HCG Injections for Fertility Vs iHCG Injections for Weight Loss

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HCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone that is produced by a pregnant woman. This hormone is proven to be capable of helping burn the stored fat for fulfill any deficiency of calories in the mother’s body for the growing fetus. This wonder hormone is used by the pregnant woman in a very less amount that too only when it is needed. The rest of the hormone produced is excreted through the urine.

HCG hormone has been popularly used for two purposes, for fertility treatment and for helping in weight loss. Though this will not directly reduce the weight, it acts as an aid in boosting the process that leads to weight loss. HCG is administered for fertility injections and ihcg injections is found to be more beneficial than having it as drops. Though HCG injections are used for both purposes they are different.

HCG injection for fertility is used in higher amount of 5000-10,000 iu per day, or in men it is 1000 – 4000 iu taken twice or thrice a week. HCG hormone helps stimulate the necessary hormones to trigger pregnancy in both men and women. These HCG injections require a medical prescription for purchase. iHCG injections for aiding weight loss is administered in lower amount. A single vial in an iHCG injection kit contains 5000 iu dehydrated HCG powder which is diluted later and only a small amount of around 166 iu per shot is taken every day. The low HCG helps boost the fat metabolism resulting in weight loss. iHCG does not require a medical prescription.

Complete 26 Day HCG Starter Kit

Colin Watson HCG injections

HCG injections are safe because the HCG is a naturally occurring hormone and it is given under strict conditions by a doctor. Whereas iHCG is given only in smaller doses thus eliminating any risk of having side effects. The only thing that needs care and precaution is that pregnant women should not administer iHCG injection as it can harm the fetus. Since HCG hormone triggers process leading to pregnancy, those who are administering iHCG must know that contraceptive pills will not have any effects while having iHCG injections. There are all chances of getting pregnant.

Buy HCG Injections for fertility

HCG injections are popularly used for 2 purposes – for fertility and weight loss. You can buy hcg injections for fertility as the Hcg hormone helps stimulate the necessary hormones that trigger pregnancy in both men and women. You require a medical prescription to buy HCG injections for fertility. When you have a mature egg follicle in your ovary, an HCG injection can release that egg to mature and be released. HCG hormone causes ovulation to happen with 36 hours of receiving the injection. This is where Hcg injections are really helpful in treating fertility issues.

Sometimes the hcg injections are given on their own or as a part of another form of fertility treatments like IVF or IU.

Where to buy HCG injections for fertility?

As there are many HCG online sites available for weight loss, here we shall be discussing about HCG injections for fertility. ConceiveEasy.com is the best place to buy HCG injections for fertility. ConceiveEasy TTC kit is the complete fertility system available over the counter. They are clinically proven to increase the chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use.


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Buy HCG injections online fast

Nuimage Medical HCG

in a hurry to buy hcg injections? Want to know where to Buy HCG injections online fast? Lose those extra pounds without any exercise with HCG. Buy HCG injections online for reducing weight in a faster and effective manner.

Where to Buy HCG injections online fast

Online stores are one of the fastest means of placing an order for a product and receiving it within no time. But the shipping date varies from one to other making it either very fast, fast or slow delivery according to your delivery location. Worldwide Online marketing company like Amazon is one reported online store that delivers HCG injections faster.

Though HCG is naturally present in both males and females, these are modified and developed for various purposes like weight loss, PCT, for fertility purposes and even as a tumor marker. However a doctor concern with the brand that you are choosing to buy will reveal if it’s safe for your body.

Complete 26 Day HCG Starter Kit

Colin Watson HCG injections

Why buy online?

HCG injections are popular for fertility issues and are available in such clinics. It is also available for weight loss purposes in many clinics and hospitals as well. But getting the hormone in person is quite expensive. You will have to pay for the consultation and the product, whereas the online stores offer no consultation fee.

The HCG injections online is cheaper than you will get from the stores and clinics. There would also be additional discounts of many of the HCG products to save more.

Moreover, there are online HCG injections store that offer free doctor’s consultation to let you buy the authentic, pharmaceutical grade HCG hormone for the weight loss purpose. Depending on the program that you choose, the number of consultations would also vary. This luxury is not available with the physical stores. You can get the same clinic like facilities, simply by sitting at home.

What to look for when you Buy HCG injections online fast?

HCG injections online is safe but that calls for some caution. You need to be aware of certain points that helps you choose well and get the most effective HCG injections products. There are 3 major factors that really stand out as decisive factors; they are purity, price, and customers.

Pure HCG

The major factor is to find the pure HCG hormone for the weight loss. The hormone should be pure with no adulteration or additional ingredients in it. Such HCG would be called pharmaceutical grade HCG that requires a doctor’s prescription. If you come across an HCG injection product that needs you to get a prescription, do not hesitate, that is one pure form of HCG that can assure some positive effect on the weight loss efforts.

Price Comes Next

Price comes as the next factor. Since authentic HCG is pure grade and can be costly, you need to compare it with other similar products. Choose the one that has better additional facilities or longer customer services. Many companies like the Nu Image Medical offer tele-services for the customers and help them clear any doubt regarding the usage and diet regime.

Customer Reviews

Never under estimate the customer reviews of any products. It is the closest you can get to know about the HCG injections online. You are unlikely to get to interact with users who have had some experience with the HCG shots for weight loss. Go through as many reviews as possible.

The reviews help you be aware of what to expect and how far it can go. They may also include some kep points that the company or the HCG hormone information generally do not inform you about.

buy hcg injections online fast


What HCG kit to buy?

Next is the doubt regarding, which kit to buy. Many online stores offer the HCG as a complete user kit where you will have the HCG required for the stipulated period and the necessary needles and other necessities to survive that period.

In other stores, the HCG is offered separate and the mixing kit and the syringes are sold as separate product. It is quite natural to doubt what to buy.

What you should be looking for is the right number of syringes to last for the period that you have in mind. If you plan to lose a weight of around 20 pounds, look for an HCG injection kit that has 15-20 syringes to last you enough. The mixing kit is standard size 30 ml bottle and necessary syringes.

It is better to opt for the complete HCG injection kit while purchasing online. When you are looking for the faster option of purchase, this complete kit saves you time and effort and you can have everything you need in a single go.

HCG injections aid a person in healthy way of losing weight. HCG injections can be bought online and are available in 4 different kits ranging from 1 month kit to 4 months and two kits for 20 month and 40 month extra supplies, if need be. Some kits include extra vials to keep you going for the designated months. All products include free shipping anywhere in USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia with 7-15 business days. If you choose Express option, you may need to pay $35 extra and can be delivered at your home within 3-4 business days.

How To Lose 10lbs in 10 Days

HCG Injections & Diet For Weight Loss

By now, everyone would know what HCG is and what are the benefits of including HCG in your diet? HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin which is a hormone developed in women during pregnancy.

HCG came into fame when Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons researched that the hormone is capable of weight loss in obese people. Patients who were put on HCG did not feel hunger, lethargy, headaches or any type of irritability as HCG absorbed much of the extra fat in the patient’s body and converted them into energy by increasing the metabolic rate.

HCG diet consists of VLCD (very low calorie diet) of only 500 calories per day. HCG injections are an easy alternative to cure unwanted cravings. When you are hungry, HCG breaks the existing fat reserved in your body to provide the required nutrition.

Doctor Vs Online

Taking HCG shots from doctors may cost up to $1,000 or more for a month. The benefit of buying HCG injections online is to avoid unnecessary visit to the doctors and ensure safety at home by taking the shots yourself. Unlike HCG drops, HCG injections are much more effective as they pass the bloodstream easily from the oral mucosa when injected in your body.

HCG Injections Kit Additional

Along with HCG injection kits, you will also get Vitamin B12 which is important for producing red blood cells. Vitamin B12 breaks the proteins and fats in your food and utilizes them as energy which makes you more energetic all day. But Vitamin B12 proves much effective when combined with HCG injections.

HCG Injections Side Effects

For many, HCG injections have worked wonders. People who were obese and were suffering from poor health described it as “a miracle cure”. Though the side effects are mentioned in the website, many people also reveal that HCG injections also results in abdominal pain, mood swings, loss of sex drive apart from other common side effects such as vomiting, nausea, headaches or dizziness.

One of the major issues that still remain pending is HCG injections or drops are NOT APPROVED by the FDA. In a recent study, it has been proved that HCG injections do nothing to aid weight loss in people. The simple technique of limiting your food up to 500 calories a day and few gentle exercises is what worked with your body.

Buy HCG Injections 2013

2013 is one of the marked years where HCG injections marketing have been reported high. HCG which is expanded as Human Chorionic gonadotropin Injections is one of the opted methods by many people for weight loss. If you are planning to put a step forward to buy HCG injections online, then make sure that your product you choose either from online or from local drug pharmacies is tested, verified and approved by higher authorities of health field. Controversies still continues on the usage of the HCG injections if it actually reduces the weight or of it is the HCG diet that is followed along that helps in reducing the weight.

