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    Can anyone tell me which is the best location to administer hcg injection? I am new to hcg so completely confused about the product. Thanks.



    Here are the four best areas to administer subcutaneous HCG injections.

    1. Upper outer arm
    2. The Hip area
    3. The Abdomen &
    4. The Thigh

    Take a deep breath. Don’t hold your breath while you are injecting.

    If you are a newbie, it is best to sit down for the first few times you do this. That way if you get dizzy, you can quickly drop your head between your knees. After you’ve done 4-5 HCG shots, you can try taking the HCG shots while standing, talking on the phone and do whatever you like. With practice, you can master it.

    With clean fingers, gently gather the skin and fat in the area you just cleaned with the alcohol wipe. Don’t pinch it tight. If you pinch it tightly, it leaves no room in the tissue for the HCG fluid to pass when you inject. It will also make the injection burn more and you might end up bruising. The chances of HCG seeping back into the syringe are also more.

    Insert the needle into the gathered tissue. Place the needle on the skin and gently push it in. If you feel a sharp burning, adjust the needle location by backing out just a bit. Now, inject by depressing the plunger REAL SLOW. You can also try counting from 1-5 slowly when you are injecting. This will give you a good grip on the syringe and help in determining how slow an injection should be. Once done, pull the needle straight out. Dispose off them safely. Use a new alcohol wipe to apply on the site. Do not rub or press heavily on the site. If at all, you notice any minor bleeding, continue to apply gentle pressure until it stops.

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