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    What exactly is a hcg diet? And how does it work? I am a newbie so I have no idea how exactly it works. User experience are welcome.

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    HCG diet is basically a weight loss plan where you can lose weight (0.5 to 1 lbs a day) easily. There ae many products available such as hcg drops, injections, pellets/pills etc. You can choose the one for a particular time frame as per your weight loss target. Then implement the low calorie diet of 500 calories.

    This weight loss plan was invented by Dr ATW Simeons. In his book Pounds and Inches, he explains how weight loss plan works and why it is necessary to stick with 500 calorie limit.

    There are many users worldwide who have lost weight with hcg. In fact, few of the popular US brands include

    1. Nuimage medical
    2. Rejuvi Medical
    3. HCG1234 Drops by Cretive Bioscience
    4. Triumph HCG
    5. HCG Complex

    You can check it for yourself online about the efficiency of the product. 🙂

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