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    Does diet with hcg drops really work? I weigh 165 lbs and quite obese. I’ve tried many diets but unable to give my 100%. I am intrigued with HCG but skeptical. Is hcg safe as it sounds? I have researched a lot and found that there are side effects but still want to give a try. Can you provide me with few good brands?



    Yes, hCG is absolutely safe as long as you stick to the protocol or the instructions provided by the brand that you purchase.

    hCG has always been a controversial child and while there are mild effects reported such as increase in hunger, headache, nausea, at times it fades away within a week. But then there are thousands of users who have successfully completed the diet w/o any negative effects at all.

    Serious side effects have not yet been reported by users so far. In fact, the following brands are absolutely safe to try.

    1. Nuimage medical hcg drops
    2. HCG Complex drops
    3. Triumph hcg drops
    4. HCG 1234 diet drops by Creative Bioscience
    5. Official hcg diet drops

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