The Conclusion

But again, if you deem fit that buying HCG injections will work wonders for you, you are welcome to give it a try, though it is recommended to consult your physician before injecting or consuming any medications.


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Buy Rx HCG Injections Online at Rejuvi Medical (former New Edge Health)

HCG Injections from Rejuvi Medical

Rejuvi Medical is the new name of New Edge Health that gave you pure quality HCG for efficient weight loss. The company recently upgraded itself for a whole new outlook.

Just like old wine in new bottle, New Edge Health is back as Rejuvi Medical delivering you improvised real HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) for weight loss.

Stating the obvious, HCG injections are considered best today. While HCG drops and pellets have their share of fan following, HCG injections seem sensible for many. Buy HCG injections kit as per your weight loss target.

Complete 26 Day HCG Starter Kit

Colin Watson HCG injections

  • Intro – Rejuvi Medical
  • Ingredients
  • Subcutaneous HCG Injections Kit
  • Oral HCG Troche Kit
  • Dosage & Mixing Instructions
  • Side effects
  • Vitamin B12 Shots (Optional)
  • Lipo Shots (Optional)
  • Consumer Reviews
  • Discount & Coupon Codes
  • Shipping & Returns
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Rejuvi Medical
  • Conclusion

Intro – Rejuvi Medical

Rejuvi Medical is the new name of New Edge Health that gave you pure quality HCG for efficient weight loss. The company recently upgraded itself for a whole new outlook. The quality of HCG is much better with testing done at independent (third-party labs) that scrutinizes the sterility of HCG.

Rejuvi Medical has thus managed to grab the hearts of many HCG dieters who want to buy HCG shots with HQ HCG content.

HCG Injections Ingredients

Duh!!! HCG and HCG only! The ingredient is pure grade US-made HCG with no extra zing added to the HCG content that may mess up the quality.

NOTE that not all US compounding pharmacies can manufacture injectable products. Even if they do, they have to stand up to a lot of standards & regulations that can simply get difficult at a certain point. Such sterility testing ensures optimum efficiency when mass HCG is produced. Since independent labs test each and every batch, the quality of HCG cannot be skewed or fidgeted in any way.

Subcutaneous HCG Injections

Available in two different packages, you can choose the one based on your weight loss program.

  • 25-day HCG kit
  • 50-day HCG kit

The kit includes everything you need to mix and take the HCG during the diet. While the 25-day contains 1 vial of 5000iu HCG, the 50-day kit offers you 2 vials of 5000 iu. You need to combine them with 500 very low-calorie diet (VLCD) for effective results.

If you want to lose less than 10 lbs, the 25-day HCG kit will be sufficient. But if you are planning to lose more than 10 lbs, then the 50-day kit is best recommended. This does not mean that you need 50 days to lose 10 lbs. But you need to consider the loading phase where you might gain few pounds.

Oral HCG Troche Kit

HCG Troches are basically lozenges that work like HCG pellets. For those who don’t want to get an HCG shot daily, this is best recommended.

These medically prescribed HCG troches come with proper instruction, booklets, and necessary supplies. Rejuvi Medical got you covered with everything you need to finish your HCG diet successfully.

There are two HCG troche kits currently available.

  • 30-days oral HCG troche kit &
  • 60-days oral HCG troche kit

Choose the one that works best for you.

Dosage & Mixing Instructions

  • The prescribed dosage is 150iu to 200iu per day, i.e. 15-20 mark on the insulin syringe.
  • It is always recommended to consult your medical practitioner before implementing HCG diet especially if you are new to HCG.
  • While it is recommended to take 0.15 ml a day in the morning, some patients are directed to take 0.2ml a day i.e. 20 mark on the syringe.

How to mix

  • Take an alcohol swab and clean the body area where you are planning to inject. It is best recommended to inject 2-3 inches of the left or right side of abdomen area. This is usually because it is the place where fat is accumulated. It is also clearly visible when you are injecting.
  • Remove the caps of the syringe and insert the needle into the vial. Keep the HCG vial upside down and draw 150 units of HCG (15 mark on the syringe).
  • Once you have taken the HCG, you are ready to inject. Quickly insert the needle to the chubby area. Depress the syringe and inject all the HCG to the specific area.
  • Make sure to dispose off the needles safely.

Once opened HCG mixing vial must be stored in cool and dry place such as refrigerator secured shelf (not on door side). Do not shake the vial as it can harm the HCG liquid.

Side effects

Rejuvi Medical (i.e. New Edge Health) ensures that the HCG is safe for use. It has worked without any harsh reactions on the body. In fact, there are consumers who can vouch for this fact.

However, for medical reasons Rejuvi Medical does state that people who are dealing with cancer should NOT use HCG under any condition.

Rejuvi Medical HCG, as a product has not triggered any side effects so far. However, for your information, common side effects of HCG noted include

How To Lose 10lbs in 10 Days
  • irritative behavior
  • feeling depressed
  • anger
  • low energy levels
  • excessive thirst/hunger
  • hair loss
  • loss of appetite

However, they fade away within a week once the body adapts to the HCG ritual. As a matter of fact, there are consumers who didn’t feel any side effects at all. They have successfully completed the diet without any reactions of HCG. It is probably a mind over matter thing.

Rejuvi Medical is a telemedicine HCG provider who does a complete background of your medical health and only then approves you of the HCG diet.

Vitamin B12 Shots (Optional)

It is normal for anyone to feel fatigue during the diet. But with vitamin B12, you can actually inhibit low energy levels. Vitamin B12 is actually Hydroxocobalamin, unlike Cyanocobalamin which is of lower quality. While it is not FDA approved, hydroxocobalamin is recommended globally by WHO in treating vitamin B12 deficiency. If you are unsure what B12 is, think of them as tiny drops of energy vits. For B12 deficient people, taking it during HCG stage will increase your energy and mood levels.

All you have to do is add B12 while ordering the HCG kit. A subcutaneous liquid, mix it with HCG. This saves you from taking extra shots which makes a pretty good deal.

Lipo Shots (Optional)

MIC shots of Lipo shots? What are they and why do you need them? MIC are basically a blend of three amino acids – Methionine, Inositol, and Choline.

In layman’s language, lipotropic help in the breakdown of fats during metabolism in the body. They speed up the breaking down process of fat thus assisting in rapid weight loss.

There are other benefits of lipotropic such as maintaining proper liver function, burning fat for extra energy etc. Without lipotropic in the body, fats and bile can pile up in the liver that can cause cirrhosis or block the metabolism of fat.

Bottomline, lipotropic can be a wonderful addition to your whole HCG diet phase as it can support the HCG to break down the fats and summon metabolism at a speedy rate.

Of course, there is no imposing here. It all comes down to your decision. There are many who have complete HCG diet successfully without lipo shots.

Everything needs money and let’s face it, it doesn’t grow on trees. It is suggested only if you have a few bucks to spare.

Consumer Reviews

Not so surprisingly, Rejuvi Medical has received a lot of positive reviews. There are many people who have benefited from Rejuvi Medical HCG shots. The customer service has received rave reviews from dieters. They claim that the entire team is quite knowledgable and available for assistance whenever need be. Even new dieters who had many questions were answered patiently by the customer support. This is a great feather in the cap for New Edge Health AKA Rejuvi Medical.

The package is discreet with shipping and delivery right on time and absolutely hassle-free. The worry of not sitting on doctor’s clinic for long hours or paying hundreds of dollars to get HCG shots is definitely one of the positive aspects of purchasing online. Rejuvi Medical also ensures that only after proper medical checkup should a person be eligible to place an order. This says a lot about the company. Clearly, they are not here to make money and are actually considering/safeguarding people’s health.

Coming back to the actual product – HCG, there are many dieters who have lost weight successfully. While few were skeptical they lost a good amount of pounds post marriage.

For instance, one user claimed she lost 15 lbs within six weeks. Another user says that though he was skeptical at first, he carried on with the diet and lost 7 lbs within 15 days.

However, there are few negative reviews as well. For example, there are a couple of users who opine that the HCG product does not work as claimed. But then, persistence is the key to success. Also, the fact that a person’s ability to handle HCG differs that might lead to disappointments at a time.

Here are few Rejuvi Medical HCG reviews FYI.

Maureen Bjerke – “I tried HCG diet once and was successful. But with this company, things turned otherwise. The company does not give you instructions with the supplies. So basically you are on your own. It is costly as well.”

Casey – “Was having difficulty with my shipment but then Rejuvi was more than eager to help. Kirby was patient in answering all my questions about the HCG injections and diet.”

Miss F.D. – “I placed my order and then canceled it. I just changed my mind for some reason. I contacted the customer support and they gave me a proper refund without any unnecessary charging. I will come back to Rejuvi Medical.”

About Rejuvi Medical troches, it is too early to talk about it. Currently, there are no reviews available for troches since it is new in the market.

Discount & Coupon Codes

There are a lot of Rejuvi Medical HCG coupon codes and promo codes available online. Check its credibility and you are in for good savings on pockets. Heck, you might even get that lipo shot for FREE!!! You never know!

