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    I was given 40 pre-filled injections kit all at the same time. I am currently on D21P2 and my hunger is almost over the roof top. I was not hungry the initial week but now its just untolerable. If tomorrow is worse, I will eat a horse. I am so physically hungry and my stomach is growling. I called up the clinic and they deny that the potency of hcg has gone down. He just shrugged away the matter claiming I need more protein. In fact, he was a bit defensive which scares me even more.

    So what should I do now? Do you think there is hcg in my system? It’s been three days now and if I am right it takes 3 days for the hcg to go out from the system. So should I continue with the diet or just chuck away the whole thing? Please input your thoughts.

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    Michelle Diaz

    You probably might have taken a higher dose of hCG. Try lowering the dose. You can also take appetite suppressants such as Raspberry Ketones or Phentermine.

    If nothing works, try switching to higher calories i.e. from 500 to 800. I’m not sure if it works when you are in the middle of the diet program. But it’s way better than quitting.

    Probably, an expert might be able to help you better.

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