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    Are hcg injection kits online brands reliable? I am sure few of the users might have tried. I am planning to do a round of hcg but unsure whether to visit the clinic or purchase hcg from online. Which is the safe method? Please help. Opinions are most welcome.



    I always suggest that online hCG injections are cheaper than HCG clinics. Why do you ask? Simply because you can self-administer the injections and practically get everything that is needed to complete the HCG diet program.

    Also, you can save a lot of the doctor’s initial consultation, frequent trips to the clinics, waiting for long hours, and so on. There are many clinics who try to push unwanted supplements and health products on the customer making it part of the HCG diet plan. You can save yourself from such fraudulent HCG clinics.

    There are online websites such as Nuimage medical, US HCG Shots, iHCG Injections that offer you amazing results at affordable rate.

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