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    Can beta hcg injections for fertility actually work? If so, why couldn’t we buy hcg injection brands such as nuimage medical and use it for improving chances of pregnancy? HAHA!!! That doesn’t sound bad, does it?



    Because hCG is created for fertility purposes, many think that using hCG on the diet will increase their chances of fertility.

    The ANSWER???

    While it is possible to get pregnant or increase the chances of fertility, BEAR in mind that dosage of hcg in the actual fertility will be much more higher. So while increase your fertility on the hcg diet, it’s more likely to go up just a little. If you are not implementing the hcg diet and just the hcg shots, then chances of getting are definitely higher.

    Also keep in mind that the pregnancy strip will read positive even if you are not pregnant. This will happen upto 2 weeks after you stop taking the hCG.

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