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    Where can I find complete hcg drops Instructions to successfully complete the diet as per Dr. Simeons? And by instructions I means everything – right from the protocol to the diet do’s and dont’s, recipes etc.



    DIY HCG Diet Do’s and Dont’s

    1. Do check your stevia for words ending in -ose, -tol, or -dextrin.
    2. DON’T have the same vegetable for both HCG meals in a day.

    1: Check Ingredients

    Make sure that all your personal care items are HCG Diet friendly. Use the list below for diet safe hygiene products.

    Facial Moisturizer: without any other oil except mineral oil
    Lotion: Baby Oil, Mineral Oil or any Oil-free body lotion
    Lip Moisturizer: Baby Oil, Mineral Oil, or Lip Balm
    Shampoo & Conditioner: Herbal Essences Drama Clean Shampoo and Conditioner
    Bar Soap: Dial or Ivory
    Hand Soap: Softsoap Hand Wash Aquarium Series
    Deodorant: Crystal Deodorant stick or roll-on, Secret Flawless Clear Crystal Deodorant (Clear Gel) (Clean Powder Scent)
    Toothpaste: Ultrabright Toothpaste or mix a small amount of baking soda and water for a homemade toothpaste

    2: Stay Busy

    Find an activity that you like to do and make sure it doesn’t involve food.

    Do 3: If you’re hungry, split up your meals

    That’s right. You are allowed to break your meals that help in easing the hunger on the HCG Diet. This way, you will get 2 meals and 2 snacks a day. The meat and vegetable servings must stay together at lunch & dinner time, but you can move the fruit and carb servings as breakfast or snacks if you need to eat more than twice a day.

    For instance:

    9:00 am: Apple and 1 Grissini breadstick
    12:00 pm: 100 grams of chicken, 2 cups baby spinach
    3:00 pm: 6 strawberries, and 2 melba rounds
    6:00 pm: 100 grams of steak, 1 cup diced tomatoes

    4: Get HCG Diet Safe Sweeteners

    Ensure all the sweeteners are allowed in the HCG Diet. Currently, there are only two sweeteners allowed which is stevia and saccharin. Saccharin is artificial and a known carcinogen. Hence, it is better to stick with the all-natural, healthy stevia as the sweetener that is best recommended.

    Even the brand of stevia you choose is crucial. Brands such as Stevia in the Raw, Z-sweet, Truvia, etc. are not allowed on HCG Phase 2 because they have added ‘filler’ sweeteners that are not pure stevia. We recommend the Sweetleaf® brand because it’s one of the only ‘pure’ stevia products on the market. If you want to check your brand of stevia to see if it’s safe for the HCG Diet, look at the ingredients for words ending in -ose, -tol, or -dextrin.

    Sweetleaf® stevia comes in powdered packs or flavored stevia liquid.

    HCG Diet Do #5: Stay Motivated

    Measure your progress to help you stay motivated. You can track your weight loss by writing it down. Take body measurements once a week and see how you are progressing. Record body measurements for the following areas:

    Upper Arm

    This will keep you motivated without pushing you to cheat.

    HCG Diet Do #6: Right spices

    Most store-bought spices are not allowed because they contain sugars, oils, or other ingredients that are not allowed on the HCG Diet. Lookup plain, simple, pure spices.

    HCG Diet Safe Spice List:

    Fresh Plain Spices

    HCG Diet Do #7: Morning Coffee or Tea

    Begin your day with a nice hot cup of coffee or tea with some good stevia flavors, like English Toffee stevia or Chocolate stevia. This way you will feel less tempted to cheat.

    HCG Diet Do #8: Plan Your Meat Correctly

    All meats must be weighed to 3.5 oz/100g BEFORE cooking. They should be weighed raw and should have all the visible fats removed or trimmed. It is crucial that you cook the meat without any butter, oil, or other forms of fat. So boil, grill, bake, use non-stick cookware, etc.

    You can order perfectly-portioned meats from us that are prepared, measured, and de-fatted.

    Read complete HCG diet instructions here –


    Rachel Landon

    Well, the answer is quite simple. You can download the complete hcg drops instructions chart available online. They provide every single info related to 1234 diet drops or hcg 1234 instructions along with the do and don’ts manual while being on this weight loss schedule. Further, you can also check out HCG jacksonville fl…

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