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    What is the best diet to try on hcg – Dr. Simeons or Dr. Atkins?



    Dr. Simeons is strictly restricts to 500 calorie diet while on the hcg diet plan. This is mainly for those who are dealing with obesity and planning to lose weight with hcg. Dr. Atkins offers you a permanent method of eat and living healthy life with the right kind of foods keeping in mind the increasing diseases in the world.

    While Simeons limits use of many cosmetics, foods that include vegetables, fruits etc., Dr. Atkins offers you moderation in any foods (veggies and fruits) you eat so that you will not only lose weight but also get the sufficient nutrients in your everyday diet.

    While hcg comes with possible side effects, Dr. Atkins does not come with any side effects simply because you are following a proper dietary lifestyle while limiting the carb intake.

    When it comes to implementing Atkins diet in hcg, there are few users who have tried this method and have achieved success. But it is vital that you check with your health practitioner before indulging in any new low cal diet to prevent any side effects.

    Hope this helps!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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