Shipping & Returns

Shipping is absolutely FREE anywhere in the USA. Rejuvi Medical does not ship internationally.

Due to hygienic reasons, the company does not accept returns. It is hence recommended to make a purchase only if you are sure of the HCG diet.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rejuvi Medical


  • Approved and supervised by hands-on experienced doctors
  • Made in licensed US pharmacy
  • No hours of waiting in doctor’s clinic or unnecessary blood tests
  • Saves you valuable time, energy and money
  • Excellent discount coupon codes and promo deals available
  • All necessary supplies included in the HCG kit
  • Optional supplies such as MIC, Vitamin B12 shots available on demand
  • HCG Diet handbook included in the package
  • Telephonic consultations, online chat or via email with licensed physicians available anytime
  • Free access to HCG Diet Coach


No international shipping


To sum it up, Rejuvi Medical is a fantastic brand that offers you pure prescription HCG for effective weight loss. Customer service is available 24/7 at just a click away. The company is quite rigid about their regulations and prescribe HCG only after proper medical consultation from their panel of doctors. To top the pros side, they only bill you if you are deemed fit for the HCG diet. This is a great relief for those who are skeptical of losing money on a new brand.

If you are looking to kickstart weight loss with Hcg injections online, then Rejuvi Medical wins hands down…!!!

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HCG Ampules 5000 iu & 10000 iu

Ihcg Injections – Weight Loss Supplement

HCG ampules are no different than the HCG coming in vials. The potency and the dose are all the same. Except that the HCG powdered form is available in a small glass bottle with a narrow bottle neck and closed with vacuum.

The most potent form of HCG is the pharmaceutical grade HCG that contains the pure hormone in it. This high potent hormone is taken as injections. For the injection purpose, the HCG hormone is supplied as dehydrated powder that is available in small vials or ampules.


Complete 26 Day HCG Starter Kit

Colin Watson HCG injections

While the vials are more popular and all of those who have tried HCG are aware of what it is and how it is used, the ampules are somewhat tricky. Similar to the vials, the HCG ampules are also available in the two concentrations of 1000 iu and 5000 iu.

Table of Contents

  • HCG injections for weight loss
  • HCG Ampules Vs Vials
  • HCG ampules 5000 iu and HCG ampules 10000 iu
  • HCG ampoule 500 iu
  • HCG ampoule 10000 iu
  • Opening HCG ampules
  • HCG ampoule mixing instructions
  • Using HCG ampules into daily injections
  • HCG Injection tips
  • HCG ampules online
  • The Bottom Line

HCG Injections For Weight Loss

HCG the pregnancy hormone is often used for fertility issues and puberty problems. For these purposes higher dose of HCG is required. The same HCG when injected in smaller quantity and for a few days or weeks, combined with a low calorie diet can work miraculously to shed one pound of body weight each day.

Usually HCG 5000 iu and HCG 10,000 iu are used for the weight loss purposes. While for the fertility problems, the same dose is taken in a single time, the weight loss program makes the same hormone mixed with a sterile water to extend its quantity. Small quantity each is taken every day and injected either subcutaneous or intramuscular.

HCG Ampules Vs Vials

HCG ampules are no different than the HCG coming in vials. The potency and the dose are all the same. Except that the HCG powdered form is available in a small glass bottle with a narrow bottle neck and closed with vacuum.

The HCG ampules are to be broken to reach the HCG at the bottom of the glass bottle. This is a sealed glass bottle and must be careful while opening it. There is no opening or cap to help with. This is done to protect the HCG inside. The vials have a cap that can be opened to mix the HCG. With the HCG ampules, the glass bottle should be broken at the neck to do so. The HCG vials are reusable bottles and the HCG ampules are for onetime use.

The HCG ampules are used to avoid any type of contamination in the HCG. The HCG vials may be air tight but not as sterile as the glass ampules can be. Using the sterile bacteriostatic water to mix the sterile HCG in the ampules is a much safer option.

HCG ampules 5000 iu & HCG ampules 10000 iu

HCG is a hormone and is measured in the unit iu which stands for International Units. It is much more than the weight of the product. The iu denotes not just the quantity of the HCG hormone but also how much this hormone is needed for each purpose as well.

The HCG 5000 iu and HCG 10,000 iu are needed for the HCG weight loss purposes. Both these potency of HCG are available in ampules. Whatever the potency, the HCG will be in powder form.

  • HCG ampoule 500 iu: This ampoule side of HCG when mixed with 30 ml of bacteriostatic water can last for about a maximum of 40 days. Depending upon the daily dosage the mixed solution will last for 40, 33, 28, and 25 days when used in the dosage of 125 iu, 150 iu, 175 iu and 200 iu per day. The dosage marking on the syringe would be 0.5 cc per day.
  • HCG ampoule 10000 iu: The 10,000 iu HCG ampoule is enough for 50 or 57 days of HCG injections. The HCG ampoule 10000 is higher than the other one and is used in the higher doses of 175 iu and 200 iu that lasts for 57 and 50 days respectively. It requires only 30 ml of the bacteriostatic water to make the solution and take 0.5 cc into the injecting syringe every day.

Opening HCG Ampules

The HCG ampules look like small glass bottles with a smooth sealed end at the top. It has a narrow neck and also a small marking on the neck. The glass ampoule must be broken at this marking. The glass must be broken in one swift movement otherwise it can break the whole glass. Opening this ampoule is tricky if you don’t know. The trick is not to use too much pressure or time. It should happen in a matter of seconds.

  • Start with washing your hands and wipe it clean. Using a hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol is also recommended.
  • Next using clean cotton, wipe the mouth of the glass ampoule before you break it open.
  • Hold the glass ampoule using both hands and in the opposite directions. The mark on the bottle must be visible while you hold it.
  • Tilt the ampoule slightly lower to have the upper part of the glass more towards the gravity and the lower part where the HCG is in, against the gravity. This helps prevent the broken glass from falling into the ampoule.
  • In a swift movement twist the upper part of the bottle to break it open. Careful not to let any glass piece go inside the ampoule.
  • Mix some bacterostatic water into this ampoule to dissolve the powdered HCG and then transfer it into a storing vial with the help of a mixing syringe.
  • Do not shake the ampoule for mixing the HCG with the water. Do slow swirling; the powder will be dissolved fast.
  • Do not tilt the contents in the ampoule or try to transfer the powder form into any other vial. First mix with solvent and then take out the liquid with a syringe, without touching the edges.
  • The first time users of HCG ampules can make use of the Plastic ampoule breakers which are available for purchase. This helps in non-messy easy breaking of the ampules without any accidents. The syringe filters can also be used as the ampoule breaker. The HCG mixing kit with the option to add syringe filters or/and plastic ampoule breakers are available in the market.
  • Instructions for breaking the ampoule are also available as video tutorial on the internet. Watch them carefully before you attempt yourself.

HCG Ampoule Mixing Instructions

Some HCG comes with an HCG ampoule and a solvent ampoule that has the sodium chloride water in it. This is not fit to use for storing the HCG. Only bacteriotstaic water is safe and stable to be used for storing the mixed HCG. The weight loss program do extend for a few weeks, the sterile solution cannot stay for that longer. So you can skip the step of breaking the solvent ampoule and forget about it.

  • The mixing of the HCG whether it comes in vial or ampoule must have a mixing kit that has the bacteriostatic water, a sterile vial for storing the HCG, a mixing syringe and the required number of injection syringes for as long as the weight loss program extends.
  • Clean the cap of the bacteriostatic water bottle with alcohol using swabs. Using the mixing syringe draw up a little of the water and slowly transfer it into the vial without any bubbles. Mix the powder and water with slow swirling movement.
  • Using the same mixing syringe draw up the mixed solution from the ampoule and transfer it to the sterile vial meant for storing the HCG solution.
  • Draw in the remaining bacteriostatic water and transfer it to the HCG vial and mix well by swirling. NEVER shake the HCG solution in the vial. Cover it with the rubber cap and refrigerate it.
  • Do note that you do not need the entire 30 ml of this sterile water. The quantity of the water depends upon your dose and duration. The mixing syringe will have the markings done in cc. take 20 cc for 125 iu per day dose, 16.6 cc for 150 iu, 14.25 cc for 175 iu and 12.5 cc for 200 iu. This quantity of prepared HCG solution would last for 40, 33, 28 and 25 days respectively for the HCG ampoule 5000 iu.
  • For the HCG ampoule 10,000 iu use 25 cc of bacteristatic water for 200 iu dose per day that would last 50 days and 28.5 cc of water for 175 iu per dose.

Using HCG Ampules Into Daily Injections

The usage is no different for the HCG in ampules than from the vials. The ampules are done with when the HCG is mixed to make the HCG solution. Using the injection syringe draw 0.5cc of the HCG solution from the vial and inject it intramuscular. Choose a different location on the body every day. Choose the 1¼ inch 27 gauge 3 cc syringe for the intramuscular HCG injections.

