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    Anybody out there following the hcg drops 800 calorie diet plan? If so, let me know what are the changes you see within the 500 and 800 calorie plan?



    500 vs 800

    What’s the big difference between 500 HCG calorie diet VS 800 HCG calorie diet?

    The 800 calories are basically for those who feel they need a little more than the 500 calorie diet. The 800 calories also gives dieters who are living an active lifestyle to sustain everyday without feeling hungry. However, dieters have tried varying levels of calorie intake from 500 to 800 with only a little difference in weight loss. But then it is certainly better to have something as an addition while still losing a pound a day.

    So when you are adding 200-300 calories a day say in the form of lean protein for breakfast and bit more protein in the evening, the hunger pangs are controlled much better than the 500 calories.

    Here is a basic comparison of the two.

    1. Lean Protein and Fruit for Breakfast

    This was a strict NO-NO as per the Pounds and Inches book. Dr. Simeons says that breakfast should consist of only tea or coffee w/ a tbsp of sugar and a breadstick or an apple. On the contrary, many researchers believe that skipping breakfast may be on the main reasons for increase in obesity (even in Simeons time).

    So something is better than No breakfast at all and the inclusion of breakfast in the morning increases the chances of weight loss with HCG while curbing the morning hunger attacks.

    2. More lean protein for lunch and dinner.

    As per the Simeons protocol one should eat only 100 grams of lean protein that has been weighed raw, boiled or grilled with a handful of veggies and an orange OR a few strawberries. Dinner will be the same four choices as lunch. But then times have changed and busy lives with both men and women working at times, two jobs, and household chores screams more calories to sustain the day. Such measly calories can be difficult and we are left starving.

    The 800 calorie HCG diet increases the portions of protein in the evening meal that are combined with salads and vegetables (with few exceptions, of course). Zero sugar, Zero fat protein shakes as replacement meals or even snacks are recommended by health experts. Thats’ because most of these shakes have only 1-2 grams of fat and zero sugar and 15-25 grams of protein. Replacing them with breakfast or lunch can be beneficial in satisfying the cravings as well as appetite.

    3. 3 or more servings of fruit a day & unlimited vegetables

    Dr. S says that you should have 2 servings of fruit and limited number of veggies. For instance, the protocol allows “an apple, an orange, a handful of strawberries or 1/2 a grapefruit.” However, as per recent development of the glycemic index and the famous carb craze says that many fruits and vegetables are low in calories and can be easily accustomed to the HCG diet program. As a matter of fact, they can be easily used for salads and vegetables and come with only 30-45 calories a cup. They not only satisfy the cravings but also makes the meal look much fuller and satiating.

    4. Zero calorie fat drinks

    In Pounds and Inches, Dr. S states that “tea, coffee, plain water or mineral water are the only drinks that are allowed on the HCG diet program.” He further states that saccharin or other sweeteners may be used. Basically, this means that artificial flavors or sweetened drinks are not allowed on the diet. It also hints that artificial sweeteners existed in many countries during the 1950-60 period while Dr Simeons was researching.

    So to stay on the safe side, we use stevia and saccharine though nowadays you can find aspartame and Sucralose (Splenda) as well that are safe on the HCG diet. However, I do feel that zero calorie, zero sugar and zero fat drinks can be used in the HCG diet.

    5. Medications should not be discontinued

    While Dr. Simeons state medications or cosmetics should not be allowed, a newbie who is using meds for his/her health will never stop consuming w/o consulting his doctor. This is something which I personally don’t approve of as it can be dangerous and lead to many health complications. Besides, it is just not necessary. (ASK YOUR HELATH PRACTITIONER IN CASE YOU FEEL MY PERSPECTIVE IS WRONG).

    6. HCG can be taken via shots only.

    While Dr. Simeons suggest that HCG can be used only via injections, there are HCG drops that are quite famous and effective for weight loss. Another point to note is that many people want to visit the clinic everyday and take the shot fresh thinking that HCG potency will be intact. It is not practical to prepare HCG daily and there are pharmacies today worldwide that offer potent HCG. Oral HCG (i.e. sublingually – under the tongue) is as effective as IM HCG injections/shots. WHY? Because our tongue has tiny capillaries that rapidly absorb the drugs when you place them via an oral syringe.

    7. Cosmetics does not prevent weight loss.

    Dr. Simeons said that cosmetics can interefere with weight loss as it can contain hormones (mentioned in the protocol). He said that it can interefere with the endrocrine system. However, the FDA has found NO evidence that today’s cosmetic and personal care products ingredients can cause any havoc in the endocrine system. (

    I hope I covered it all. Of course, if you feel that I have missed out on anything, let me know. Experts can very well opinionate about this issue.

    I ain’t no expert, just a health freak 🙂

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