HCG Diet pellets & drops reviews

HCG Drops Vs. Pellets Vs. Injections

HCG Complex 176x300 - HCG Diet pellets & drops reviews

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With lots of HCG products soaring in the market such as pellets by Nu Image Medical, drops, injections etc., it is difficult to put each and every product under our scrutiny. Let’s have a review of which among the injections vs. drops vs. pellets is better.

HCG injections were the original version through which HCG was administered and also the form that was prescribed by Dr. Simeons. HCG Injections have been around for more than 5 decades. HCG drops and pellets were introduced later. Drops, pellets or tablets became popular much later after they were introduced. In fact, the pellets are quite a recent invention. The drops and pellets are gaining popularity due to a few points. One is, they do not have to be refrigerated and hence it is easier to use. Second, a lot of people are apprehensive of injections and also of the fact that they have to inject the hormone themselves. The drops and pellets just have to be kept under the tongue and swallowed making it quite easy to use. Third, there is no mixing required for drops and pellets, whereas injections have to be mixed with bacteriostatic water before it is injected. There are a lot of other pre-procedures before taking the HCG shot. Once opened, the HCG vial and mix have to be refrigerated until next use. Since drops and pellets do not have any of these hassles, they are easily preferred over injections.

HCG Oral Drops Vs. Pellets: Which is best suited for you?

People, nowadays, generally use websites to praise or curse a product. With the soaring rise in HCG clones such as injections, drops, sprays, patches etc., we very much rely on websites to get a clearer outlook of the product we are desiring to choose. What suits Person A may not work with Person B. Such is the silent war between HCG pellets and drops.

People are often wondering which is the best suited for them; pills or drops. Are pellets better than oral drops? Read on to know.

HCG Drops

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HCG Complex 176x300 - HCG Diet pellets & drops reviews

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How HCG drops work

HCG drops are there in the market for quite some time. HCG drops claims to be one of the easiest methods for consumption and effective way to lose your method. There are a lot of cloned HCG drops and homeopathic drops that are released almost every month in the market. These HCG drops ensure that you lose your fat naturally and at the same time maintains your health by keeping you away from hunger. The HCG drops triggers the hypothalamus to release a chemical that extracts all the excess fats stored in your body, breaks them into parts thus releasing the proteins into your bloodstream which metabolizes your body, and the result – no more lethargic feeling and hunger attacks. The best part of using HCG drops would be you can use this by diluting into your water or ingest it directly into your mouth.

How HCG pellets work

HCG complex

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HCG pellets are new in the market and work almost in the same way as HCG drops. The ingredients are basically the same, however, packed in a different and convenient form. Note that the dosage of pellets differs from brand to brand. At such instances, some products may have a high level of HCG in their pellets. The normal dosage of HCG pellets is four pellets under the tongue three times a day until they dissolve. Make sure that you do not eat or drink for twenty minutes before and after the consumption of pellets.

HCG Pellets Vs. Oral Drops Reviews

While there are a lot of testimonials available for HCG drops, HCG pellets reviews are quite rare for just one reason, the product is a recent discovery and needs more experience from users to give out testimonials.

Both of these products need a support of very low-calorie diet which means adios to junk foods and a warm welcome to veggies and fruits. Make sure you include a lot of healthy products to get the desired result.

Unlike what some of the HCG brands claim, HCG products do contain side effects which can lead to loss of menstruation, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, hair loss etc. However, they are a rare see and occurs when you overdose yourself. For best purposes, consult a medical practitioner if you are currently on any medication or suffering from any health ailments such as asthma, heart diseases etc.

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What Is HCG Oral Pellets Diet Plan?

HCG oral pellets diet plan are nothing but HCG in the form of pills or pellets which are taken orally instead of through injections while undergoing the HCG diet plan. The HCG oral pellets diet plan has a number of advantages over injections. Some of them are,

  • HCG oral pellets are as effective as injections or drops
  • They are very easy to take, these HCG pellets have to be just kept under the tongue for a few minutes for them to get absorbed.
  • They are easy to store and carry around and can be taken along with the HCG diet program to curb hunger.
  • The pills are especially suitable for people who are afraid of injections.
  • The HCG oral pellets have to be taken in the prescribed doses a few times a day.

Thus HCG oral pellets diet plan is a very convenient option of taking HCG for dieters undergoing the HCG diet program.

How to take Homeopathic HCG pellets?

Homeopathic HCG pellets are also widely used in the HCG diet program just like injections and drops. Homeopathic HCG pellets do not contain the real HCG hormone, but many claim them to be as effective as real HCG. Homeopathic HCG pellets only contain synthetic HCG which are said to be effective to control hunger pangs as the real HCG hormone. The required number of homeopathic HCG pellets are taken in the cap of the bottle and placed under the tongue to be absorbed by the body slowly. The strength of these HCG pellets differ for different brands and also the dosage will have to be adjusted periodically according to the needs of the body. The customer support personnel of individual sites will guide the users of the required dosage.

