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Planning to buy hcg injections? Read this before deciding cheap hcg injections are good for weight loss. This guide takes a good look at the cheap hcg injections kits that has been doing rounds claiming to deliver weight loss. But are hcg injections just a scam or is there any truth in it? Read on.

In recent times, you can find millions of people claiming that they have lost weight due to hcg. It might be your family member or friend. The result is you are inadvertently becoming a victim to buying cheap hcg injections online. Be it for bodybuilding or for losing weight, buying hcg diet injections has become a craze.

How Does Cheap Hcg Injections Online Work?

FDA has approved use of hcg only for certain hormone and infertility treatments. They are available in injection form and need a proper prescription from a licensed medical practitioner.

Though FDA has prohibited use of HCG hormone for weight loss or for any other conditions, many doctors actually administer “prescription hcg hormone injections” for losing pounds. The reason is simple. They don’t want to let go of the goose that lays golden eggs.

While prescription hcg injections may contain certain amount of hcg hormone, cheap hcg injections online contain little or no real hormone in their product. The result is no proper weight loss, health effects, loss of money and so on.

It doesn’t matter if you buy hcg injections kits online from USA or from internationally, make sure the company is genuine before buying the product.

How To Check If Your Hcg Diet Injections For Weight Loss Online Are Real Or Scam?

When you buy hcg injections from pharmacy (with a prescription, of course) you can be sure that you are getting the real deal here. Some genuine companies offer you a quick medical questionnaire before ordering the hcg product. Once done, your medical history will be scrutinized and only then will you be approved to initiate the hcg diet. If the company has any doubts, they might give you a call for further clarification. This says a lot about the sincerity of the company.

But that’s not the case when it comes to buying cheap online hcg hormone injections. Here are some tips that will guide how to check for real or scam hcg injections kit online.

No Hunger Effect

When you are on the right dose of hcg, you won’t feel any hunger attacks. This is a proven fact by not one but many users who have successfully completed their hcg diet program. While few users are satisfied with 400-600 calories, other users consume only the instructed 500 calories. This involves eating when you are hungry and stopping once satisfied.

Usually, a person would consume 1700-2000 calories a day when he/she is off the diet. Anyone would find it difficult to stick with the 500 calories unless they are on the hcg injections. The hormone tricks you into thinking that you are full. This means more energy levels and less hunger attacks.

What I am trying to say is if the hcg hormone was not real and is not taken in the right doses, you wouldn’t be feeling full. There is no way one could live on 500 calories with the true hunger that the body craves for. This means that the body is actually using the stored up fat as fuel instead of relying only on foods.

Fat Loss With Real Hcg Injections

Many users have successfully completed weight loss with the hcg diet. One of the main things when you buy cheapest hcg injections online is scrutinizing the reviews and testimonials shared by users.

If you have always been a chubby child, chances are high you can easily fall prey to certain words like “She lost 15 pounds in a week”. It is impossible to lose such drastic weight in such a short period. Even with real hcg hormone, users lose an average of 0.5-1 lbs a day.

Since vigorous exercise and workout is prohibited during hcg injections diet program, beware of such websites that claim to deliver impossible weight loss within a short period of time.

Buying HCG Injection Kits Online

You would want to buy hcg injections 5000 iu or 10000 iu of hcg hormone. It will last you 3-4 weeks. You will want either the 3 week or the 6 week kit as per the pounds you want to lose. Make sure you buy complete hcg injection kits that offers you everything you need to kickstart your diet. A decent hcg injection kit needs to have syringes, hcg vials (though b12 is optional), mixing syringes, needles, alcohol wipes etc. You may not want premixed hcg as they tend to easily degrade.

Nuimage Medical HCG - A Healthy Weight Loss Program

Use A Pregnancy Test Kit

One of the best ways to detect if your hcg injection kit contains real hormone is to use the pregnancy test kit. Use a viable pregnancy test kit and drizzle few drops from the hcg vial. Even a little faint in double line indicates the product does contain real hormone. You know just as they say, you can’t be little pregnant, right?

To sum it up, there are cheap hcg injections but you really have to keep your eyes open if you want real hcg that shows positive results on your body. Many hcg shots providers display purity results that have been conducted from independent lab. It clearly displays the content of hcg hormone included in the product.

What Do Experts Say About Buying Cheap Hcg Injections Online?

Many HCG diets come with dangerous health risks, say experts. Long term use of hcg injections can lead to many health risks. Along with hcg injections you need to follow the 500 calories diet plan which is basically a very low calorie diet. Putting your body through such starvation stage is dangerous, says Katherine Zeratsky, a registered dietitian at Mayo Clinic.

The body is starved from the regular calorie intake and the result is low metabolism level. This is to preserve the energy that is a natural body reaction. In the long run, you will be jeopardizing your whole weight control plan.

Zeratsky says, “the question is how long can a person live in such a restricted low calorie diet. The realistic answer is not long. Once they are off the diet, chances are they will gobble up everything they can. Chances of overeating and gaining back the pounds are more.

Another health expert, Dr. David L. Katz, director of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, CT says that putting your body in 500 calorie diet will leech out all the proteins from the muscle including the heart. This can make the heart muscle irritable that can result in ventricular tachycardia and sudden cardiac death.

It is necessary to follow a healthy lifestyle than entering frivolous dietary plans.

Buying Cheap Hcg B12 Injections From International Sellers

Is it okay to buy hcg injections internationally? Of course, it is not right to downplay the potency of hcg and its quality just because it is not made in USA. Certain global traders of hcg do not call for prescription. In fact, they can be easily purchased without prescription. But the risk of having a quality product always lurks beneath. If you are planning to buy hcg injection kits for weight loss online then, make sure they abide by certain requirements.

