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    Hello, planning to take hcg drops but I have no clue of the diet plan. Can anyone help me to decide which diet plan is considered best with hcg drops – 500, 800, 1200 or 1400? Please share your views. Thanks.



    Well, I suggest you should always have 500 to 700 calories diet to lose weight effectively. It is considered to be the original diet developed by the program creator Dr. Simeons. Equally, this 500 diet should be followed while taking the recommended dosages of the HCG supplement like spray, drops or pellets.

    Here I would love to suggest the diet menu for your reference:

    For Breakfast – A cup of tea or coffee without any added sugar content.

    For Lunch – 100g of lean meat such as chicken breast, fish, beef, or shrimp. Remember, all the visible fat must be trimmed before cooking. Similarly, the meat has to be boiled or grilled without the use of any additional fat.

    For Dinner – The menu is same as that used for the lunch.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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