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    How does Human chorionic gonadotropin injections work? Isn’t self-adminstering risky? I hear users who have dealt with sore skin, redness etc. after using hcg injections. Is it true or has anyone successfully completed the diet w/o any such risks?

    Is there any trick to self-inject w/o hurting yourself?



    Alyssa Vicens

    No, self-administering the HCG injections is not that risky if you learn the correct technique of inserting yourselves. Taking the HCG injections enables the metabolism to reset itself. The results are the body mobilizes the excess fat stores and burns them for the needed energy levels. Thus, it works at supplementing your dietary intake by preserving the energy and enhancing the safety of the diet. Besides, it won’t give any negative impact on the person taking the HCG diet. But, in certain cases, it may lead to swelling, sore skin and redness if not injected properly. Hence, it’s a must that you learn the technique perfectly before moving on to these injections. It is available online. Just check them and take the needed measures…

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