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    How to do a proper steak day on hcg diet? Can some one pls explain? Many thanks 😀


    Hiral Patel

    steak day

    Steak days and mini steak days are entirely different.

    As per the original protocol, the term of “steak day” is used for HCG Phase 3 ONLY…It must not be confused with the popular stall breaker for Phase 2 of the HCG Diet which is called a “mini steak day”.

    So when should you do a “Steak Day”?

    Do a “steak day” any day if you find that your morning weight is more than 2.1 lbs over the last HCG date weight. For instance, if your last HCG date weight was 125.3 lbs, if you weighed over 127.3 lbs you can do a “steak day” promptly.

    How should you do a “Steak Day”?

    Here are few tips on how to do a proper steak day.

    1. Eat nothing all day.
    2. Drink plenty of water, coffee, and/or tea (unsweetened or use stevia).
    3. For dinner, you can eat a huge steak (8-14 oz) which is followed by an apple or a raw tomato.
    4. This will put your weight back within the HCG range. The average weight loss from a “steak day” is 2-5 lbs, but then no two bodies are the same and the results might vary. If you feel you have not lost any weight with one steak day, you can do another day.

    What to do if you need more than one “Steak Day”?

    If you’re still over weight which you recorded on the last day of the drops, you can do another “steak day”. It is advised to do only TWO steak days in a row. If you are still over the weight, though this is rare, you can do a high protein day to give the body a break from steak days. It will help to build up the nutrition before you try a third “steak day” (that too, if needed).


    Do not postpone the “steak day” as it will add up to more weight which will make it harder for you to lose weight within range of your last HCG date weight.

    If you have any event coming up, you can try eating clean and avoid any foods that can make you do a steak day.

    If you notice that you are in a spot where you are doing “steak days” frequently, evaluate what you’re eating. This will help you determine what’s triggering weight gain.

    I am not an expert and certainly not a medical practitioner but just giving you directions on how to do a proper steak day. Hope it helps

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