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    So as in the title itself, I have many queries running through my mind… Bear with me and pls do answer.

    1. Do all hcg products contain HCG hormone?
    2. Why is the low calorie diet mandatory? (Why not just the drops)
    3. Are there any side effects noted?
    4. Which is the best brand that contains HCG?
    5. Why can’t we mix hcg with water or any other juice?
    6. Few people tried juicing with hcg. Is it okay to do that?
    7. Can HCG show positive on pregnancy test? (I mean increase the fertility factor).

    I know they are a handful but pls do answer…wud mean a lot.




    Ans 1. Not necessarily. Check the label and then buy. Also research well about the brand. This goes both for pharmaceutical as well as homeopathic HCG products.
    Ans 2. As per the diet protocol, you only need 1500 calories a day to sustain. So while HCG breaks down the chubby fat and curbs your appetite, it supplies 1000 calories that you need for the day while rest of the 500 calories is provided by the food you eat. So with a total of 1500 calories, you will feel little hunger, good energy levels, and better mood not to mention keeping the vital organs functioning healthily.
    Ans 3. Mild effects such as increased hunger, headache, irritative behavior, fatigue are noted. But they fade away once HCG gets adjusted w/ the body.
    Ans 4. There are many brands such as Nuimage Medical, Official HCG Diet Drops, and Triumph HCG drops.
    Ans 5. Probably because when you are taking juice it enters the digestive system where it is broken down for supplying nutrients to other vital organs. This makes HCG less effective. Now I’m not an expert but I guess this is the main reason why people take it directly.
    Ans 6. Again, I haven’t done so not sure.
    7. Yes, when you take HCG, it will show positive on your pregnancy strip. Hence, it is recommended not to take any pregnancy test when you are on HCG weight loss program.

    Hope this helps 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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