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    What exactly is this HCG drops Grande Prairie Alberta? Really, why such a big weird name? Anyways, so I was looking to lose some weight when I found this site. What surprised me is that they were actually talking about Triumph hcg drops. I have heard about Triumph hcg and is quite popular. My question to the people out there is:

    What was your experience with Triumph HCG drops?
    How much weight did you lose? and
    Were there any side effects?

    Thank you for your views.


    Michelle Diaz


    Answer 1. My experience with Triumph HCG Drops was pretty good.
    Answer 2. I lost around 18 lbs in 23 days which is not bad.
    Answer 3. I did feel a few mild issues such as a headache, stalling for 4-5 days, irritation and abrupt anger. It did not last long, however. Stalling occurred during the 2nd week of phase 2.

    Now I don’t blame the product as many people go through stalling even with the best brands, so it’s cool.

    Bottomline, Triumph HCG drops did curb my hunger….it’s just that I am a complete foodie and had trouble accepting the 500 calories. 🙁

    The next round with Triumph HCG drops I kicked up the calorie to 1200 a day. 😛

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