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    How much does Hcg therapy cost if you are doing it in a weight loss clinic? Can some one provide me an approximate amount? Thanks


    Hema Unni

    It’s quite reasonable if you are buying from a clinic especially if they’re mixing the shots for you. Some just give you the vial and ask you to do the mixing yourself in which case, it is not quite a good deal.

    Only thing is to ensure that they do NOT give you an entire month supply at once. You need a limit of 15 days at a time. There are hcg diet clinics out there that charge $2000 for 30 days, believe it or not. Worst is you have to wait in queue for more hours, pay separately for different shots (vitamin-b12), Phen shots, hcg etc. Not to forget doctor’s hefty fee.

    At the end of the day, you will be burning money more than your fat. 🙁

    I feel online is much better because you are mixing it yourself and you will be getting all the supplies so that you can re-mix every ten days thus maintaining the potency. Brands such as ihcg injections, Nuimage medical offer you <$300 for a month of supply which is still great because you get all the syringes, vials, mixing vials, hcg, alcohol pads, diet book, guide and what not for this price. A great deal whatsoever as compared to hcg clinics.

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