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    Hi All, this is my first post here regarding the plateau. From day 9-13, I was stuck at 130 lbs and then lost a single pound only on day 14 that too by heavy workouts. I got stuck again. Overall, in the last 7 days I have lost only 1.6 lbs.

    I am using hcg injections & basically going by Dr. Simeons protocol by the letter. This 7 day plateau has been too long or am I just overreacting? Is this normal? Has anyone experienced such issue? Kindly clarify.


    Alyssa Vicens

    This is quite common for dieters who are indulging in hcg diet program. You can break the stall by any of the following issues.

    Also remember that stalling usually occurs when you are menstruating. You cannot break the stall at such instance even with the following tips. But don’t panic. You will start losing weight once your period is over.

    How to break a stall…

    An Apple Day

    1. Do not drink any liquids all day (except for extreme thirst), not even water.
    2. From lunch time onwards, you can eat up to 6 apples from lunch time until midnight.
    3. Any color or type of apple is allowed. if you get organic, well & good.
    4. Only small amounts of water are allowed i.e. for taking medication to quench extreme thirst.
    5. No other food or liquid is allowed on the HCG Diet apple day.
    6. The concept of having an HCG apple day is to eliminate the body of un-needed water. As the apples act as a natural diuretic, you can avoid drinking any water, tea, or coffee. Only drink water for satisfying thirst or for medication.

    Hope this helps

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