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    What is the hcg 3 days no drops condition? Can some one explain the transition off hcg diet the 72 Hours Vs 3 Days Before Starting Phase 3??? Should I need to count from the minute I take the last hcg drop or the midnight of that last day? I am getting impatient and cant wait to finish. I don’t want to start phase 3 too early or too late and become hungry again.


    Alyssa Vicens

    When does the 3 days or the 72 hour period start and end?

    The 72 hours begins immediately after your last dose of hCG.

    To state an example,

    If last hCG dose is Sunday, you will be starting Phase 3 Wednesday.
    If your last hCG dose falls on Monday, you will be starting on Thursday.

    And so on…

    Injection users – if your last dose is in the morning, then the phase 3 will start from the morning on the days listed.

    Drops or pellets users – if your last dose of hcg is in the evening, then the phase 3 will begin in the evening of the days as per the list.

    WHY this 3 day rule? Apparently, it takes hcg to get in and get out of your system.

    Hope it clarifies your question. 🙂

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