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    Can I take 5-HTP on my HCG diet? The reason I’m asking is I visited the nearest hcg clinic for weight loss. While everything went good initially, I felt as though they were trying to sell me 5-HTP as part of the diet. They did recommend but the nurses kept pushing it beyond a certain limit that I felt I was being held by the knife to buy this supplement? Is 5-HTP that part of the hcg diet?


    Michelle Diaz

    5-HTP is not mandatory on the hcg diet unless of course, you are dealing with uncontrollable hunger on the VLCD i.e. phase 2. You can always have a snack such as 1 apple whenever you feel hunger pangs however, I dont see the reason for 5-HTP in your hcg diet program.

    Alternatively, if you feel you can’t keep up with 500 calories, you can increase the calorie intake to 800, 1000 calories that can assist you in controlling hunger while still maintaining the hcg diet program.

    But I seriously don’t recommend 5-HTP…

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