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    I haven’t cheated yet…but I am planning to as I am having extra craving from today morning. Is there something I did wrong today? Why such craving today? Is it normal?

    Also, if at all I plan to cheat what would be the best food to cheat with? 😉

    Any comments/suggestions are welcome.


    Hiral Patel

    Here are some interesting ideas if you are planning to cheat.

    1. Eat more of phase 2 foods – especially the proteins and veggies. Of course, it might make the calories go up but you are still avoiding fatty foods which is the key. The best part is you may not consume more foods that will make your weight go up and you will still have a fuller stomach.

    2. Try indulging in Miracle noodles aka Shirataki noodles. Throw in some veggies and protein, you will have yourself a satisfying meal. It is available in the refrigerated section of any local Asian market. Oh YA!!! Make sure 0 CALORIES!!!

    3. Make a slushie treat using P2 fruits. Definitely better than chocolate cake.

    4. Few even indulge in diet soda but then it becomes a habit which can become difficult to cut off. You can switch to stevia sodas like Zevia and Blue Sky Zero. But if you are allergic to stevia then…stay out of it and stick with smoothies or slushie.

    Hope this helps 🙂 Happy Cheating 😛

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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