbsp. Italian seasoning
  • 1 tbsp. Onion powder
  • 1 tbsp. Garlic powder
  • Your favorite cheese – Parmesan, Mozzarella, Asiago
  • Your favorite toppings – Bell Peppers, Back Olives, Sausage, Pepperoni, Tomatoes, Spinach, Cooked Tomatoes

Preheat the oven to 415 degrees. Add spices, tomato sauce in a small pot and low heat for 3-5 minutes. Place the flatbread on the cookie sheet. Brush both the sides with olive oil. Place the sheet in oven for 3 minutes. Flip over and place back side in the oven for another 3 minutes. Now, remove it. Spread the tomato sauce mixture on top. Add the desired toppings and top it with cheese. Place it back in the oven on the middle rack for around 12 minutes or till the cheese is melted. You may garnish it with more Italian seasoning for sprucing up the appearance. Slice it and serve warm.

Do not eat this during first three weeks of the maintenance phase.

Tropical Fruit salad

  • 1 Kiwi
  • 1/2c. Grapes
  • 1/4c. Cubed pineapple
  • 1/4c. Cubed honeydew melon
  • 1/4c. Cubed watermelon
  • 1 small Apple, Peeled and Diced
  • 1 packet of powdered stevia
  • 1 tbsp of lemon juice

Take the above ingredients in a bowl and top it with lemon juice, stevia. Mix well and eat.

Since some of the fruits contain high amount of sugar content do not eat them during the first three weeks of maintenance phase.

How To Lose 10lbs in 10 Days

Vegetable Succotash

  • 1/2c. Corn
  • 1/2c. Broccoli stems
  • 8 oz. Fire roasted tomatoes
  • 1/2c. Cooked lima beans
  • 1/4 tsp. Garlic powder
  • 1/8 tsp. Sea salt
  • 1/8 tsp. Black pepper

Combine the canned tomatoes (undrained), broccoli and the spices to a small pan. Heat them on low/medium flame. Mix them well and cook for 3-4 minutes. Then add the lima beans and corn. Mix it again and then cook for another minute. Remove from heat and serve.

Tips For Successful Stabilization And Maintenance Phase On HCG Diet

Many people get tripped off the stage when they enter the phase 3 of the hcg diet. This is because Dr. Simeons was not clear about the guidelines for hcg phase 3.

Tips for HCG phase 3 – Stabilization phase

  • As said above (may be a zillion times), stay clear of sugar or starch.
  • Keep a track record of your calorie intake. If you notice any weight gain eliminate any new food that you recently included before the weight gain.
  • Don’t add all new foods at one go. Introduce a new food one at a time each week.
  • Concentrate more on high fiber veggies and lean meats.
  • Eat more of natural and organic foods. Avoid processed foods.
  • Do not reduce the water intake. 8-10 glasses is a must.
  • Always remember the 2 pound rule – at any point of time you notice that your weight increases by 2 pounds, skip breakfast and lunch that day. Instead eat a large steak or chicken breast with an apple or tomato.


Beginning The Maintenance Phase Of HCG Diet

Tips For HCG diet – Maintenance Phase 3

  • Start adding sugar and starches in your diet but make sure to go slow in small amounts.
  • Continue tracking food intake and the portion size as well. It will help you to identify any problem such as weight gain in the middle of the hcg diet.
  • No sodas or any carbonated, alcoholic beverages since studies show that they do more harm for your health. Stick with water, coffee or tea that is sweetened with pure grade stevia. Fresh juice is always good but don’t go with artificially flavored juices or shakes.
  • Avoid processed foods or junk foods and make sure to stick with organic and natural foods.
  • Keep 2 pound rule weight in check even as a long term habit.

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What is an apple day on the hcg diet

HCG Complex

What is an Apple day on hcg diet? There are times in your hcg diet where you stall. The professionals call it a weight loss plateau. If you do not lose weight for up to six days consistently while on a diet and if you have not cheated, it would be considered a plateau. It usually means that you are not losing any weight. There could be a range of reasons for this to happen.