HCG Injection Tips

  • Remember to swab the top of the glass vial with rubbing alcohol, before every single time you take the HCG solution out into the syringe.
  • Insert the needles inside and draw up the solution, no need to open the vial at any cost.
  • Draw up the solution a few minutes before you inject. Replace the cap on the needle during this while. It brings the HCG solution which is refrigerated, to come to room temperature.
  • Swab the skin where you intend to take the shot. Wait until the alcohol is dried off before you take the shot.
  • The cold HCG solution can cause pain while that in the room temperature does not cause much pain.
  • Discard the needle and syringe after use. Use new syringe every time. Keep the discarded needle with the cap and the syringes together. At the end of the HCG program, discard it as medical waste for better and safe disposal.
  • The HCG vials are available as clear bottle of amber colored bottle. The amber colored bottles are better for the intramuscular injections. This avoids the contamination of the HCG solution by the light. It must be kept away from light.
  • Since the HCG solution must be refrigerated, it comes in contact with the light there, and having the amber bottle will keep it safe.

HCG Ampules Online

Many of the popular brands of HCG are available as HCG ampules. They are even available as ampoule or as vials with the option to choose. Many people do opt for the ampules as the HCG in them are more sterile than in the vials. The ampules use vacuum to keep the hormone safe.

The popular HCG ampules available online is Pregnyl 5000 iu. This comes with 2 ampules, one the HCG in liquid form and the other is saline water. The saline water is of no use for the weight loss programs. The liquid HCG may be drawn out using the mixing syringe and transfer to the HCG vial for further mixing and storage.

how much bacteriostatic water to mix with 5000 iu hcg

The right amount for 5000iu HCG is 5 ml. Mix 2 ml of the bacteriostatic water in the hcg vial. Shake well. Now draw the entire solution of the HCG compound mixed with 2 ml Bacteriostatic water and inject it into the remaining 3 ml bacteriostatic water . This will last you for over 3-4 weeks. Store it in the refrigerator.

How To Lose 10lbs in 10 Days

The Bottom Line

HCG is available in both the ampules and vials. The HCG vials are user friendly while the HCG ampules are safer to the sterility. People who are concerned about contamination may opt for HCG ampules while others may use the HCG vials which are easier to handle, mix, and use. There is NO difference between the quality or potency of HCG that is available in these storage facilities.

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Ovidac HCG Reviews

B12 + Lipo Diet By Telewellnessmd

Ovidac HCG is a popular HCG product mainly used for infertility treatment. It is also used for weight loss purposes. The strength of the HCG hormone is the same for both purposes and the difference is that, for weight loss the same amount is diluted and divided into small equal parts and given over a longer period. It is truly wonderful that the same hormone can function in two ways and at the same concentration.

Table of Contents

  • Ovidac HCG for weight loss
  • Ovidac HCG 5000 iu vials
  • Mixing the vial contents for HCG solution
  • Ovidac HCG dosage for weight loss
  • Caution and side effects to expect
  • The Conclusion

Ovidac HCG For Weight Loss

There are many successful customers who found satisfaction in their new body with the help of Ovidac HCG that helps them shed about 1 pound of body weight per day. Ovidac is available in a vial.

Complete 26 Day HCG Starter Kit

Colin Watson HCG injections

For weight loss purpose, Ovidac HCG must be at least 5000 iu which is diluted with bacteriostatic water. Small amount from this solution is used as daily shots to help with weight loss. A strict low calorie diet is also to be followed with the HCG hormone.

HCG works best when taken as intramuscular shots as it reaches the circulation real fast and most of the dosage comes to use this way.

Ovidac HCG 5000 iu Vials

Ovidac is available on 2000 iu and 5000 iu. It is the 5000 iu HCG that is going to work as a weight loss aid. This kind of Ovidac is available as a single vial, a pack of 3 vials, 5 vials and a maximum of 10 vials in them. These packs contain only the HCG vial and nothing that helps in the mixing or the injection kit. Syringes, Bacteriostatic water and the Alcohol swabs should be purchased separately.

A single vial lasts for 25-40 days. If you are planning on a diet program for an extended period, you will need more vials. Its advised to have an extra vial to be sure that your diet program is not disrupted.

Mixing The Vial Contents For HCG Solution

The Ovidac vials contain the dehydrated HCG hormone. Its mixed with the Bacteriostatic Water (purchased separately) and then injected. The mixing kit will have a mixing syringe, a bottle of bacteriostatic water and alcohol swabs. Using the mixing syringe, draw in 30 Ml of bacteriostatic water and slowly transfer it into the bottle containing the vial. Once the 30 ml is transferred fully, shake the bottle gently until the powder is completely mixed with no lumps.

This HCG solution once mixed should be refrigerated. Take it out and use it directly with the help of a syringe. Never keep the mixed HCG solution out in the room temperature. Remember to wipe the top of the bottle with alcohol swabs before inserting the needle in to draw the HCG solution.

Ovidac HCG Dosage For Weight Loss

The daily dosage of Ovidac HCG for weight loss is 125-200 iu with each injection. There is only one shot per day. The dosage is flexible but one must stick to the same dosage day after day. It could be 125, 150, 175, or 200 iu. The Ovidac 5000 iu should last anywhere between 25-40 days depending on the dosage.

Basically, people who are on the verge of overweight might want a higher dose of HCG and for thinner people its better be the lower dose. The one trick to know if the dose is right for you is to check if you are feeling hungry or not. If you are hungry, the current dose is not enough for you.

It is better to start with 125 iu, check if that makes you feel hungry. If you are increase it to 150 and then up gradually. Once you have reached the right dose, stick to it until the end of the program.

There still are those who start at 150 iu, for them it is easier. If they feel hungry early enough they need lower dose, and if the hunger sets down towards the evening, increase the dose. There is no real mandatory dose for all, it all depends on each person, and how their body is responding.

Caution & Side Effects To Expect

Ovidac is nothing but HCG hormone. It must be treated like that. The first rule of caution is that it must be refrigerated, all the time. In case you forget to keep it back in refrigerator after a use, the efficacy may decrease. But as long as the hormone is ‘alive’ you are good to go.

How do we check the potency of HCG solution? Simple! Get a pregnancy test kit, drop in a drop of the solution. If the test comes out positive with bright colors, you can still have that HCG solution. If not, I am afraid you may have to make a fresh batch.

As for the side effects, expect some headaches due to lack of usual amount of calories in the diet until the body gets used to the program.

The other side effects to be expected are the symptoms of pregnancy. As HCG is a pregnancy hormone the body tends to show similar symptoms in women. Women might expect nausea, vomiting etc. as if they are pregnant. Do not be shocked if you find the pregnancy test comes out positive. It shows that the HCG is real and is right into the body.

For men, on rare occasions, breast enlargement is noted. to say that It is an embarrassment, might be an understatement. It is only rare, but possible.

How To Lose 10lbs in 10 Days

The Conclusion

Ovidac is one of the popular brands of HCG for weight loss. Owing to its low price and better potency, it fares well among the HCGers. The only problem is that it does not come as a complete kit. One must get the injection kit separately. There are coupon codes to get you discounts so that serves as a saving grace. Otherwise, Ovidac 5000 iu HCG for weight loss is just what you want and it serves well to stand up to all the expectations.

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Cheap HCG injections – Buy HCG online Cheap

Trim Nutrition

HCG injections could be a bit expensive, considering all the extra accessories you may have to purchase. You could get cheap hcg injection kits though. When you purchase hcg injection vials alone, the price may look quite good. But if you add up the cost for syringe, cotton swabs and the bacteriostatic water, the price could be a bit higher than what you would get for a complete HCG Kit.

Find Cheap hcg injections and Kits online now. The Best HCG for weight loss At affordable price are now available online.

HCG Kits are far more cheaper than purchasing hcg alone. But then, there are a few HCG injections which could be cheap even if you purchased them alone.

Complete 26 Day HCG Starter Kit

Colin Watson HCG injections

Why purchase HCG shots online and where to buy the Best HCG injections online?

The advantage of purchasing HCG supplies online is that it is cheaper. A lot of money is saved as there is no need for visits to the clinics or doctors. Think of all the savings the manufacturers wont have to incur. Stocking, the cost of stores, shelving the product and also the cost of man power. All these have been saved and the savings are passed on to the consumers. The trend is not new and most of the other industries are taking up to it, making products significantly cheaper for the consumers.
Some of the most reliable online sites which sell pure HCG in the USA are NuImage Medicals, USHCGShots.com, Advanced HCG and iHCG injections. These are the best sites to purchase HCG shots. The advantage of purchasing injections from US HCG, Nuimage HCG and Advanced HCG is that the HCG is manufactured in the US and hence the quality of these HCG injections is assured. These sites also have doctors on board, who will do a case study and then prescribe the HCG injections and dosage for you. So it is safer ordering from these sites.

Cheap HCG supplies promo code

HCG injections online are quite cheap already. You wouldn’t be able to purchase hcg injections over the counter so there is no point comparing the prices with OTC drugs. But considering the fact that you would have to get a doctors prescription to get hold of the Same drug which they prrescribe, HCG injections online are far more cheaper. Cheap hcg injections don’t really mean that they are of lower quality. As a matter of fact, you get the same OTC hcg when you purchase the online.

