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    Its been 4 days and my weight is the same? Is it possible to stay on the same weight for 4 days? Why this stall? Any theories or experience associated to it?



    It is common for a hcg dieter to deal with stall or plateau. If such a situation occurs, here are some helathy tips to break the stall.

    1. Check all seasonings for any form of sugar or oil
    2. Don’t mix the veggies – for instance, eat only cucumbers for lunch and only tomatoes for dinner.
    3. Eliminate the shrimp as it can cause weight gain.
    4. No beef for few days
    5. Skip tomatoes as it may cause weight gain. OR don’t eat everyday
    6. Skip the allowed starches such as melba
    7. No more oranges as it might cause few gain
    8. Get rid of strawberries as it can cause weight gain
    9. Try fresh spinach as your vegetable.
    10. Cut out cabbage that can cause stall.
    11. Drink more teas


    1. If you are drinking a gallon or more of water, drink less water, but at least 64 oz daily.
    2. Try eating meals earlier in the day.
    3. Try to walk at least a little more than usual.
    4. Dilute water with 2 tbsp ACV (organic if possible). Drink once or twice a day
    5. Get enough sleep
    6. Eat at least one meal each day with a large green salad? – not sure about this, since they tell us to not mix veggies
    7. Detox baths tend to break a stall at times.

    If you are stalling for more than 4 days on P2, do an apple day.

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