It could mean that your diet is not working now as it used to. Your body is absorbing more water (as you are on a diet, you are on limited carbs, protein and no fat). The only logical ingredient your body is absorbing to maintain the weight would be water than it used to before to maintain the Body mass.

apple day on hcg diet

Complete 26 Day HCG Starter Kit

Colin Watson HCG injections

While on a diet, if you are hit by a plateau, chances are you feel down. You are morally and emotionally let down. You don’t want to go further on the diet because you think its not working. Chances are that the diet needs a tweak and that’s when an apple day comes in. An Apple day usually starts at noon. You have your normal HCG breakfast but skip lunch and dinner altogether and also the next day’s breakfast. You can fill in the lunch, dinner and the next day’s breakfast with 6-7 medium sized apples. The key here is that you drink very less water. 85% of the apple is water already and there is little reason why you would feel thirsty anyways. If you do feel thirsty, you are allowed a sip at a time and not more. Unlike the other hcg days, an apple day will limit you to the amount of water you consume.

How Does The Apple Day Work On HCG Diet?

While on an apple day, you are limiting your water content. The fact that you will see your weighing scale move after a few days stall is because you have lost water over the past 24 hours. You are dehydrating yourself. Though this may not sound healthy, it is helpful in two ways.

  1. It’s a morale booster. People see that they lose weight and continue with the diet again.
  2. You are losing water which was retained, which was (probably) due to your high sodium level. You don’t lose anything. Instead you feel much lighter.

Sodium level could be one of the few reasons to water retention in your body. Apples have no sodium in it. You could have had a banana day or a strawberry day but most fruits have sodium levels which are considerably higher than apples. Also, apples are low in calorie, high in fiber and contains enough water to keep you going without drinking extra water.

How Much Weight Will I Lose After HCG Apple Day

The results of a HCG apple day vary from person to person. While some people see a notable difference of up to 3 pounds loss in a day, there are others who see half a pound in difference. It depends on how much water is retained in your body and has nothing to do with the amount of fat.

How Much Weight Can You Lose On The Apple Day HCG?

Again, this varies from person to person. If your body contains more water and if you are suffering from water retention, your body may lose up to 1 pounds of water in a day. Considering your activity levels it may go lower or higher. There are times when you lose up to 3 pounds in an apple day and that is if you are having a very hot day or if you have worked out (walking, climbing stairs and sweating out normally counts as workout on a hcg diet) over the day. There are some people who have lost less than a pound. It’s rarely noted that a person does not lose any weight at all on an apple day.

How Many Apples Can You Eat On HCG Apple Day?

6-7 medium sized apples are allowed over a 24 hour period. It’s not the number of apples that count (though you are not to exceed 7) but the amount of water you drink that matters. Limiting the quantity of water you drink will make all the difference in your hcg diet.

Before We Part…

So, you did cheat and you want to make it up with an apple day. While most of the specialists online will not recommend an apple day after you cheat, there are times when you would want to do it. If you cheat, you are jeopardizing the entire diet system. You may stall, increase weight the next day or nothing happens at all. Before you go on an apple day make sure that you have indeed hit the plateau. Cheating on the first few days of your diet is a strict no and if you did cheat, then you need to do everything in your control to correct the situation.

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What to do when you cheat on the hcg diet

HCG Complex

Cheating on hcg diet? The last time I was on a diet, I failed miserably. So miserably that I ended up eating more than what I would have eaten on a normal day. Diets are not for the faintest of hearts.

That being said, HCG diet is even more hard. 500 Calories a day? I don’t think I can fill myself with all of it in one sitting, let alone over the entire day. Not even with a zero calorie drink (water). But then we are not talking about me. We are not even talking about someone who is already in good shape. This is for those who are really in for the diet program. For those who want to lose weight desperately and for those who don’t have an option but to lose weight.

Cheating on hcg diet

Complete 26 Day HCG Starter Kit

Colin Watson HCG injections

At some point of time, we all want to cheat on a diet. I have seen over 90% of the people on a diet cheat. Maybe once. Just once. They fall for that scoop of ice cream on a party. They think that one cup cake wouldn’t do a lot of harm. The bar of chocolate is tempting to others. Whatever the reason, the results are the same. You cheat, you fail. Or do you?

The Dieting is a science. Cheating is an art. Now, you mix both together and you find a food or two which will actually not give you a problem. Think about it. There are 1000’s of food around. You are limited to 20 or 30 of them. You are bound to be bored. You will end up chewing on something which you shouldn’t at some point of time. But when you make a sensible, calculated risk on chewing a particular food, you may actually have a winner. Most of the food (we are not talking chocolates and ice creams here but veggies or some fruits like banana) which is restricted on a HCG diet has a reason for it. For instance, The sugar level in most fruits are high. There may be chemicals which retain water or fat, which may impact your weight loss (think sodium). But not everyone has the same level of chemicals in their body. May be sodium is not going to create a problem for you, but it may for me! Then, why are you not eating food which contain sodium which are restricted by the HCG diet protocol, just because it contains sodium?

