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    Can hcg drops lead to fertility since it is a fertility drug? I am wondering if I should keep taking my birth control pills while on this hcg diet. If HCG makes one fertile, what’s the point of taking BC pills? So if i stop taking drops and have sex 3 days after giving hcg a chance to leave the system will it still increase the chances of pregnancy. I don’t want to get pregnant. It’s not on my plan. Any opinions are welcome.



    Yes, HCG can make a woman more fertile. HCG lasts for 72 hours after the last dosage. Of course, it all comes down to the body as well. If I am not wrong, I think Pounds & Inches says to keep taking BC pills to avoid any pregnancy. But since we are taking a much smaller dose than what is used for fertility, there shouldn’t be any pregnancy. I’m not an expert here, so I suggest you ask your physician.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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