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    Hello, looking forward to buy real hcg drops w/ actual hcg hormone in stores. Can someone suggest me good stores where I can find reliable hcg brands?

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    Try GNC X-30 Platinum hcg drops, Nigen Biotech hcg drops etc.

    These two are quite popular among retailers but then purchasing from online has its own benefits. For instance, better price, reliable brand and pure hcg hormone. Now I have used both Triumph hcg drops and HCG1234 drops both purchased from online which are equally good.. Just a suggestion 😀


    Rachel Landon

    One of the most common questions seen is “Where to buy hcg drops in stores such as Walmart, GNC”? Frankly, I am not really a fan of store available hcg drops. Probably bcoz I had bad experiences twice.

    I would recommend online stores though. I feel they offer best legit hcg drops on the market. We just have to keep our eyes really open.

    1. Pharmaceutical Prescription HCG drops – Nuimage medical. They offer 100 percent pure hcg drops that is available only with prescription. Even the hcg drops reviews are simply fantastic as they work just like hcg shots.

    2. Nutra Pure hcg drops are another brand that offer great results. The Nutra pure hcg reviews have been good so far.

    Apart from the above two, there are many sublingual hcg drops available in Amazon. Use it with hcg diet plan and the results are amazing.

    I recently came across another brand Bottled hcg diet drops. Not sure how it works yet to give it a try.

    If I were to suggest, would go with Nuimage medical.

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