For instance, many international hcg injection companies online join hands with reputed pharmacies all over the world including the US pharmacies.

Cheap does not always mean the quality is bad. In fact, there are many hcg dieters who have purchased hcg injections from overseas and have benefited as well. They are easy to purchase and quite cost effective as well. Genuine companies offer hcg so that even the layman can afford it.

It is easy to test hcg injections as well to ensure you are having a true product. Additionally, good companies also provide Certificate of analysis to assure you that the hcg has been tested by a third party lab confirming the fact that the hcg hormone is absolutely genuine.

The only downside is the shipping that can take a good amount of time. Even if you use express shipping methods, it is going to take two weeks at least to be delivered.

Has FDA Approved Cheap Hcg Injections For Weight Loss Online?

Hcg injections as a whole as mentioned earlier is not a product approved by FDA. However there are many clinics that continue using these products on dieters who are willing to take the hcg shot.

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In fact, dieters who undergo the hcg diet are required to sign up a contract before undergoing the diet.


Another thing to note is that FDA and FTC has warned more than seven companies claiming that it is illegal to market OTC hcg products.

There are instances as well where federal court has filed against one of the prominent hcg company for fraudulent claims against losing 43 pounds in 7 weeks.

If you are buying buy hcg injections from online pharmacy it is crucial that you understand all the concepts surrounding hcg.

Dangerous Side Effects Of HCG

When you are buying hcg injections without any prescription note that they might come with any side effects. Many health experts warn about the detrimental pressure that you are putting your body through.

In fact, during the 1960s, a doctor at a Roman clinic was treating men with rare endocrine disorder. The bodies were missing some hormonal signal that is necessary to produce normal male hormones.

Because of these hormonal imbalance men started to gain weight. The doctor then injected them with HCG. The result was they lost weight.

The doctor was then consulted if HCG really works for weight loss. They were put on both 500 calorie intake plus HCG. The result was clear weight loss. However it wasn’t confirmed if it was the hcg or just plain limited calorie intake.

Subsequent studies revealed that it is the calorie restriction and hcg has nothing to do with weight loss. In fact, a 1995 studies conducted by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology stated that HCG does not help people lose weight. It is certainly not a therapy or treatment that can cure obesity health conditions.

In 2011, FDA updated the prescription labeling of HCG and said to include warnings for any allergic reactions, some of them can be dangerous as well.

Common side effects of HCG include

  • irritative behavior
  • headache
  • restlessness
  • depression or low feel
  • fatigue
  • swelling in feet, legs, hands etc
  • pain or itch in the area where you had hcg shot
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Serious HCG side effects include

  • achieving puberty at an early age than usual
  • swelling or painful rupture of ovaries
  • allergic reactions that include life threatening ones
  • blood clots
  • multiple pregnancies i.e. chances of conceiving twins or triplets

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The Final Verdict

When you buy hcg injections wholesale, make sure to consider all the factors provided. Of course, there are many dieters who have successfully completed their hcg diet without any side effects. Almost genuine hcg injections come with b12 shots as well. This is because when you are on a low calorie diet, you might feel hunger attacks at intervals. The b12 injections come with amino acids that help in boosting the energy level and curbing the appetite. This will assist top notch in keeping you full and maintaining the energy level.

When it comes to side effects, there are many dieters who did not even feel any side effects. However, no two bodies are the same. Usually mild effects are noticed but they easily fade away. If the symptoms are serious discontinue the diet and consult your medical practitioner immediately.

It is always wise to consider the pros and cons of any diet before implementing. A proper lifestyle and decent amount of exercise goes a long way. I leave this at your discretion if you want to choose the HCG injection or lose weight the natural way. Cheers!!!

Frequently Asked Questions About Cheap hcg injections

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Can I buy hcg injections steroids in Canada?

Yes, you can buy hcg injections steroids in Canada though understand that they are not approved by FDA.

Can I buy hcg injection needles separately?

If you are buying authentic hcg injection kits, you will find needles and other equipments included that will suffice till the diet is completed.

Where can I find cheap hcg injections for sale?

It is hard to determine the genuineness of hcg injection brand. However, there are companies such as Nu image medical, ihcg injections that offer real hcg hormone.

Where can I buy hcg injections online fast?

If you are living in USA and want to buy hcg injections online with fast shipping, then it is recommended to get them from a USA based company itself for express delivery.

Can I buy ihcg injections in the UK?

Yes, ihcg injections ships worldwide including many places such as UK, Europe, China, Australia, Cape town (South Africa), Mexico, New Zealand, Malaysia, Vancouver or Calgary (Canada) and so on.

I live in Miami, Florida. Is it okay to buy hcg injections from India?

If you feel that the company matches with all the criterias, you can surely buy hcg injections from India.

Are hcg injections available in Los Angeles?

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Over the counter purchase of hcg injections are prohibited by FDA. However, you can buy hcg injections online that can be delivered not just in LA but any other places of USA including Dallas, Utah, Pheonix, Charlotte (NC) and so on.

Where can I buy hcg injections made in USA?

Nuimage medical, New Edge health, US HCG shots etc. are few of the companies that manufacture hcg hormone right here in USA in an FDA registered facility.

Can I buy hcg injections using paypal?

There are hcg injection companies that accept payment via paypal. Check the T&C of hcg website for better perspective.

Can I buy hcg injections for post cycle therapy (PCT)?

It is a well known fact that HCG SHOULD NOT be used at all during PCT. It can be used in PCT for correcting any mistake that occured initially. This is because over dose of hcg during post cycle therapy can hinder the recovery of LH (luteinizing hormone) production.

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