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Purchase Wholesale HCG Pills & Real Pellets For Sale

hcg injections - Purchase Wholesale HCG Pills & Real Pellets For Sale

NuImage Medical HCG

Nuimage medical has HCG Drops, Pellets, and Injections. The drops and pellets also do need a prescription and the doctors will guide you through the entire diet process too. An Excellent company with some of the best HCG products online, Nuimage is nothing less than perfect

HCG Pellets & HCG Pills are one of the easiest and quickest forms of intaking HCG. You can buy HCG diet pellets or buy HCG Pills as easily as you would buy the drops or injections. Many of the brands like Nu Image Medical selling HCG now offer HCG in the form of pellets/pills as well. The dosage of HCG pellets varies from brand to brand. Some have a high concentration of HCG in their pellets. The usual quantity is around 4 HCG diet pellets or pills three times a day, although you should probably check with your physician or read the instructions carefully to decide your dosage.

Buy Real HCG tablets

During HCG Homeopathic pellet diet, as you would with the other forms of HCG, eat a lot of high-fat food. Start the course of the HCG Pellets & HCG Pills before you start the diet so that your system will be ready for the low-calorie diet. During the “gorging period” you can eat as much as possible even if you are not hungry. This will help fat reserves for the HCG to target.

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From day 3 to day 40, following the low-calorie diet. The pellets should go down as directed. Drink at least 2 liters of water every day to keep cleansing your system. Alcohol is banned. Sugar is also to be avoided and the greens or any food you eat must be within the 500 calorie limit. Avoid food like milk, whole eggs, bacon, corn, bananas, peas, plums, potatoes, popcorn, rice, candy, ice cream, ketchup, mustard, mayo, jelly, chips, cereal, pizza, cookies, nuts, etc. Too much salt in the food should be avoided. Organic food is preferred. You can find a detailed list of all the food you are allowed to eat on any of the HCG websites. Some even provide free support whether you are a customer or not.

You could buy the HCG Homeopathic Pellets & HCG Pills online and there are clinical shops selling them, too. HCG diet pellets are prescribed for other conditions like infertility in women, etc by physicians. You must find the right kind of your diet. Women can take them during their menstrual cycle as well.

HCG Homeopathic Pellets & HCG Pills have to be taken 4 at a time before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They must be kept under the tongue to dissolve and then the residue can be swallowed or spat out.

Real HCG tablets will be better if purchased only with the prescription so as to avoid fake ones. Have a look at the expiry and dosage to be consumed before buying the real HCG tablets.The HCG diet menu will also boost the result from the HCG tablets. Make sure that tablets are properly packed when received. Always be free to seek the attention of a physician before consuming HCG tablets as to avoid overdosage and improper food intake. Consider buying from trusted brands. Never go for homeopathic HCG tablets which are not real and will not provide the desired action.

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HCG Pellets & Pills Instructions

HCG injections have been found to be the most effective as HCG is absorbed directly into the blood. The injections have to be administered twice daily. They are virtually painless, but a lot of people are afraid of injecting themselves every day. For them, the HCG drops or pellets are more suitable. HCG pellets purchased from registered and approved pharmacists are equally effective. The pellets produced by Nu Image medicals have a higher concentration of HCG than injections as the absorption is through the digestive tract and more amount of HCG is required. These pellets are as effective as the injections and produce the same results.

Hcg pellets instructions are to take these HCG pellets or pills and place them under the tongue, keep it there for a few minutes before swallowing. The dosage differs from company to company. Nu Image Medical sells some of the purest and real HCG pellets. Since most of the HCG drops are homeopathic and do not contain real HCG, HCG pellets are a good option. The HCG pellets from Nu image Medical contains a single pill to be taken daily. The amount of HCG in each pellet is 500iu. Most of the other companies which manufacture HCG pellets have a dosage of 3-4 pills to be taken 2-3 times a day depending on the strength.

Why Buy HCG Diet Pellets By Nu Image Medical

Nu image medical is one of the leading online company offering weight loss and anti-aging products for almost a decade. Nu Image provides easy and convenient weight loss solutions to make your body slim, fit and healthy. HCG is offered in three forms: HCG injections, HCG pellets, and HCG drops.

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The advantage of pellets is that they can be kept at room temperature also. This should be good news for people whose work involve more traveling or long working hours as they can take pellets along with them. However, it is preferred to keep pellets under refrigeration. But due to their dry and stable structure not so critical to refrigerate as compared to HCG injection and drops.

Studies reveal different opinions for pellets used. Some doctors consider it superior to injections and drops as they get absorb easily into the blood and give results faster. Also, HCG Pellets & HCG Pills contain more amount of HCG compared to injections and drops, so they are costly by almost 25%. One doctor had personally used these pellets and also reviewed his patients using these pellets and summarizes that pellets give equivalent results to HCG injections and drops.