Food for thought? Don’t worry it’s not going to increase your weight thinking! Most of the food which is restricted is not because they have high calories alone. It’s restricted because there are other chemicals and ingredients which act as a catalyst to retain fat or body mass. The HCG protocol is a detailed list of only the foods which has not just zero calories but also avoids all the ingredients which act as a catalyst and any food which is associated with it.

Cheating on HCG diet Phase 2 and getting away with it?

Well, that’s the art. But for you to cheat you need to plan. You need to be in a stagnant weight loss. Not on a plateau. You should be on a constant weight loss path. You should be losing something over the period of time. Most people have a pattern of losing weight. The first few days on a hcg diet is a rapid loss. People lose up to a pound constantly, sometimes up to a week. Then, there is a pattern. You lose 2 days and then the 3rd day you have a stall. You lose the next 2 days and then again stall. That’s the pattern you are looking for.

When not to cheat on a HCG diet

  1. Never try cheating when you are on the first few days of losing weight. Till you see a particular pattern, its not advisable to cheat.
  2. Never cheat while on a plateau. This is a confusing phase. Your body is not losing weight and there is some reason for it. Adding up a cheat is only going to make things miserable!

The next biggest tip is to not eat more than one food when you cheat. You don’t want to be confused with what is giving you the weight loss if at all it happens. So only eat one food when you cheat.

Monitor. That’s the most important thing. If you have not gained any weight on the next day and if the pattern is not broken, wait for 3 more days and see if the pattern continues. If everything goes as normal, VOILA! You have just found a food you can eat while on HCG diet. On the contrary, if you gain weight, take no further action but avoid the food like a plague! Continue the hcg diet and make sure that you get the pattern straight before you try cheating again.

So when is your HCG planned cheat day?

Remember. No cheating till you have got the pattern right. Never cheat on a plateau and most importantly, don’t ever cheat on the first few days of the diet when you are losing weight consistently! You cheating day is best planned when you have noted the pattern. You will know when your pattern is broken that your food has failed. This is the only easy way to cheat and it’s the proven trick!

What to do when you cheat on hcg diet?

Oh-oh!! Then, this was bound to happen one time or the other. Now what? To be honest, I too cheated on the hcg diet. A momentary judgement lapse can entirely screw the diet, well…almost. But, there are always ways to fix it. An apple day seems only fair to recover from the cheat phase. Another option few dieters tried is by munching only on protein and veggies. This means you need to ditch the melba toast and fruits. By trying this technique, you are helping the body to cleanse out the carbs from the system.

This does not give you the free ticket to indulge more in hcg diet cheats. Since weight gain is rapid during the hcg diet program, make sure of not making the same mistakes again.

What happens when you cheat on the hcg diet?

HCG diet is not like any other diet program. Hence, it is quite crucial that you stick to the ritual and don’t stray away from the diet. Here are two major reasons why cheating on hcg diet is a big No-No.

  • Rapid weight gain – While it is difficult to put it logically, it is evident that you gain weight when you eat more than 800 calories a day. Why else would you see a change in the weighing scale if you consume more? It seems that the hormone in the system somehow stores fat much more easily just like the calories you eat. Though usually one do not gain weight by eating 1000 calories any other day (outside the hcg diet program), during the hcg diet, nevertheless, you are bound to increase your fat storage.
  • No actual weight loss – What’s the use of dieting when you want to cheat anyway? The whole idea of hcg program is to lose that flabby gut. Frequent cheating (at times) might not give you any weight gain, but you won’t lose weight as well. Probably, a few pounds here and there but not as you might have expected. It’s like having a buffet and then jogging 10 miles to shed kilos. It’s a moot point which is one of the reasons why I say it is easy to quit but difficult to persevere.

Bottomline, indulge in hcg diet program only if you are sure about it. The hcg diet seems easy but can be challenging as you have to survive on the very low calorie diet (500 calories). One time “binge eating” is forgiven but repeating is not erroneous and can be deemed a habit. I am not trying to scare you but look all the possibilities before jumping on the hcg bandwagon.

