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    How does Hcg weight loss plan really work irrespective of drops/shots/pills? Can someone brief me about it?


    Hema Unni

    Dr. Simeons created hcg weight loss plan. Here is how it is supposed to work.

    You are supposed to indulge in 500 calorie restricted diet for 8 weeks along with hCG drops/pills/injections upon which you will notice weight loss at the end of the phase. It comes with 4 different phases

    1. Loading
    2. VLCD
    3. Maintenance
    4. After hcg

    The supposedly claim is that with hcg diet plan you will lose one lb a day, at times even 2 lbs. It resets the metabolism level, takes the abnormal fat and converts them to energy so that you won’t feel hungry. It also suppresses the appetite so that you won’t feel hungry often and develop efficient weight loss.

    On an inner level, it gives us the power to control our cravings and reach out to unwanted junk foods that can be unhealthy for the body. It also brings back the self-confidence that is somewhat lost due to any emotional setup that leads to emotional binge or unwanted obesity.

    There are millions of hcg fans/users worldwide who have lost weight successfully w/o any side effects.

    Top brands of US include:

    1. Nuimage medical 9offers pills, drops, and shots)
    2. US HCG Shots
    3. Official hcg diet drops (homeopathic)
    4. Rejuvi medical
    5. HCG Complex drops

    Hope this helps!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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