Research shows that HCG Pellets & HCG Pills are very effective in reducing weight without spending hours doing exercises. However, you need to follow a very strict diet plan of only 500 calories per day to see surprising results. For all those obese or overweight people, buy HCG now and start shedding your weight to live a healthy and fit life. People with needle phobia your chance to lose weight made easier by offering HCG Pellets & HCG Pills. Buy now and see convincing results.

HCG Pellets & HCG Pills come with the same composition as the drops and the injections. There are claims that the HCG drops and injections work better than the HCG Pellets & HCG Pills but there is no clear evidence of the same. The benefits of HCG Pellets & HCG Pills cannot be overlooked. The same amount of HCG gets into your bloodstream even if you consume the HCG Pellets & HCG Pills or the HCG Drops. The diet though is of major concern and is the main reason for the weight loss.

No matter what kind of HCG you administer, Pellets, drops or injections, the diet should be strictly maintained and should not be overlooked. A strict 500 calorie diet is essential for you to lose weight. The weight loss program which is completely dependent on the diet makes weight loss possible. The HCG is a catalyst which makes the process fast and efficient.

Nu image HCG Pellets & HCG Pills come with the best composition and is administered after a prescription. The prescriptions come in the name of the patient. Support is available through email, chat or phone. Fortunately, you don’t need to visit a doctor at Nu image and the prescriptions are done after a consultation with a doctor over the phone. You can mention your requirement of a pellet drop or injection with the person you talk to. The shipping facilities are done worldwide. The complete kit required for the diet program is available and the dieter does not have to search elsewhere for any other supply. Hence a large of satisfied customers recommend Nu Image to buy the best and comprehensive HCG supplies from.

HCG Complex 176x300 - Purchase Wholesale HCG Pills & Real Pellets For Sale

HCG Complex By Biosource Labs

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Where are wholesale HCG pellets & pills available for sale?

Find HCG pellets for sale online in their individual sites. HCG pellets/pills are also available wholesale for sale. It is usually cheaper when HCG is bought online. Since the sale of HCG for weight loss is banned in the US, it is not possible to buy HCG over the counter. HCG pellets and pills can be bought from the company which sells them directly. Vox Nutrition is one of the companies which sells HCG pellets and pills wholesale, but the problem with wholesale dealers is that they sell only in bulk quantities and hence they mostly sell them to companies, who affix their own labels and sell them under their brand name. So for individuals, it is near impossible to buy HCG pellets/pills from wholesale dealers. HCG pellets for sale can only be bought online from individual sites which sometimes offers discounts and promo codes.

Find the best stores to buy HCG pellets for sale. Check out some of the best places for genuine HCG pellets and pills for weight loss below.

For the best deals and coupons on HCG pellets, click the more details button Below. Nu Image provides the best coupon codes pre-approved link.

HCG Drops

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HCG Complex 176x300 - Purchase Wholesale HCG Pills & Real Pellets For Sale

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Where are Wholesale Homeopathic HCG pellets available?

Wholesale homeopathic pellets are available through a number of sites like HCGdietmarket.com, manta.com, Nova clinic homeopathic, Australia, customhcg.com etc. These homeopathic HCG pellets do not contain the real HCG hormone but are the synthetic version of the hormone. Wholesale suppliers usually do not sell in single bottles or smaller quantities and hence individual users may find it difficult to buy these homeopathic HCG pellets at wholesale prices. Wholesale homeopathic HCG pellets are normally bought in bulk by companies who use their own private labels to market the product.

HCG Diet Pellets Vs. Drops Vs. Injections

Unlike HCG drops or shots, HCG pellets do not need refrigeration and hence is very convenient to use while traveling. HCG drops, regardless of their make tend to have a weird taste, at times bitter. Stating the obvious, HCG injections are equally painful. Both HCG injections and drops need mixing and once they are mixed, they have to be refrigerated, else their potency is reduced. The pellets neither need any mixing nor does have a bitter taste. Hence, using HCG pellets is one of the best ways to lose weight without any adverse reactions as well.

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Is it safe to Purchase HCG Pills Online?

Most people who sell HCG online do it with some degree of responsibility. You get a good deal of genuine product but there are fakes. As far as the safety of the products is concerned, you may want to read a lot of reviews before deciding on the product itself. Many people come up with fake reviews and the product itself may be of no good use. But then there are other products which don’t have a review at all but may be good. We prefer to go by the reviews of people and find those which are working.

Buy HCG pellets only from licensed pharmaceuticals

The HCG pellets should be purchased only from registered and reliable sources and Nu Image is a very reliable provider of pure prescription grade HCG pellets. The purity of these HCG diet pellets is assured. Since homeopathic HCG are banned by FDA, pellets are the safe option if you want to lose weight safely.


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