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    What is HCG Frequency Apps or better called as Dr. Simeons Frequency Apps? Can I use this Frequency App with hcg injection? Exactly how does it work? Please explain.


    meena Rajendran

    The Frequency apps via energetically infused patches that work in healing your body in multiple ways. A non-transdermal and non-invasive technology, there are more than 40 different Frequency apps that have different combinations of bio-frequencies embedded into them. From heart health to sleep to mood and energy to weight loss, Frequency Apps can be ordered from online.

    These frequencies target a particular condition in the bodily system and enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself without any side effects. The main reason is to get rid of painful injections or bitter tasting drops.

    The Frequency App is a patch that is to be worn on the left side of the body for a period of 3 days. It needs to be replaced with a new one after 3 days. as per the manufacturer, they claim to deliver therapeutic experience within 24 hours.

    The Simeons program Frequency App is based as per the hCG diet protocol. It follows the Dr. Simeons’ Diet Program products. Apparently, the company also has Cleanse Frequency App whcih detoxifies the body on a cellular level before you enter the HCG diet program.

    However, the effectiveness is still murky because while some claim that it works, another group say that it doesn’t work and is just a bogus product.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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