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    Why is hcg so popular? What are the few theories of hcg drops benefits and side effects? Are the brands been clinically studied? Opinions are most invited.



    hCG is basically a hormone that is secreted in pregnant women’s body. A discovery by Dr. ATW Simeons revealed that hCG can help people lose weight. After further research, he brought out the book called Pounds and Inches that explains how to correctly implement the hCG diet Program that will help you lose weight.

    While he used HCG injections for weight loss, many companies launched HCG drops, pellets, troches, and patches thus giving options to many dieters. HCG drops are one of the popular products used.

    HCG injections
    are currently used for treat infertility in men and women. However, many use HCG injection brands for weight loss as well.

    HCG has not yet been approved by the FDA for weight loss and there have been no studies conducted that state that HCG supports weight loss. The main reason is the possibility of the low-calorie diet that can also trigger weight loss. However, the low-calorie diet w/o HCG is not recommended.

    Hope this helps…!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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