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HCG diet For Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism and other Thyroid problems & Disease

Biosource Labs HCG Complex

Some people have conditions which restrict them from doing many things. HCG diet for hyperthyroidism is one option when you have a medical condition and want to lose weight. Check out the real life situation of Jessica!

Jessica Kinder was nearing her thirties. She was a professional, working a sales job and very ambitious at it. Like most people in Sales, she had to meet targets, travel and the pressure was always mounting. A typical woman in her thirties I would say, if not for her deteriorating conditions. You see Jessica with a cup of coffee almost all day. Her energy drinks during lunch was a replacement for water. She hit the gym at 6 every evening and at times you would see her crawling out only at 8. Yes, she worked out and worked out hard.

HCG diet For Hyperthyroidism

Complete 26 Day HCG Starter Kit

Colin Watson HCG injections

Over the last few months, you could see Jessica slowing down. It’s rapid. The energy drinks and coffee are increasing, yet she is drowsy. She has put on a bit of weight, a noticeable bit I would say. May be 10 pounds more than what I had seen last month from! She was attractive then, not so, now. Women at thirties usually have a string of problems. Unlike women in late 40’s and 50’s who go through their menopausal stage, Women in 30’s tend to have a problem which is significant, worldwide, the problem with thyroid and adrenal glands. Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism are not conditions which are uncommon these days. Symptoms include rapid weight loss, mood swings, lethargy and a lot, lot more. It’s usually harder to find out the cause and while most of the symptoms seem natural because they are slow to creep in. Then, there comes a point when everything crashes and the symptoms are significant.

If its not late, then you are lucky, but controlling hyperthyroidism, in itself, is a major hurdle. Medication can do a lot of good. Side effects may or may not occur depending on the drug prescribed. But then, curing hyperthyroidism is one thing and the constant weight gain which happens during the condition is another.

Doctors will not recommend you to exercise during this period. On the contrary, you are told not to work out at all. Exerting pressure on the body will only increase your adrenal levels creating more problems to thyroid conditions and it’s in every way a practical advice. Naturopaths too will restrict you to any form or workout. Yoga, for one can be practiced with caution and this seems to be the only possible workout you can medically practice. Yoga too will have a restriction. Yoga specifically for thyroid is different from those used to lose weight and this is in many ways helpful with your thyroid treatment, but has little effect on weight loss.

Diet, your only hope for weight loss with thyroid problems

Diet of any form is a great way to lose weight. With the numerous diets today, it’s hard to chose the right one. A Naturopath advised Jessica on the HCG diet, but warned her of dire consequences if the hormone is not balanced. What would happen? The diet may help you lose weight in the initial stages, but will rapidly gain weight the moment you quit. The second worst case scenario would be that you wouldn’t lose weight at all. HCG diet was a risk. It is not advised by many medical professionals even when you doing have a medical condition. With hyperthyroidism, the risks are even higher. Jessica just took it without thinking twice. Fortunately, it did work out well for her.

hcg diet for hyperthyroidism

Her HCG doctor recommended a 500 calorie diet with a diet drops. She lost a good 20 pounds in 30 days and maintained the weight for a whole year. The second year, she did the diet again to lose 15 more pounds in 30 days. Again, the maintenance was consistent for a whole year. While Jessica did eat a lot once or twice a year, treating her with high fat food, chocolates and pizzas, the remaining days were strict on her veggies. Water was a key. She cut down on her coffee and energy drinks to zero.

If you look carefully, It’s not just the HCG diet which helped Jessica. It was also the advice of her naturopath. Cutting down on coffee, sugar, energy drinks and any other high energy foods were a big no for her. Treating herself with some of these once in a while was not a problem. But then it should happen very rarely. Rarely as in, once or twice a year!

Eating healthy helped Jessica keep her weight off for 2 consistent years, remain healthy and maintain a great energy level. Yes, Jessica is still on medication for hyperthyroidism, but she is far more energetic, healthy and all of life today.

Is the hcg diet safe for people with thyroid problems?

Safe? Yes and no. It depends on how your hormones are balanced. If you have been in medication and your stats are consistent, your chances of going on a hcg diet and losing weight is significantly high. On the contrary, if your hormone balance is not in place, is fluctuating then chances are that you risk gaining weight rapidly after a while when you are in the maintenance phase. Worse yet, you may not lose any weight at all during the diet and may gain even more, faster after you stop the diet.

