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    Hi everyone!

    Today is Day 6 of P2. I am taking the homeopathic Triumph hcg sublingual Drops (0.38 Ml) (The new Blue 26) that has the real hormone. So far so good. I am not a ravenous person and have good control over hunger. In fact, my hunger is mild especially in mornings when the tummy is empty. As a matter of fact, the hunger or the growling doesnt even start till I consume water. It feels like water is actually waking up my stomach making me realise my tummy is empty.

    I don’t starve to death but I am worried about the 0.38 ml the bottle instructs me to take. Should I give the hcg some time to build up in the body system?



    Yes, I would recommend the same that you give some time so that HCG gets adapted to your body system. Further, if you are not satisfied by the results obtained by HCG. Then you may contact an HCG expert or seek a medical permission to clarify all your doubts and queries.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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