We recommend Advance HCG and Nu image hcg injections. Both of these sites have doctors on-board and deliver prescription based hcg. You You have Coupon codes on these hcg injections which will work for free shipping. the coupon codes keep changing from time to time.

Most of the HCG available at the other sites is imported. Though not all imported HCG is bad, those made in the USA go through stringent quality control and hence we can be assured of the quality of the product. Advance hcg and Nuimage provide you with not just the HCG vials and ampules but the entire kit of syringe, bacteriostatic water and more. This will save you time, money and all the hassle in measuring while you have to inject the HCG.

Cheap HCG injections vs. drops

The only disadvantage of HCG injections over drops is that the injections once mixed have to be refrigerated and used before it loses its potency. Also, it is a bit difficult to carry injections around if you need to travel a lot. Some also argue that HCG drops are not that effective, as they are not completely absorbed in the body. That is probably the reason why HCG drops dosage is far higher than that of hcg injections. The quality of the HCG is far better in a hcg injection as compared to that of hcg drops. Many of the hcg drops don’t have HCG at all. Even the cheapest HCG injections would be considered far more pure than the best hcg drops online.

So the conclusion is that buying HCG online is cheaper and cheap HCG is available when HCG is not made in the USA. Most of these HCG do work. But if you are looking for assured quality control and purity, then you can choose to buy HCG from any of the sites that sell HCG made in the USA.

Cheap hcg injection supplies

Cheap hcg injection supplies can be found online. Many top products such as ihcginjections, Nuimage medical give you injection kits at an affordable price but do keep in mind that they are not cheap. With cheap hcg injection supplies, you can always expect low quality product and a lot of hassle. Remember, you are putting your life at risk when it comes to a poor quality needle or a syringe.

Cheap hcg injections mostly contain flavored water in low quality vials that are probably manufactured in a broken down garage. If you are serious about weight loss and also about your health, you would consider purchasing the best HCG injections you can get your hands on at an affordable price.

Cheap HCG Injections: The top 3 vendors in the List

New Edge Health HCG : The best of the lot has been Advance HCG, Currently known as the New edge health HCG. The brand has the best support and the best doctors to help you with your weight loss. Its not mandatory that you can enroll into their program. They can reject you and give your money back if they dont think you are fit for the program (yes there is a medical evaluations by professional doctors right in the beginning)

Nu image medical : The second in the list and this company has been on the list for a long time now. The service is average and there are doctors on board here too. You will probably clear the medical evaluation most of the time with nuimage. The product is affordable. I would say the efficacy of their hcg injection is very much comparable but the services  are a tad bit lower than New edge health. Both the companies are priced nominally though.

US HCG injections : the third company in the lot and the Real CHEAP HCG injection. I would have put this company on the top if not for the fact that US HCG injections is more of a store. You just buy hcg injections and drops and walk away. the services are non existent. But putting price on the page, US hcg shots is a clear winner.

Cheap HCG Drops : The top 3 vendors in the List

HCG Complex By Biosource labs : Simply the best product, great service and the most number of satisfied customers. The price? REALLY CHEAP. This is what Cheap HCG drops are all about. Thin about it. Buy one bottle of hcg drops and get another one FREE? that happens with Complex hcg, and the fact that its far more cheaper than all the other HCG drops online makes hcg complex a clear winner. Downside? There are some. The service is limited. Help would come in the form of Forums. The book is limited and the recipes needs a lot of work! But then considering the fact that most of the books are online, either cheap or totally free, I think Complex hcg can be on the top for the list of Cheap hcg Drops online

Triumph HCG drops by HCGdiet.com : One of the oldest hcg drops online, Triumph was the reason this very blog exists. Triumph hcg set a mark when none of the other hcg drops even existed. The product is impeccable. The service is pristine. Simply said, the Triumph hcg may not be the cheapest hcg drops in the market but its surely one of the best to be on the contender list. Giving it a #2 is just because the price is not comparable with Complex hcg. The quality of the product, though is not to be questioned.
buy cheap hcg drops online
cheap hecg injections online
HCG 1234 by Creative Bioscience : It would be a mistake to put this product on the list of hcg drops, clearly because hcg 1234 is not a hcg drops but a diet drop. But of course, its a clear winner when it comes to price.

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Buy USA Hcg Injection Kits & Supplies For Sale online

Nuimage Medical HCG

With almost many new hcg brands coming up everyday, dieters are finding it an ardent task to pick a product. Almost every hcg brand claim to be manufactured in a “hygienic facility”. Don’t fret. We are there to help you.

Purchase injectable hcg online now

Now you can purchase injectable hcg online without any prescription or doctors consultation. HCG injections have become a raging fire all over USA. If you are planning to buy HCG injections online in USA then, you have come to the right place. You can purchase USA HCG shots/injections online.

Table of Contents

  • Buy USA HCG injections kits online
  • Top 4 pure HCG injections in USA
  • USA HCG injections online Reviews & Testimonials
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Buy USA HCG injections Kits online

We give you top brands of USA that are manufactured in registered pharmacies. They are also backed up by excellent customer reviews. These top hcg brands come with high grade hcg hormone that have been tested in certified independent lab for its potency. Read on to know more.

Complete 26 Day HCG Starter Kit

Colin Watson HCG injections

Top 4 pure HCG injections in USA

The top 4 HCG injections online in USA are ihcginjections.comNu Image MedicalUS HCG shots and New Edge Health HCG. All four are known for their quality HCG injections, availability of the HCG complete kits as well as the customer support regarding usage of HCG injections.

Of these top 4 pure HCG injections in USA, Nu Image and Advanced HCG (now New Edge Health) offers the HCG injections with a medical prescription that increases their quality, purity and reliability a notch higher. The demand for a prescription ensures that you are fit for the diet and will not compromise your health to lose weight.

ihcg Injections

ihcg injections provides you prescription hcg hormone that is recommended by doctors and usually administered in HCG diet clinics. Prepared in ISO certified manufacturing facility, ihcg injections offers you the purest grade of hcg hormone. Each and every drop of hcg hormone has been tested for its highest potency by an independent lab. Only the purest of the hcg hormone is shipped to ihcg injections customers. The hcg mixing supplies includes everything you need to kickstart your hcg diet without having you running to medical stores. ihcg injections are available to you prescription free worldwide. But for safety reasons consult your healthcare provider before initiating the hcg diet if you are under any health conditions.

Buy hcg kits from Ihcginjections online that provides authentic hormone. With ihcginjections, you are provided with “real hcg hormone” that works on the chubby areas.

When you buy hcg kits for sale online, make sure that they come with rare to less side effects as well. Low calorie diet can put your health on a great risk. Though side effects of ihcginjections do not exist, hcg as a whole has its own range of side effects. So make sure you think it through before starting off this diet.

ihcginjections gives away FREE vitamin b12 with HCG injection kits. This soluble ingredient is available in drops formula. You can simply draw using the syringe, put it on spoon and swallow it. Use 1cc of B12 solution with your ihcginjection daily alternative days to add a healthy supplement to your hcg diet program.

Nuimage Medical

Nuimage Medical HCG offers you supervised hcg diet program. You can be sure that the company is having best benefits regarding your health. The company offers 100% pharmaceutical grade hcg hormone that is manufactured in licensed US pharmacies. Since the hcg is made in USA, you can be sure that the pharmacies are FDA registered and abide by the federal law. Unlike homeopathic products in the market, Nuimage Medical hcg hormone efficiently serves the purpose of weight loss. You won’t feel a drop in your energy levels. The best part when you buy Nu image medical hcg is you will be approved of the hcg program only after scrutinizing your medical records. This is for safety reasons since you will be going through a very low calorie diet. Once approved, you can place the order and start your hcg diet program. Nu image medical has a wide panel of experienced doctors, nurses and pharmacists who guide you at every step of the hcg diet program. So give a call, have a chat or video conference with a medical practitioner for FREE with Nu image medical for a healthy weight loss.

US HCG Injections

Nu image medical hcg is available in three forms – pellets, drops and injections. You can purchase Nu image hcg injections kit are available for sale online once approved.

A complete USA based hcg, Nu image medical injections can be easily self-administered. The process is absolutely painless. The recommended place is the area below the belly button/abdominal area. It is clearly visible and you can inject it with absolute ease since you are the one holding the shot.

Note that you need to exercise less, get good sleep and cut out stress levels that will help you to lose weight easily with hcg. A 100% Tele-medicine company, Nu image medical provides you real prescription HCG that is sent by licensed US pharmacies.

US HCG Shots

USHCG shots is an online website that sells hcg injection kits for those who want to lose their weight. Made in a fully licensed compounding pharmacy, the hcg hormone stay in its highest potency till it is administered in the body. Choose between the hcg diet program as per the pounds you want to lose. Lipo B12 injections are part of the hcg program and assist the hormone in multiple ways. US hcg shots has received excellent customer reviews from dieters making it one of the sought after brands in USA.

