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    Can someone explain to me what are the different hcg diet phases? i am new so your support is appreciated. Many Thanks



    The Loading days phase were originally not mentioned in the Dr. Simeons protocol but was introduced by Kevin Trudeau in his book, “The Weight Loss Cure” years after the original protocol was published in “Pounds and Inches” (by ATW Simeons.) Amazingly, this loading phase has proven very effective and a very helpful one and is inevitably included by many hcg dieters and the new testament of the hcg diet protocol.

    The Hcg Diet phase 1 (P1) is definitely the easiest because you can have anything in this phase. It lasts for two days. You are required to have high-calorie induced, high-fat foods which sets the base during rest of the diet progrm.

    Phase 2 (P2): The Weight Loss Phase.

    It is the infamous VLCD weight loss phase of the hcg diet program. The Very low calorie diet of 500 calories is a strict phase and the most challenging of all hcg diet phases. You need to take hcg drops/shots/pills/spray simultaneously with the hcg VLCD diet.

    Phase 3 (P3): The Transition/Stabilization/Maintenance Phase.

    It is is the phase post the VLCD i.e rapid weight loss. It is known by many names; the transition phase, stabilization phase, and maintenance phase. This phase lasts 3 weeks and involves the gradual re-introduction of foods that were not permitted on Phase 2 of the hcg diet. You should not take hcg product in this phase.

    Hcg Diet Phase 4 (P4): The Lifelong Maintenance Phase

    It is the stage after the hcg diet program which is basically back to routine. The dieter has transitioned into every day healthy living while enjoying their new healthy weight. This phase asks you to retain the good health habits that were formed during the earlier 3 phases of the Hcg diet plan.

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