Medically, there may be a bit of risk involved too. High blood pressure or low blood pressure, signs of extreme lethargy and nausea may be linked to the hcg diet itself but is even more significant in people suffering from thyroid problems.

Always take professional help while going on a diet. Get a complete medical check done. You never know what risks may be involved and what other conditions may affect your weight loss or your general health. Be open to your doctor and get a full blood and general check up done. Their advice is worth every penny and you will be thankful that you got the tests done, not to mention their valuable advice.

While Jessica took the advice of a naturopath, you should keep in mind that she was in a treatment for her thyroid problems with an allopath. Both of them go hand in hand to help recover fast and it’s important that the doctors know about all the treatments you are undergoing for any and all conditions.

HCG injections vs HCG drops for People suffering from Hyperthyroidism

When you talk about HCG diet For Hyperthyroidism, there is a question which is common. HCG injections or HCG drops. While medically, the injections are far more effective and advised by doctors, the drops is much easier to handle. Many people have found the same results with both the injections and the drops. The Doctors, though, recommend injections. The diet, on the other part is more important between the choice of injections and drops.

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Why Deviating from your HCG diet Protocol is a Big mistake which can affect your weight loss and slow down progress.

Triumph HCG by HCG Diet

The HCG diet program has so little vegetables and fruits. There should be something else we can add up. What harm is a few bananas over the diet make any difference. May be one mango a week is not that bad, or may be a slice of water melon!

These thoughts run over my head throughout the diet. I know you have it too. I am a vegetarian. The meat is a big no. No Poultry, Red meat or fish. But with limited veggies, I don’t think I can go 21 days. To make things worse, there are a few vegetables which are seasonal on the list which I cannot acquire anyways.

Tweaking the diet was one of the few options I had which I thought would be great. But then what’s wrong with one banana every 3 days and a watermelon once in a week? Of course they are not on the diet protocol and I think Dr.Simeon just overlooked it. But that was not the case after all. There are reasons why bananas are not on the diet. Bananas are high on Sodium. The sugar levels on Watermelon and Mangoes are higher than recommended.

Complete 26 Day HCG Starter Kit

Colin Watson HCG injections

While we think that certain vegetables or fruits can do no harm, there are other reasons why the hcg diet has so little vegetables and Fruits. These vegetables and fruits are here for a reason. The have the right ingredients for nutrition and also can help you lose weight. High sodium, sugar or anything which affects the diet program are simply taken off the list. Sticking on the diet program is simply the best way to lose weight. After all its just 21 days right! No its not.

If you want to go on reducing your weight you should watch what you eat. The HCG diet protocol consists of food which are low fat, low calories. What we fail to see is that its also less in some of the nutrients which fat people eat. Think of sodium. If you are Fat because you have excessive water retention in your body, cutting down on your sodium will help you lose those extra inches around your waist. While reducing Fat foods or calories is not going to help , the reduced sodium in your diet will help you lose the water which are excess in your body, making you look healthier and thinner .

Modifying the hcg diet is not recommended. Its not just any 500 calorie diet. Its tested and proven to work. Its tested with each of the vegetables in the list to provide the right nutrient’s for your diet but making sure that you still reduce weight. You should understand that we all have different compositions in our body. My physique is different from yours. Just because I am fat doesn’t mean that you are fat for the same reason. I have not worked out for years, but I see that many people who do a 1 hour walk in the morning are still fat with a double chin! Why Is that? Will the same diet work for both of us?

In most cases it wouldn’t. But when it comes with HCG, there have been rigorous tests with people who have tried it. This Makes HCG versatile for everyone, though very hard to follow. My advice would be just this. Don’t modify the diet in any way. Don’t add your set of veggies or reduce anything either. Keep the balance and make sure you follow the diet to the dot. If you succeed the 21st day, there are great changes, not just physically, but mentally too.


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HCG With Online Prescription Is Safer & Cheaper Now With These 2 Sites

Buy HCG Complex Online from Biosource Labs

HCG hormone is the best when used in its whole form, the pharmaceutical grade form. To get this highest grade HCG one must have a doctor’s prescription. That calls for consultation fee and some extras also. To avoid these hassles is the easy way of getting HCG with online prescription.

