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    Hello, I am new to hcg diet. I have researched and found that hcg injections are much effective than hcg drops. I have a few hcg injection questions and hope to get answer from you. Thanks.

    1. Is hcg injection actually effective than hcg drops as many say?
    2. Are there any side effects of hcg?
    3. Why are there so many variation to hcg diet – 500, 800 or 1200? I even heard 1400!!!
    4. Is it safe to administer hcg shots ourselves?
    5. Is it mandatory to follow the low calorie diet?

    Hoping to get answers. Thanks.



    1. Well, these HCG injections are the original way that Dr. Simeons used for administering the HCG hormone in small doses along with the special low calorie diet menu. With this, it helps at losing weight in a fast and effective ways by resetting the metabolism making it easy for you to eat only 500 calories everyday. However, it is considered more effective than the drops. Why because it directly absorbs into the body and you need to take only one shot of the hormone for 45 days.
    2. So, far I have not underwent any side effects after having the HCG injections. But, initially the procedure could be a bit painful and may lead to some irritations and inflammation on the area of injection.
    3. Actually, I don’t know to explain much in detail. But, I can say, yes there are different ways of HCG diet available. But amongst them, 500 Calorie HCG Diet Menu is the original proposed by Dr. Simeons. Further, you can refer the site
    4. Yes, it is safe to administer the HCG injections by yourselves. But you should learn the correct method of dosing, otherwise it can lead to some mild side effects. Further, you can refer the site, where correct method of administration is given. Just check with them.
    5. Equally, yes it is necessary to follow the low calorie diet. Otherwise, you won’t be able to obtain the fast results of HCG.

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