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    I have done hcg rounds before. I know symptoms of menstrual cycle are discussed here but off lately I am having trouble with my cycle. This diet never had any issues before and I have been on regular 30-31 day cycle. Last month it was only 29 days. It was quite light and short as compared to previous months. I understand people mistake it for spotting. But today I am on day 33 and still no signs of flow.

    My question is has any had late period with hcg injections before? Or any PMS symptoms such as sore breasts? Please provide your views.



    HCG and menstrual cycle

    HCG has always been a controversy due to its low calorie diet and the effectiveness of HCG on weight loss. While there are no scientific evidence to support HCG claims, HCG products are still one of the people’s favorite weight loss product.

    When you are on menstruating, you are not supposed to take HCG injections or any other oral products of HCG. Studies show that the high level of progesterone in a woman’s body during her period prevents HCG from isolating fat reduction.

    Another study by The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine says that lack of injections during menstruation does not in any way halt the weight loss. A woman should immediately resume her HCG injections after her cycle or else it can result in extreme hunger. As the amount of HCG present in the body from injections is so small, it should not in any way affect your menstrual cycle.

    Maybe a medical practitioner can give you more insight about it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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