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    Which is best – Atkins diet or HCG diet? Please share your views. Thanks 😀



    Atkins diet Vs. hCG Diet

    Atkins is a low carb diet and you have to remain low carb eater to maintain the weight loss that you achieve.

    The hCG diet is more of a low calorie diet program with specific food combinations during the weight loss phase. It is followed by gradual re-introduction to limited carbs everyday. You are also allowed to eat fruits on hCG diet which is a strict no-no in Atkins diet.

    While hCG diet program is only short period, Atkins diet can be followed for lifetime since many consider it a way of life to avoid high carbs. While Atkins gives you the liberty of unlimited calories (but for health reasons many recommend sticking to 1500-1800 calories for women and 1800-2200 cal for men), hCG asks you to follow 500 calorie limit only till the end of the program. Now one may argue that hCG offers variations till 1500 calories but then the progress of weight loss will become slow.

    Overall, hCG and Atkins are two very different things and it is better to stick with either of the one if you want to achieve better weight loss results.

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