When you buy us hcg shots, you will find a kit that comes with a vial, hcg 5000iu bottle, bacteriostatic water, needles, alcohol wipes, syringes for mixing and 1 FREE bottle of vitamin B12 supplements. The numbers of syringe and swabs vary depending on the package. There may or may not be free products from vendors.

The USHCGshots.com has a 28 day HCG injection kit and a double 28 day HCG combo program kit. The 28 day kit can be used for 28 day HCG diet program. The double 28 day combo program is for those who want to continue the HCG diet for a second month. It can also be used by a couple if they want to go for a diet program together.

USHCG shots is known for its purity. These Pure US HCG injections come in 5000IU Vials. You can buy HCG injections online now from various sites. The team at ushcgshots.com online is excellent in customer service. They have the best products and a bee line of customers who are satisfied with their product. Check out the ushcgshots.com website for more information especially if you are planning to buy HCG injections online which are made in the USA.

How To Lose 10lbs in 10 Days

What other products does US HCG shots have?

Apart from selling the HCG injections for weight loss, there are other products available from US HCG shots online store which includes:

New Edge Health (Advanced HCG)

New Edge health has upgraded itself to a whole level bringing in many weight loss products, hcg, being one of them. The company offers you 5000iu vials of potent hcg that needs to be followed with the very low calorie diet. HCG has been shown to simulate testosterone that prevents lose muscle mass while losing the fat. New Edge health HCG is available in injection formula that is known for its peak efficiency. If you are purchasing from New Edge health make sure to register first. Based on your health to undergo the hcg diet, will you be approved from a panel of healthcare providers. This is to cut down any risks if you are currently under any medication for health condition.

The New Edge Health team has now prepared a whole new program where it is not just about “weight loss” anymore. From the composition of hcg diet program to anti-aging program, New Edge health ensures that you will be delivered best quality services.

advancehcgihcgsbanushcg28-Day-HCG-Injections- nuimage HCG injections online USA
Currently, there are two hcg diet kits available. There are additions as well such as amino acids booster, lipotropic injections etc. that can be taken with New Edge Health hcg diet program. When taken with the hcg diet program, the results are simply amazing with more weight loss and minimal side effects.

Manufactured absolutely in USA, take a walk in New Edge health clinic and chat with a medical practitioner who can also advise you with the perfect dietary program.

  • heart diseases
  • respiratory disorders such as asthma
  • thyroid disorder
  • ovarian cyst

and so on, make sure to consult your medical practitioner before implementing the hcg diet.

USA HCG injections online Reviews & Testimonials

The claim that hcg injections work much more efficiently than drops or pellets have made many users to choose hcg injections. The online customer reviews and testimonials are excellent with many people loving hcg shots over drops. Though few users were skeptical about the pain they had to undergo, self-administering made it quite easy. Weight loss is another crucial factor that people noticed after trying hcg shots. They also claimed good energy levels and less appetite with very few side effects.

On the downside , dieters claim that they suffered low libido, worse headaches, sagging face and many more. Women noted heavy menstrual cycle and sickness feeling during the menstruation.

Inkyblack – “I have done the hcg injections for obesity. I lost 40 lbs. I did lose few of my muscle mass but that’s okay. What people need to understand is to follow the hcg plan as per the Dr. Simeons protocol. Many people fail because they find it difficult to adhere. But when you do it right, it actually works.”

Loseitnowshan – “I lost 78 lbs with hcg injection. I am feeling great. I have kept off the weight for 2 years”.

lexus985 – “I do not recommend the prescription hcg shots. I had to deal with worst headaches of my life, not to mention the right side of my face started sagging. I was feeling very weak as well. I had three tests before the doctor concluded it was hcg. It might help with weight loss but not worth risking your health”.

To sum it up, USA hcg injections fair a better score than other hcg products in the market. They meet the standard expectations of a dieter and assist them in proper weight loss without any adverse reactions on the body.

Top 3 hcg injections for sale

Frequently Asked Questions about USA HCG Injections

Where Can You Buy Hcg Weight Loss And B12 Injections Online?

Since OTC purchase of hcg is banned by FDA, the best place to purchase hcg diet injections for weight loss is obviously online. The official websites of UShcgshots and ihcginjections are excellent choice to buy pure high quality hcg hormone. You can choose from their official retailers as well who deliver the real brand. Usually many brands come with B12 included in the hcg kit. If not, you can purchase it from the above companies – Nu image medical, US hcg shots or ihcg injections.

Make sure to use hcg coupon codes, discount codes etc. Companies give you promotional offers that will work for them. You will get a good cut-off on the original price which means extra shillings on the pocket.

Few people if hcg injections are made in USA. NOTE that not all companies manufacture hcg in USA. This means you have to be vigilant while choosing hcg kits online. However, the mentioned top 3 brands manufacture hcg hormone for weight loss right here in USA.

Is it legal to buy HCG injections online on sale in USA?

Yes, it is legal to buy HCG injections online on sale in USA. Though its illegal to sell hcg injections over the counter, There are no legal clause for purchasing hcg injections or hcg drops online for weight loss.

Are Pure HCG drops better than hcg injections?

HCG drops are great. But then hcg injections work better. If you notice that the HCG injections are much more pure while HCG drops are always homeopathic and mixed with some extra ingredients. The efficacy of the HCG drops are also considerably lower than that of HCG injections. Most of the people who have tried HCG drops and injections will tell you that hcg injections work better. Now this does not mean that HCG drops don’t work. Its just that hcg injections are technically better. There are 1000’s of people who have found great success with hcg drops.

where to buy hcg injections online in usa?

Yes, you can purchase hcg injections online. As a matter of fact, it is the most convenient way to purchase HCG injections or drops for weight loss. Since sale of HCG drops over-the-counter is banned in the USA, many people are moving to injections. Now any form of OTC HCG for weight loss is banned in the USA. That leaves most people with only one option – Order HCG injections online!

Why purchase hcg injections made in USA?

The best quality products require some degree of monitoring. While most companies will work for profit, there are companies which will abide the law. HCG products can be manufactured in other countries without any quality guidelines. Purchase hcg injections made in USA and be assured that there are some degree of quality control. The manufacturing facility must be of pharmaceutical grade. If it is manufactured in an FDA approved area, be assured that you wouldn’t be dealing with 3rd rated products.

Purchase hcg online – Risks and precautions

You can purchase hcg online. The risks are completely yours. There will be no liabilities from the companies selling it or from promoters of the product. Be careful and administer caution. Always consult your doctor before going on a diet. Also let them know about the brand and if possible, bring the label of the product to let them know the ingredients. if you purchase hcg online and the product is tampered, send back the product. Do not use tampered products.

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Buy cheap hcg injections Kits, drops & supplies online Review

Trim Nutrition

if you are looking to buy cheap hcg injection Kits, then you have come to the right place. check out the best few places to buy hcg injections cheap which are also of the best quality. These injections are known to be sold in the US with and without prescriptions and all of them are proven to work.

Buy Cheap HCG injections Kits online – Cheap HCG supplies

If you are looking for the best in hcg injections, look no further. Also check out our article on how to buy Cheap hcg Drops

If you are planning to purchase cheap hcg injection kits for weight loss online, then US hcg shots are the best for you. Understand, that cheap hcg supplies does not always mean bad quality. There are many companies that provide genuine hcg hormone at an economical rate.

Complete 26 Day HCG Starter Kit

Colin Watson HCG injections

In 2013 there was a ban on HCG products due to cheap hcg supplies. When we say “Cheap HCG products”, we don’t mean the price. The price was cheap too, but what mattered was the quality. There were 1000’s of vendors selling over the counter hcg injections which were of cheap quality. The government put a ban on cheap hcg supplies . Well, we thought that it would be the end but it wasn’t so.
US HCG Injections

Internet was flooded with many hcg brands – both genuine and fake. The results were equally confusing. However, there are few brands who have carved a nitch in people’s heart with their reliable hcg products. Though available at a cheap rate, they do stick by their words and deliver healthy weight loss.

Cheap hcg supplies also got excellent customer testimonials. Users love the product because it actually works and helps lose weight. These cheap UShcgshots & supplies does not have any complaints.  Check out the official website and read reviews below for more information.

USHCGShots –  Affordable HCG Injections At Your Doorstep

One of the cheapest HCG injections you can buy online, the UShcg shots starts at less than $200 for a 27 Day course. That too for the entire kit and the hcg vial itself. Very few hcg injection manufacturers can beat that kind of price and best of all, the UShcg shots as its name implies is manufactured in the USA. Affordable HCG injections are hard to come by but when you look at quality, the USHCGshots beat the price and quality requirements and is second to none. You don’t require a prescription but, there is an in house doctor who will provide you prescription over the web or phone. Interestingly, UShcgshots is one of the best and yet Affordable hcg injections available in the market today.

USHCGShots Consumer Reviews

USHCGshots is among the top three hcg injections available in the market. The website sells hcg injection and cheap hcg injection kits separately. HCG injection refills are available too. If you are a newbie in the whole “hcg weight loss” thing, you should pick up a 28 day hcg injection kit. The kit comes with vials, syringes, alcohol wipes, mixing syringes etc.

