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    How does a hcg diet work? I am new to hcg and want to know exactly how it works. User experience are appreciated. Thanks 😀


    Hiral Patel

    hCG is basically a hormone that is secreted in pregnant women’s body. A discovery by Dr. ATW Simeons revealed that hCG can help people lose weight. After further research, he brought out the book called Pounds and Inches that explains how to correctly implement the hCG diet Program that will help you lose weight.

    While he used HCG injections for weight loss, many manufacturers launched HCG drops, pellets, troches, and patches thus giving options to many dieters. While HCG drops is one of the popular products used, many feel that HCG shots/injections work much better than drops or patches.

    HCG injections are currently used for treat infertility in men and women. However, many use HCG injection brands for weight loss as well.

    HCG has not yet been approved by the FDA for weight loss but people still use it for weight loss. In fact, OTC homeopathic HCG products are banned by the FDA. But it is still available online and is purchased by many thousands of dieters who feel that natural HCG will work better than Rx (pharmaceutical) grade HCG products.

    Many health websites such as Livestrong and Mayo Clinic have spoken about side effects of HCG (both mild and severe). There are a group of users who have felt these mild side effects but still continue to follow the HCG diet in the hope of losing weight.

    Oh, how can I forget that HCG comes with 500 calorie limit restriction that needs to be followed along with the HCG product? This low-calorie limit is also quite controversial and many doctors have spoken against this low-calorie diet plan. Currently, the 500 calorie diet has undergone variations up to 1500 (800, 1200, 1400 and 1500) based on the lifestyle and health of an individual.

    I guess I have summed up pretty much every aspect of HCG.

    Of course, Experts would give much more tips on how HCG work.

    I ain’t no expert and just a dieter who knows how HCG works. 🙂

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