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    Which is the best site for hcg injection – muscle or fat? I am on R1-P2-D3 and hogging what Dr. Simeons is saying in his book Pounds and Inches. He is saying to inject intra-muscular (IM) while my doctor says to administer in belly fat and inject it there. I am currently using my insulin needles which is quite short. This makes me doubt whether the hcg actually penetrates through the fat belly area. Is it really a matter of concern? Is abdominal fat okay or should I inject in my thighs? Please recommend.


    Michelle Diaz

    It is better to go with SubQ HCG injections as they are clearly visible to you PLUS it is less painful as compared to intramuscular HCG injections.

    You can do SubQ HCG injections with insulin needles as they are typically small, hurt less than IM shots, and can be easily administered to the skin under the epidermis making the whole process absolutely painless.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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