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    5 day stall on hcg diet??? Really? 4 days stalled out and I have now GAINED a pound :'(

    I am religiously following the protocol but it isn’t working around. I am thinking what this product might be doing to my body.

    I’m just frustrated and tired of being hopeful and checking the scale every day. I look at the body and feel disgusted at my weight. I get no support and face a total loss.


    Michelle Diaz

    Here are 2 methods that you can do to break a stall on hcg diet program.

    1: An Apple Day

    1. Don’t drink any liquids all day not even water except for extreme thirst (then you can have water).
    2. From lunch time onwards, you can eat up to 6 apples from lunch time till midnight.
    3. Irrespective of the color or type of apple, it is allowed. If you get organic, the better.
    4. Drink only small amounts of water i.e. only if you are taking medication or to quench extreme thirst.
    5. Any other food or liquid is not allowed on the HCG Diet apple day.
    6. The concept of having an HCG apple day is to get rid of un-needed water from the body. Apples act as a natural diuretic and hence you can avoid drinking any water, tea, or coffee. Only drink water for quenching extreme thirst or for medication.

    2: Steak Day

    1. Drink any amount of allowable HCG Diet drinks all day (plain coffee, tea, and water).
    2. You can also drink 2-3 liters of water on a HCG Diet mini steak day. It will help in detoxifying the system.
    3. No food for breakfast or lunch.
    4. For dinner, you can have a 3.5 oz. lean steak with 1 raw apple or 1 medium size, raw tomato. Do not have both.
    5. Do not eat more than 3.5 oz of steak. Many dieters seem to confuse a HCG Diet “Mini Steak Day” with a HCG Maintenance “Steak Day”.
    6. NOTE that no two bodies are the same and what works for you may not work for me. So try either of the option to break your stall.

    In women,

    Stalls on the HCG Diet can occur during ovulation or menstruation. It is quite normal and might not ‘break’ even with the above plateau breakers as these types of stalls are caused by hormonal spikes because of the ‘time of the month’. Nevertheless, it will usually bounce back to normal once you are done with menstruating or ovulating.


    Rachel Landon

    HCG stall is common. Here is what you can do when you notice a stall on hcg diet.

    1. Check all the seasonings – does it contain sugar or oil in any form?

    2. Don’t mix the vegetables. For instance, eat only tomatoes for lunch and only cucumber for dinner

    3. You can skip the shrimp as few ppl gain weight with it. You can have it once in a week though.

    4. Avoid beef intake.

    5. Don’t eat tomatoes every day as it can lead to weight gain (as noticed in few people).

    6. Melba toast might also be a reason you are stalling. Skip it for a week and then see.

    7. Same goes for oranges and strawberries.

    8. Use fresh spinach as your vegetable.

    9. No cabbage as it can cause stalling.

    10. Drink more teas.

    11. If you are drinking a gallon of water (or even more), try drinking less. But drink at least 64 oz daily.

    12. Try having your meals earlier in the day.

    13. Try to walk or jog a bit more than usual.

    14. Dilute water with 2 tbsp organic ACV. Drink once or twice a day.

    15. Get enough sleep.

    16. Eat at least one meal each day with a large green salad. (Not really sure, since they say not to mix veggies).

    Another controversial suggestions include:

    1. Using real cream in your coffee
    2. Having a piece of sugar-free dark chocolate
    3. A bit more of coconut oil or any other form of fat before bed (during stall phase).

    NOTE: Don’t try this consecutively for two days. It can work in moving the weight reduction again when you use for a single day.

    I have also heard that detox baths can help to break a stall. Not really sure though (might as well give it a try).

    Yes and as said above, if you stall for more than 4 days on Phase 2 hcg diet program, you can do an apple day.

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