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    My doctor prescribed me Novarel hcg injection. I just got 10,000 units. As per the instruction it has to be mixed all at once. It goes something like this – mix 10ml of bacteriostatic water with Novarel and inject 250 units everyday.

    My questions are –

    1. As per Dr. Simeons, you are not supposed to cross 200 units a day right?
    2. Should I mix as per the instructions and then fill the syringe to the 20 mark? OR
    3. Should I mix differently..experiment with the product?

    I know third option is risky, but should I try it? Have any one tried it? Please chime in.


    Michelle Diaz

    * 1,000iu vial – Add 2 ml bac water
    * 1,500iu vial – Add 3 ml bac water
    * 2,000iu vial – Add 4 ml bac water
    * 5,000iu vial – Add 10 ml bac water
    *10,000iu vial – Add 20 ml bac water

    This is the amount you would draw as your daily dose which remains the same irrespective of the size of your vial that you started with.

    .25cc = 125iu HCG
    .30cc = 150iu HCG
    .35cc = 175iu HCG
    .40cc = 200iu HCG

    250iu is too high dosage to start out with! You can try mixing like above and inject 200 iu first. See how you do and then change the dose.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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