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    Hcg drops…do they work really? I have tried a hcg drop box from Walmart which turned out to be an utter failure. There were lot of negative reactions in my body. To begin with I was feeling sad and depressed (probably because of starvation mode) and then came howling gas that would keep me up all night. I stopped using hcg but am intrigued with Nuimage medical since many claim it to be a best-seller and top quality hcg brand.

    So ladies and gentlemen, here I am trying to kickstart my hcg diet again with Nuimage. But I need to be sure if this product is really worth the money and effort? Coz it sure is expensive. 🙁



    Good things don’t come easy. Nuimage medical is definitely costly but then the results are worth every penny you pay. Nuimage medical comes with Rx grade real HCG hormones that are potent and hence give you definite weight loss. Don’t think twice about choosing a reliable brand.

    Of course, follow the HCG diet protocol as it is w/o experimenting.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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