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    Can a person undergo hcg diet for 90 days?

    Apparently, Official hcg diet plan says so. Check this link –

    If so, then how come in Pounds & Inches book, they stop the hcg once a person has lost 30 lbs. Of course, this is definitely lesser period than 90 days. Simeons also says that prolonging will only lead to hcg becoming immune in the body making it less effective rather nothing at all.

    In such case, how is 90 days even possible? Is the website a scam? The main question is will 90 days still work irrespective of the brand.


    Michelle Diaz

    It is better to stick with the protocol. For those who are very much obese or planning to continue this diet for long period, it is better to take 6 weeks break and then start the diet again.
    For instance, if you are taking a 23-day diet program or 46-day diet program, take a 6 weeks period (MANDATORY) before starting the second round of HCG. While there are few people who have tried experimenting with such a thing, not all bodies are the same and it is better to take a break than indulging in something that can be risky for your health… 🙂

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