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    I am new to hcg diet so bear with my questions. What does VLCD mean & is there more abbreviations that I should know about?


    Hema Unni

    Here are few of the hcg diet acronyms and abbreviations you should be familiar with.

    ACV – Apple Cider Vinegar
    AFM – As For Me
    Dr. B – Dr. Belluscio. Study on hcg diet:…t_Dec_2009.pdf
    Dr. S – Dr. Simeon, the originator of the hcg diet
    FFF – Full Fat Fage; a Greek yogurt reference.
    hCG – Human Chorionic Gonadatropin, the hormone used as the basis of the diet
    hhCG – Homeopathic hCG
    IM – Intramuscular injection
    LC – Low Carb
    LDW – Last Drops Weight
    LIW – Last Injection Weight
    OP – Original Poster
    P1 – Phase One – A phase initiated by Kevin Trudeau; P1 is a cleanse that he recommends.
    P2 – Phase Two – Begins with 2 loading days, followed by the VLCD with hcg, and the 3 days of VLCD after stopping hcg
    P3 – Phase Three – the three weeks of stabilizing while gradually reintroducing increased protein and calories without sugar or starch.
    P4 – Phase Four – the three weeks of stabilizing while gradually introducing sugars and starches back in the diet
    P&I – Pounds and Inches, the manuscript in which Dr. S. describes his theories, findings, and the hcg diet
    PP – Pooping Problems
    Rx hCG – Prescription hCG
    R1 – Round One, the first time someone has been on the hcg diet; following rounds are identified as R2, R3 and so on
    SQ or Sub-Q – subcutaneous method of giving shots into body fat, often the belly
    Stall – four or more days at the same (or very similar) weight. It is a very common.
    The Mother – the cloud of enzyme material in raw, unfiltered ACV
    TMI – Too much Information, often referring to posts with digestive/stool descriptions
    TOM – time of month
    VLCD1 – Very Low Calorie Day One – the first day of 500 calories after loading

    Hopefully I have covered it all and if not, I hope the experts would like to add it. 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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