Table of Contents

The HCG online prescription is no big deal. You go to the specific site, mostly by the manufacturer itself, fill in some medical forms, and fill out the personal details. The medical form is subjected to doctor’s review online and your prescription is approved, you get the real 100% HCG hormone products for use.

The Need For An HCG Online Prescription

HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin is a pregnancy hormone with some miraculous ability to locate the stored fat and bring it for the energy production thus getting rid if pounds from the body. It is also a hormone used for the treatment in infertility. It uses a higher concentration of this hormone for infertility treatment. Since the same highest grade hcg hormone is the best effective for weight loss purposes, HCG for weight loss also needs a prescription.

Complete 26 Day HCG Starter Kit

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Usually, it takes a visit to the doctor’s to get this said prescription. With the online prescription you can save time and make the HCG purchaser easier. As long as you provide the true medical state of yours, this is completely safe.



Moreover, HCG is not fit for all as it can have adverse effects when used with certain types of medications. People suffering from some medical conditions should not take the true grade HCG hormone. The prescription HCG is one way to determine this fitness of the person both physically and medically.

Prescription Strength HCG Online

The prescription strength HCG is the highly concentrated hormone-only HCG. For weight loss purposes only fewer amounts per day is required. With the prescription, you will get only as much HCG that is required. Such HCG products are either pre-mixed or non-mixed. Usually, the HCG shots are not mixed. The powdered HCG need to be mixed with bacteriostatic water to make it suitable for each injection. As for the prescription HCG drops, they can come in either form.

The regular dose of prescription HCG per day is 125 iu. A daily dose of 15 iu is also acceptable but the dose should never go beyond the limit of 175 iu. It’s healthier to stick to the lowest minimum dose. It is ideal for healthy weight loss and no hunger.

Where To Buy Hcg Online Prescription Products?

There are many online sites that offer this prescription HCG. The prescription HCG doesn’t come cheaper as it contain the true hormone. It can roughly cost somewhere around $1000 in diet clinics and other similar places. Purchasing it online is a downright cheaper option but the price is still higher at many leading sites.

There also are these 2 sites where you can get HCG online prescription which is cheaper and safer. Getting true and safer HCG is also a challenge and these 2 sites are reliable on this account. You pay for the genuine prescription HCG online and you get the true HCG.

Online Sites For Safe And Cheaper Hcg Online Prescription Products

HCG Buy Direct

The main reason why HCG Buy Direct is a safe place for HCG is that there you will get prescription HCG drops. There are not many places where you get the prescription HCG online and HCG Buy Direct is one of the best among them. Here, HCG is provided in un-mixed form. In fact, you need to mix into liquid form for making it useful.

Un-mixed Prescription HCG Drops

This un-mixed HCG prescription drops comes in vial that has a total of 12,000 iu value of HCG in it. This powdered form of HCG need to be mixed in a sterile bottle with the mixing liquid provided in the kit. Once mixed you have the true form of HCG on liquid form. This type of HCG drops must be taken sublingual (under the tongue).

The Procedure

Go to the official hcg website and click on the online prescription questionnaire. Here, you need to give you personal details, height, weight, and complete medical details on the level of all the vital organs and counts. Check the respective boxes against each medical condition, if you have anything related to it. If all is well, then you can just leave the box. Further details must also be given for each selected medical condition.

There are also questions related to your lifestyle, nutrition and diet that you follow, any allergies, details about other weight loss programs that you have attended earlier. Then, you have to submit the consent form also. Once you have filled out all the necessary fields, you can submit the questionnaire. After submission, it takes a maximum of 24 hours for the evaluation by the doctors, and approval of your HCG prescription.

The submitted form will be valid for a period of 12 months from the submission date. You can use this form or prescription provided to purchase the HCG products within this period.

You can purchase the products anytime with the submitted form. You will be charged only after the form is approved and prescription is sent. You can choose the program you want from the 23 days kit or the 46 days kit.