Like any product, the UShcgshots have mixed reviews, both good and bad.

Positive Reviews on USHCGShots.com

HCG dieters say that the shots actually helps in weight loss. Though difficult during the first week, people notice a significant change in their energy levels. They are much in ease with their body weight and have noticed improved self confidence.

“U hcgshots work but the price…” – Gigi

I have always been using this product but the increase in price has limited my interest from buying from this vendor.

“Lost 30 lbs in 40 days” – Michelle

My husband is losing weight tremendously. He has increased the bottles and is currently on day 61 not to mention 45 lbs down. The dosage is way too high and can result in hunger issues. My husband is at 170 iu and I am on 120 iu without any hunger pangs. We are quite comfortable with the doses and you can actually feel the potency. I am in Phase 3 of the hcg diet program and have lost 49 lbs total. I will be doing another round in September. The company is legit and so is the product.

“Quality” – Christina

I bought this product and  was  quite satisfied with the instructions. They are easily understandable. I thought I had to starve myself for losing weight, but surprisingly I did not experience any hunger. I lost 30 pounds and would use this product again.

Negative Reviews on USHCGShots.com

Few consumers claim that the company sells fraudulent hcg that does not work. The customer service is poor & the refund process is too edgy.

cheap hcg injection kitsushcg28-Day-HCG-Injections- ushcg-28-Day-HCG-Combo-Prog nuimage ihcgsban
Read the whole story here at http://www.ripoffreport.com

Top 3 Brands That Also Sell Cheap Hcg Injection Kits

Cheap HCG injection kits from all the above vendors are easily available at www.triumphhcgdropsdiet.com.

Other OTC HCG Injections Brands

HCG injections are available in the market under various names including Chorex, Novarel, Pregnyl and Profasi etc. The average cost of HCG injections goes from five dollars to twenty dollar for a one month’s supply. You can buy them at fastescrowrefills.net that carries all these over-the-counter hcg injection brands online. NOTE that you need to purchase hcg mixing supplies separately.

Buy Complete HCG Injection Kits Online

Complete HCG injection kits from the aforemention top 4 vendors are listed below.

How To Lose 10lbs in 10 Days

Best Buy –  Complete HCG injection kits from iHCGinjections

Complete HCG injection kits from Nu Image Medical

  • Complete HCG Diet Injection kits – 26-day supply, 46 day supply

HCG injection kits from New Edge Health

  • cheap HCG Injection kits – Single Kit for 30 day, Double kit for 60 day

HCG injection kits from USHCGShots

  • cheap HCG Injection kits – 28-day, 56 day
  • HCG Combo Program – 28 day, Double 28 day

Things To Know Before You Buy Cheap HCG Shots

Are you sure you are buying the right hcg shots ? If not, then here are some of the things you should look out for. Note that cheap always does not mean affordable price. It also means low, pathetic quality, which probably you are not aware of and the result could be quite unpredictable.

When you are buying cheap hcg shots online, there are certain points that need to be noted such as:

  • the type of hcg hormone – is hcg hormone real, synthetically made or a combo of homeo ingredients and hcg hormone
  • the manufacturing unit – garage or a broken down warehouse does not count
  • customer support – via mail or telephone
  • Company location – genuine brick and mortar location
  • website – informative website that provides apt product details
  • Codes – assured discount codes that are not fake

Some of the top brands that do provide cheap hcg shots with par excellence results are Advanced hcg shots, Nuimage medical, ihcg injections and UShcgshots. They have been used by thousands of dieters who have noted positive weight loss without any side effects.

Cheap HCG Supplies Complaints

By the end of 2014, we see at least half a dozen companies selling cheap quality hcg products. Some drops, some injections. There are even tabs and patches which are sold in the name of hcg with literally, no hcg content in it. The homeopathic hcg diet is one other thing which was banned. Cheap hcg supplies in the US requires some attention from the government and people need to be educated about the products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are HCG injection kit online cheaper than HCG vials alone?

While you may purchase the HCG vial alone, you may still need the syringe, Needles & bacteriostatic water to inject. If you add up the cost of these products separately, you would end up paying more than purchasing the kit. If you have resources to purchase the syringe, needles etc. then you will find the kit a bit more expensive. It all depends on how resourceful you can get and how much time you are willing to find them online or in a store.

Where to buy cheap HCG injection kits in Miami?

There are many clinics in Miami offering HCG treatment . Please look through the following websites.

HCG Weight Loss Diet

HCG in Miami – Diet and Injection for Weight Loss


Where to get HCG injections in phoenix for cheap rates?


Arizona Weight Loss


What is the cost of Calgary prescribed HCG injections?


What is the cost in Canada for HCG injections?



Buy Cheap hcg drops

You can buy cheap hcg drops from the HCG complex by Biosource labs or Triumph hcg. These 2 companies have the best hcg drops but hcg complex is far more affordable as they give you one free bottle of equal value with each purchase. When you go for cheap hcg drops, make sure you dont by cheap hcg drops that are of low quality!

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Top Rated Hcg Injections In The Market You Should Try Today If You Want To Lose Weight

Triumph HCG by HCG Diet

If you are planning to lose weight the hcg way, then we will give you top five hcg brands that offer you best weight loss without any side effects. these are simply the Top Rated Hcg Injections you can buy online NOW!

advance hcg

When it comes to weight loss with hcg, there are many products in the market. They all promise to sell you real hcg hormone that will help you lose weight. But do they meet customer expectations? From the product quality to the customer service, hcg dieters are looking for not just a great product, but a great service too.

Complete 26 Day HCG Starter Kit

Colin Watson HCG injections

That being said, if you are looking for hcg injections online, you will find these products worth checking out.

Here are top rated hcg injections in the market that is worth a shot.

New Edge Health

New Edge health is the new upgraded version of Advance HCG. A company with its office in Washington, new edge health offers various health programs for weight management including HCG. With the support system called vitamin b12, weight loss with hcg is certainly a breeze. You will notice weight loss 0.5-1.5 lbs a day, at times, 2 lbs as well. Of course, it depends on individual’s body functionalities as well. B12 plays a key role in eliminating depression, lethargy and other conditions keeping your energy levels up.

New Edge health clearly states that, if needed, the dieter will have to provide a prescription. If you do NOT have a prescription, you are automatically in consultation with healthcare provider of the New Edge health clinic, once your enroll. You will have a talk with the doctor of New Edge health, Skype chat etc., for any clarification. This is to ensure that you are healthy enough to start your diet and achieve weight loss successfully. This is for safety purposes if you recently had any surgery, under any medication, pregnant or nursing. New edge health is one of the Top Rated Hcg Injections in the market today


Top Rated Hcg Injections

Nuimage Medical HCG

A true American company, Nuimage medical is one of the top brands to buy hcg injections online. Made in US pharmacies that oblige by all the Federal regulations, Nuimage medical provides you the best hcg injections online without any prescription.

However, you need to fill out a quick medical questionnaire that may/may not be approved by a panel of doctors and pharmacists based on your medical report. The doctors might call you for clarification, if required.

The hcg diet program is quite simple to start. The shots are easy to use at any visible fatty area. This means no need to shell out hundreds of dollars at doctor’s clinic. No more waiting for long hours for the nurse to call out your name.

When you try Nu image medical hcg, you will notice that you are losing 1-2 pounds within a day. You can do mild exercises such as walking, jogging etc. Nu image medical hcg is manufactured in US at licensed pharmacies so you can be sure that you are getting a valid pure hcg hormone in your body. For instance, you can contact the doctors via telephone or chat support. You can log in to the official Nuimage forum as well, where you can share your experience or initiate a discussion. The company ensures that you get the best customer service possible and is certainly going out of their way to prove it. Summing it up, Nu image medical is one of the top rated hcg injections that will deliver actual results within few days. Nu image medical hcg injection stands second in the Top Rated Hcg Injections list

US HCG shots

A 100% HIPAA compliant pharmaceutical company, US HCG shots provides best hcg shots online with its company located at Connecticut. Buying hcg injections online from USA based companies has its own advantages’.

US HCG shots offers you different hcg programs that you can try out with the blend of Lipo. The package offers you vitamin b12 (lipo) vial as well that can be taken with hcg shots. Vitamin b12 are natural energy boosters and keep you running for the day without any hunger pangs. Order US HCG shots kit that includes all you need to start the hcg diet program. USHCG shots does not guarantee you anything , yet its one of the Top Rated Hcg Injections in the market standing at #3


ihcg Injections

Express shipping, true hcg hormone, lab tested product, excellent customer service etc. are few of the prominent features of ihcg injections. When you are buying hcg from a site, make sure the site is authentic and offers you real hormone that actually benefit the body. There are many companies spread over the globe that offer you quality hcg shots made in registered pharmacies. Of course, the regulations may differ but that is certainly not the only factor that should stand in the way of you buying a genuine product.

Buy hcg injections online that has honest consumer reviews, quality check, decent price etc. ihcg injections is one such company that offers you excellent hcg hormone that has been tested from an independent lab. The Certificate of Analysis is available on the official website for the users for reference.

