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    I am doing Phase 2 (of my second round of hcg) and currently in day 14. I have lost 24 lbs. Now here is the worst part. I put on 30lbs after losing 50lbs in Round 1 or Phase 1 whatever you call it.

    Have anyone been able to keep all the weight off with hcg?

    I swore to myself I would never do this diet again, but then I am back. It feels easier this time and I am just waiting for it to complete.



    It’s difficult to maintain weight once you are off HCG because you are back to square one and laying hands on everything you can. Relax….you’re not the only one, we all have been there done that.

    This is common. This time post HCG, just try to stay in control of the foods you eat and try to exercise. You will be doing fine.

    PS: Remember you can’t be on HCG diet for lifelong. HCG is a short-term diet program, so you ought to learn how to balance so you might as well start now. 🙂

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