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    Does anyone have any idea on the expiration date of hcg injections? How long does undiluted and diluted hcg remain without expiring? Please explain. Thanks


    Michelle Diaz

    Pharmaceutical grade hcg injections tend to expire more quickly than other medications. Some brands claim that you can refrigerate it for 60 days but then many dieters complain that the hcg loses its potency within 30 days. This means that you should not order too much as it might become useless. Hence it is best to order just for one round of hcg diet.

    Rx or prescription hcg injections will have great potency for 3 weeks. While few claim good potency till 4 weeks and more, you can always check the pregnancy strip to detect the efficacy of the product.

    On the other hand, few users report hCG going bad after 2 weeks of mixing.

    While it is essential to buy hcg from a reliable brand, the fact remains that even after proper refrigeration users are disappointed as the potency fades away within a few weeks. Especially if you tend to travel a lot, maintaining the potency of hcg is a real challenge.

    The best way is to re-mix the hcg every 3 weeks and purchase enough hormone keeping these factors in mind. You may also test the hormone occasionally as you may find that the potency might last long or short.

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