  • 23 day kit: The 23 day kit includes an HCG vial that can last for these much days. The prescription will have to be obtained for this HCG that has strength of 12,000 iu. The HCG is in powdered form and all the necessary tools and bottle are provided in the kit. The bottle provided is sterile and with a dropper cap for easy administration. This particular kit enables you to lose body weight of 15 to 25 pounds. This kit costs just under $100 and you will not get anything cheaper with the same quality.
  • Two 23 day kits: This package includes two 23 day kits that last for 46 days altogether. Each kit has one vial, one bottle and enough sterile water for the mixing. Use only one kit at a time and prepare the second one only when the time comes. This keeps the HCG fresh and virulent. This extended weight loss period can bring on a loss of 30-45 pounds of weight.
  • The add-ons: Along with these kits you can add some extras to help with the weight loss task like appetite suppressant drops, appetite suppressant patches, or a combo of vitamin B12 and a bottle of HCG lotion. HCG diet prevents you from using any kind of cosmetics during the phase 2. This HCG lotion is safe to use during this time to keep your skin moist and care for. These add-ons are available at a discounted rate. There also are options like body lotion, hand lotion facial lotion, or bath salts for you to help with the HCG program. They keep the skin healthy and the salts helps in detoxifying the body.

Dosage: Dosage is sublingual. Measure about 1 ml of the prepared HCG liquid and drop in 10 drops under the tongue, first thing in the morning. Keep the liquid there for 5 minutes or as long as you can. The liquid will be absorbed faster. Stick to the same time every day. Couple the HCG drops with the very low calorie diet of 500-1200 calories a day only with only the allowed food.

How To Lose 10lbs in 10 Days

The HCG products at HCG Buy Direct will be charged with an extra $30 for the shipment that delivers the product within 2 days. You can place the order online or over the phone.

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Medical Weight Management At New Edge Health

Prescription HCG shots are the widely used mode of the pure HCG hormone for weight loss. It does not usually come cheaper. It is also to be noted that not everyone who applies for prescription HCG is given approval or qualify. There is a certain procedure at New Edge health for the HCG to be available.

  • You need to provide medical charts and other details with latest photograph of yours to prove the body mass index.
  • A recommendation letter from the local physician
  • Evaluation happens over Skype chat
  • Finally blood tests to be done for the values.

Once you have all these, you are eligible to ‘apply for HCG’. The doctors at New Edge Health will then evaluate and decide whether or not you are fit for the program. Choose the program that you wish to follow and then fill in the details along with the above mentioned necessities. Only after you have approved and qualified for the purchase would you be charged for. If your application is rejected, then there are no charges and no HCG as well.

If you are lucky to be approved, you will be charged and your prescription is sent to the corresponding pharmacy. Your HCG will come directly come from the pharmacy.

The HCG Options

At the New Edge health, there are 2 options for the HCG form – HCG shots, and HCG tablets. Both of these require the prescription.

HCG Diet Program With HCG Shots

25 day service includes a tele-medical consultation, a complete kit with a vial of 5000 iu HCG and needed supplies for the mixing. A detailed booklet on HCG diet and the mixing instructions and rules to follow the HCG diet.

50 day service includes double the dose of HCG with 10000 iu and the necessary supplies for mixing. All the necessary syringes and needles for the shots are also there in the kit. Use one needle for each day.

You have options to add additional supportive products like B12 energy booster or lipo-3 fat loss that reduces the fat tissue in the body.

HCG Prescription Tablets Online

The sublingual HCG tablets are ready to use and most convenient than the shots. This is also prescription quality HCG. These HCG tablets are available for 30 day service or 60 day service. The former kit includes a bottle of HCG tablets with 30 counts for each day and the 60 day service has 60 tablets for each day. The tablets are sublingual; keep it under the tongue until it is melted and absorbed.

Both these services otherwise includes a tele-med consultation for the said duration, training and instructions materials to guide you. There is also a bottle of free B12 energy booster with these kits. Each tablet contains 500iu HCG. It is higher than usual dosage since not all of these HCG is absorbed into the body. The remaining we swallow which does not ensure enough HCG reaching the blood system. With this higher dose a minimal amount of HCG is sure to reach the circulatory system.

At New Edge health, you get quality HCG in either form at a price of $250-$500. Both the forms of HCG must be supported by HCG diet. The chat hours are from Mon-Fri at 7.30am-4PM Pacific time. The tele hours are 10am-4pm Pacific time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, HCG drops or HCG shots?

Both forms of HCG are pure but the shots would be better than the tablets. The HCG shots ensure that the hormone directly reaches the blood system and can start acting immediately. The tablets take time to dissolve and absorb and only a portion of the HCG reaches the blood. It is kind of waste of the money as well. With the shots, you are completely utilizing the HCG that you have paid for.

