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    How to give/administer a hcg injection? My little sis just received her hcg shots kit. She is just 18 and is nagging me to do the administration of hcg injection. I haven’t done it before and scared to give her a shot. How should you administer hcg injection on someone else? Please help.



    Choose a site for injection. For IM (intramuscular) shots, the upper outer quadrant of the buttocks or top of the thigh are used commonly. Wipe the site using an alcohol wipe. Let it dry.

    Step 2

    Inspect the vial to make sure that hcg is mixed properly. Don’t shake the vial. If needed, just move gently once or twice that too if necessary. Take a new syringe. Clean the top of the bottle using an alcohol wipe again. Remove the plastic cap and insert the needle tip into the vial. Invert the vial and draw the necessary dosage. Flick the syringe lightly to remove any air bubbles.

    Step 3

    Hold the skin around the injection site firmly using your thumb and forefinger to anchor it. Using a firm and quick motion, push the needle all the way into the skin. Pull back slightly on the plunger and check for blood in the syringe. If at all blood appears, this indicates that the needle has entered a blood vessel. Remove the needle immediately and discard the medication. Release the skin and push the plunger down, injecting the medicine.

    Step 4

    Remove the needle from the skin. Discard the needle and syringe correctly. If the site is bleeding, apply pressure for a minute or two. Apply an adhesive bandage to the site.


    1. Always inject into the buttock. Divide the cheek into four areas and inject only into the upper outer quadrant. The sciatic nerve runs down the middle of the buttock and can become very painful if the injection is too close.

    2. If at all, the needle touches anything it is not supposed to, throw it out and start all over again.
    3. If the area around the injection reddens or swells, inform your doctor immediately.
    4. Don’t shake the vial to mix the medication.

    NOTE: If the needle becomes detached from the syringe while it is still in the skin, just grasp the end and pull it out and start again.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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