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    Hello everyone, I have received my HCG 5000iu. I want to do a 23-day hcg diet. I have been a hungry person so I need advice on the dosage.

    1. How much bacteriostatic water should I need to add?

    2. What is the dose recommendations? I have read a lot about 125iu to 175iu and that 200 is the max one should take.

    Please help.



    This is for mixing hCG from 5000iu vials using standard sized syringes.

    1. 30 unit syringe = .3 ml/cc
    2. 50 units syringe = .5 ml/cc
    3. 100 unit syringe = 1 ml/cc

    Supplies needed for mixing 1 vial of 5,000iu HCG (This will last up to 3-4 weeks).

    1-5000iu vial of HCG – might be available either as powder or tablet form
    1-Mixing syringe
    1-Bacteriostatic Water bottle

    Mixing the hCG solution

    1. Wipe the top of all bottles using alcohol pads provided with the supplies.
    2. Use the mixing syringe and pull 2ml of bac. water. Insert it in your bottle of powdered HCG. Swirl it gently till the HCG gets completely dissolved. DO NOT shake the vial vigorously.
    3. Draw the same 2ml of bac. water that contains the dissolved HCG with the mixing syringe.
    4. Insert this solution into the empty vial.
    5. Add 3ml of bacteriostatic water to the same sterile empty vial (that’s not really empty anymore as it has 2ml + HCG solution).

    THAT’S IT!!!

    You will now have a vial that has 5,000iu of HCG + 5ml of bac. water.

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