Why we need to mix the HCG?

The un-mixed HCG will have its power stored inside. Upon mixing, the products must be used as early as possible. Being a hormone, HCG does not have much shelf life. The powdered form has better shelf life than the mixed hormone.

Side effects of prescription HCG drops

The HCG hormone does have its share of side effects. The commonly seen side effects are, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting etc. There can also be pain in the stomach or pelvic region, shortness of breath and swellings in hands and legs. Some people may initially have weight gain before they start losing weight.

Pregnancy like symptoms in women can be misleading. They would also have a positive result for their pregnancy test. So they need to do this test before they start with HCG program. HCG may interfere with pregnancy.

How to store the prescription HCG?

The prescription HCG once mixed must be refrigerated. Shake the bottle well before every use. Do not let it stay outside for longer. Take it from the refrigerator, use it and put it back in the cold once again. The un-mixed HCG vial should be kept in a dry and cool place away from heat or sunlight. It need not be refrigerated.

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Your mistakes on your HCG diet program could cause you to increase weight & go into starvation mode.

HCG Complex

The Phase 1 of HCG is all good. You eat all the healthy fatty food and a lot of carb. I love this phase and would have continued it if it cold help me lose weight! But then the phase 2 is coming and you know that as much as I do. The Phase 2 diet program usually is 21 days. The first few days are the worst. You cannot seem to not thing about food. Food is on your mind all the time. Hungry! Always hungry! But then that time will pass. The 5th day to 10th day is usually slow. Its manageable (if you get there).

You are eating your 500 calories every day and you feel a bit of urge to eat sometimes but it can be easily controlled. This time is one of the best for me. You feel a lot normal. You want to eat when you see food. This is normal. It’s not so hard to control yourself, because you are now trained in the past 5 days. It cannot go bad for many people, but this is one phase where people cheat. Mind you, Cheating has its consequences. Apple day is not fun and you don’t want to eat just 6 apples a day with lot of water. I hate apples after the second time I cheated and would starve rather than cheat!

Complete 26 Day HCG Starter Kit

Colin Watson HCG injections

That one Pie, a piece of cake or an ice cream would be the spoiler and it usually happens during this time. The 5th to 10th day is sometimes a tester for most people. It’s more like “I know I am in control, So I can make the mistake and get away with it” mode.

From the 10th day to the 15th, I find that most people don’t cheat. Its normal. You are satiated with what you eat and you don’t need to eat any more. Food doesn’t usually tempt you as much as it did the last few days. You have gotten over the fact that you can be lured with food. Nope! That doesn’t happen anymore. Unfortunately, for most people this is the time they tend to lose energy. You don’t feel like doing much. Your energy level Is way too down and you feel you cannot get up from bed. This is hard. And for most people, this would be the only reason to quit. It’s not the food, it’s not the craving, They are not tempted. It’s just that they are tired. Physically and mentally, the hcg diet could take a toll on you. But be sure that this phase will pass too. You will have the tired feeling for a few days, but then your body will know how to utilize the most of the food which is available to you and soon you will see a steady loss of weight. The 10th to 15th day is one of the best periods, when it comes to losing weight. Its effortless as long as you keep on with your daily schedule.

The last few days of HCG diet is the time when most people find it difficult to keep up with even the 500 Calories. You don’t like the food and usually feel a lot full. Your body is on hyper burn mode, but then it is also telling you that it can run with very little fuel. But if this happens, you would be out of the HCG diet in the next few days and will consume more than 500 calories. These will be stored up instead of being burned. This is the reason why people gain weight after the HCG diet.

Its important that you stick on to the 500 calories. Going below 500 calories per day is starvation mode and this is not recommended. On the contrary this is really bad. The consequences could be anywhere between going really thin leading to other medical conditions (kidney stone, anybody!!!) . Focusing that you do indeed, consume your 500 calories throughout the entire hcg program and sticking to your 1200 Calories maintenance diet even after the program is key.

Failure to consume the 500 calories VLCD (very low calorie diet) during the program and the 1200 calories after the program usually will lead to people gaining more weight once they break the program or come across medical conditions, if they go below 500 calories for a long time.

The HCG diet program is a proven diet. Sticking to it is important and its very important that you maintain the minimum 500 calories. Do not go below 500 calories on any particular day.

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