This is what makes ihcg injections a hit among many US consumers. Though the company is located in British Virgin Islands, distance or location does not matter when the product is genuine and actually works efficiently. ihcg injections offers you 100% true hormone along with the necessary mixing supplies at a wholesale price.

How To Lose 10lbs in 10 Days

Ordering a product outside US has its own set of advantages. For instance, the company will offer you best hcg at an economical rate. While buying an USA product can be expensive, hcg brands outside USA costs are much cheaper and include pretty much everything you will find in US-based hcg injection kits without any adjustment in the quality.

ihcg injections comes with the necessary mixing instructions that are available both online and included with the kit. Just follow the guidelines as mentioned and make sure to follow them as recommended. They also provides you FREE BOTTLE OF VITAMIN B12 along with the hcg kit.


Fast Escrow Refills

Fast escrow refills offers top rated hcg shots online. For those looking to lose weight the hcg way, fast escrow refills is one of the best companies that you can deal with. The company is located in Mauritius and ships worldwide. Fast escrow refills has licensed pharmacies in US as well that will ship you top grade hcg hormone kits once they receive your order.

Fast escrow refills claims to deliver the best price for pharmaceutical hcg hormone kits. The company gives you 100% satisfaction guarantee for any product you choose.

The only downside is you need to buy hcg and hcg kits separately. The hcg kit does not include hcg because Fast Escrow refills provides hcg from different brands. Fast escrow Refills has some of the best injections though they sell a lot of other products. You could clearly say that Fast escrow refills will be on the top 5 Top Rated Hcg Injections


Punch in the keywords in Google and you are bound to land up with these five top rated hcg injections in the market in the results. These companies are here with a genuine reason to reach out and help people with weight loss. They actually mean business and deliver optimum customer satisfaction.

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Why You Should Never Buy HCG Injections Without Prescription

Official HCG Diet Plan

HCG diets are a craze among those who want to cut down the pounds drastically and effortlessly. When you talk about HCG there are plenty of options available online and with local pharmacies.

Various types of HCG products are available from providers across the earth. But, how do you know that these products are safe and genuine ?
HCG is a hormone that is produced naturally within the body and is commonly found in pregnant women. This hormone is used to treat infertility problems and other issues. But, remember, this hormone is administered and used only with the help of a licensed practitioner. Now, there are many sellers across the internet that provides these hormones without prescription. Using pharmaceutical grade HCG is the safest but most of the licensed pharmacies do not sell such products. Without a prescription, they won’t even dare to give such products to its customers. This guide is dedicated to why you should never buy hcg injections without prescription.

In this guide, you will know all about –

Complete 26 Day HCG Starter Kit

Colin Watson HCG injections

  • Can I Get HCG Injections Without Prescriptions?
  • Over The Counter HCG Injections
  • Are These Non-Prescription HCG Injections Safe?
  • What If The Injection You Buy Has Nothing To With HCG Hormone?
  • HCG Injections Side Effects
  • Homeopathic Drops Safer Than HCG Injections
  • Prescription HCG Injections


Can I buy hcg without a prescription?

It is not possible to buy hcg without a prescription from a licensed doctor. If someone is selling, then get it straight, they are just scams. They might be selling fake stuffs in the name of original HCG hormone which might prove harmful for the body. Moreover, FDA warns everyone from buying or selling such products online without any prescriptions. Many products that claim to sell original HCG injections were found to have zero amounts of original HCG. Instead, they contained harmful components and other inactive ingredients which are of no use. In short, if someone is selling HCG injections then, it means it is completely fake and nothing other than a scam.



Over The Counter HCG Injections

If you are getting HCG injections without prescriptions, you are actually wasting money on them. FDA has listed many guidelines for manufacturing and selling drugs and medications. Most of the pharmacies that sell HCG products online do not abide FDA guidelines. Only licensed drug manufactures follow these guidelines and sell products with full guarantee. FDA is not responsible for such illegal activities and products that are intended only to harm the body and nothing else.

HCG Injections Manufactured Outside The US

Since HCG hormones cannot be manufactured or sold without a license most of the hcg product providers get these drugs from outside the US. When many such products were caught by FDA, they were unable to trace the exact location where the drugs were being manufactured. In most of the cases all the hcg injections that you get without prescriptions are manufactured in foreign countries which do not follow any safety guidelines or rules put forward by FDA. There are many fraud cases available where people who consumed such drugs were hospitalized due to severe side effects. You never know what you are buying in the form of HCG injections. This is one of the reasons why you should never buy hcg injections without prescription.

Are These Non-Prescription HCG Injections Safe?

As a matter of fact, safety about these medications cannot be determined as they don’t come under the law. All such HCG products are manufactured illegally and without any formal procedures. HCG hormone is something that has to be stored and manufactured with care. Most of the licensed HCG hormone products follow the law and rules and are administered only through a licensed staff. Even then the side effects that occur are inevitable but you can relax as you are under the right hands. In the case of non-prescription HCG injections, there is no guarantee that you have chosen the right drug. If something goes wrong whom will you blame and obviously the product provider isn’t going to help you anyway. Remember, HCG hormones have severe side effects as it creates an imbalance inside the body by alerting the hormonal balance. So, such products especially HCG shots should be taken only under the guidance of a licensed practitioner.

What If The Injection You Buy Has Nothing To With HCG Hormone?

Have you ever given a thought about it? While being under the weight loss sway most of the people blindly trust the weight loss gimmick found online. When you are in your normal senses, you will have the ability to understand that these are just mere attention grabbing techniques. There are many ads that showcase instant weight loss tags like” the new hcg shots and she melted her inches way in just a few weeks”. If you are person who have heard enough from people who call you fatty and you are obsessed on losing weight, there are chances that you might fall prey to such online frauds. Bear in mind, there are no instant weight loss solutions available, till date on this earth. You have to earn it slowly and steadily by balancing your diet and work outs.

Ordering HCG injections online might be just frauds as they merely contain any active components or HCG hormone in them. Moreover, they can be contaminated as they don’t follow the law and therefore who knows how they were manufactured and stored. What is the point in exposing your body to such harmful substances and pathogens in the name of weight loss? Is this a necessity? It is high time that you start thinking yourself about what is good and what is bad for your body.

HCG Injections Side Effects

There are a lot of side effects that come along with these injections. I really don’t know whether you will be able to lose weight or not but for sure you are going to give pain to your body. According to FDA, it says that HCG injections do not cause weight loss but the actual trick that does the work is the HCG diet. When you go on a crash diet, it is sure that you will lose some pounds within few weeks. Applying injections without a medical staff is another issue that you need to take care off. Also HCG hormones cause side effects inside the body so taking such shots without a prescription and a doctor’s guidance is sheer foolishness.

Weight Loss From HCG Injections

There are claims from the world and there are lots of dedicated forums online that vouch for such products. But the fact is that the whole scientific community hasn’t been able to prove that these products contribute to weight loss. FDA has done numerous clinical trials with different products with clearly no visible results. HCG is a hormone that is found in pregnant mothers and is basically a fertility hormone. The association of HCG hormone with weight loss is still a mystery and there are no proven results to guarantee weight loss. Going on a crash hcg diet will surely help you to lose weight as you are starving your body by not eating.

Homeopathic Drops Safer Than HCG Injections

There is another group who claim that homeopathic hcg drops are a safer alternative to hcg shots or injections. Again the case here is that; even these homeopathic HCG drops are not reliable. There is no proof available about how they work and do they even contribute to weight loss. Homeopathic HCG contains zero amounts of HCG hormone in them according to reports. The point is, if there is no HCG in them then what are you actually dumping into your body. I am not sure what the either of the products contain in them and how they help to lose weight. Both are dangerous for the body if they are not genuine products. Moreover, there are hundreds of homeopathic HCG products available online. So, who to trust and what is the benchmark of such products?

Prescription hcg injections online

The FDA approves off-label prescribing of certain drugs by doctors and licensed practitioners. That is prescribing the drug for other purposes that are not mentioned under the label. But the patient should be aware of the side effects of the drug that is being used. It is mandatory for the doctor to make the patient aware of it. Now, this is how HCG injections are being used for weight loss but such off-label uses are not devoid of dangers. There are pharmacies that are licensed to sell HCG products with prescription inside the United States. But the question is when HCG is not a proven technique why run behind the same? There are cases where people who used prescription HCG injections were hospitalized with side effects like pulmonary embolism and other side effects. It is always better to seek the guidance of an expert while dealing with such weight loss issues rather than jumping into problems.


Weight loss is a common mantra that people follow blindly and everybody wants instant results. Remember losing weight by harming the body isn’t the right solution. A healthy weight loss program takes some extra time to make you shed your pounds. Crash diets and hormonal weight loss methods are all just bogus claims made for monetary benefits of certain organizations. When you think of losing weight using hcg injections and that too without a prescription; do give a second thought. Better ask your health practitioner before taking a leap.

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How To Lose 10lbs in 10 Days